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  1. It was an okay season finale, not mindblowing but okay. So, are we to assume Narek was safely returned to his glass prison on Coppelius? I'd hoped for a cliffhanger, though. Not sure what season 2 is going to be like, perhaps with more stand alone episodes. I am not sad to see Narissa go. I don't think anyone is.
  2. I was joking, but I didn't know he passed away😕 (I didn't get that far yet). No, his whole attitude just screamed like he was somewhere he wasn't sure he wanted to be. Perhaps due to drugs but I kept thinking he might have run away from home or just walked out of his life without much of an explanation.
  3. I am also in the camp that says all three of our heroes are basically peas in the same pod. They all think they're saving the tigers, but they're not. Taking newborn cubs away from their mothers so they'll be rejected is not only dumb but downright cruel. It makes them more mallable for hand rearing and public performing, but they will never be able to survive out in the wild if given the chance. They are also phasing out that aspect with every new generation being born. I think Carol's dead husband was probably caught speaking to a low level "volunteer" (just wtf with that system?) and therefore had to die. One does not acknowledge the slaves until they wear the right colour t shirt. I think somewhere out there, Travis' parents are still searching for him and local authorities hope to find him alive. No way he wasn't co erced into that poly bullshit marriage.
  4. The Hansel and Gretel angle just made me roll my eyes. It took me three quarters of this episode to remember who Josh Radnor is. And he lead his own sitcom for a million seasons. You know that there were concentration camps that had their own bands and theatre groups? They were considered as valuable prisoners and depending on where they were held, kept alive solely because they were able to compose and perform (and keep up pretenses). This wasn't a general thing, and their fates once they left that camp became equally insecure. But I don't think they were shot point blank like that. It just galled me to see those scenes. We were shattered – until the German officers started clapping in the front rows. The scene with the matchmaker lady, though. That just resonated with me. Yeah, Jonah is an idiot. But so was everyone else for leaving him alone with Rockstar Nazi. Mindy and Murray are a hoot though.
  5. It was compelling enough for me to continue. Could have done with Jonah being such a snot for the first half of the episode though. When did the grandmother go about all this Nazi hunting and killing in her old age? How did Jonah never notice blood stained clothes or her coming in late from a killing spree? Inquiring minds will need to check out more episodes to find out. I also must have a high treshold for torture porn because I just found it over the top but not traumatising type violence.
  6. Santiago Cabrera just magically improves everything he features in. Why is his emergency hologram thing British? I loved that he used the accent in the first scene and then it appeared to fall away whenever he had to emote with it.
  7. It was compelling enough. Until they fell into the trope of someone releasing an evil spirit from a well. Do these people not watch horror movies? Nothing trapped in a well is a good thing. They are in there for a reason. For that matter, whoever traps these beings should also destroy said well lest someone gets in their head to set the creature free. I was literally yelling this at my screen. I was also pretty disappointed that the villain is basically a spoiled brat in a cocktail dress.
  8. So now we are done. I'm going to need a minute to find my bearings post emotional rollercoaster so this may sound unhinged. - Being the semi adults that they are, Nancy and Jonathan could have gotten their own place. Just saying. - My heart broke for El when she was reading that letter. So much. - I am very willing to believe that Hopper is alive in a Russian prison. I don't think I want to do this show without David Harbour. By what exit did they sneak him out? Does the evil eye lead to Russia? - Oh, Max. - Other favourite moment, when the Demogorgon picked up the walkie and wailed into it. - Skipped the musical number because it wasn't necessary. JUST SAY THE DAMN CODE! How much time did they waste with that anyway? I was happy to see Suzie was real, for like ten seconds. - Loved this season, even though the first few episodes felt annoying and not in line with the previous seasons. -So much love this season for the Steve/Robin dynamic, Alexei, mad adventures involving a Cadillac, and for bringing the 80's to life. Bring on season 4.
  9. Sitting on the hood of the car? Paraphrasing, but Alexei felt the fair was not meant for him (maybe because he has led a closeted life) because he wasn't American. Murray replies that he doesn't have to be American to enjoy it. I just loved that just before he gets killed he calls Murray buddy. It's like the only word in English he knows. Oh, Alexei. You were truly my favourite character this season.💔 I've been lagging for a while, and I only have one more episode to go.
  10. Dammit, show. Why couldn't you have been flogged to Netflix or Amazon?
  11. I'm sure everybody knew/knows. Over time, the anger might have dissipated into simmering resentment, though. I don't know to what extent the real Royals are allowed to watch the show, but I'm sure this was one of those choke on your drink ones because none of it really rang true. I'm going to third and fourth Charles not being in the know about his uncles Nazi sympathies. Isn't that standard history book material? I also thought the Duke of Windsor died later then 1970. Oh, so that's where I recognise the actress who plays Camilla from. I've watched Call The Midwife on and off and I don't keep up with the revolving door nurses.
  12. Episodes 9 and 10, now I am done. And somewhat confused. Those people exiting the tunnel, what exactly did they think they were walking into? I thought Kido would get more of a comeuppance then whatever it was he was planning to do after his son left. Oh, Helen. I pretty much held my breath in that scene with Jennifer. So incredibly well done. Liam lives. Because there must be light at the end of the proverbial black widow tunnel. What happens to children of former Nazi leaders when their parents die? What happens to a child like Amy? I hope Childan found his wife in Japan, it seemed like a cop out to not show us at least that. I think it would have been a better finale with an added 20 or so minutes. I felt like they didn't have enough room to properly finish up all these characters so Childan and Jennifer and Amy lost out.
  13. I am fairly certain they kept Charles in a broom closet in an abandoned hallway for all these important family moments. He wouldn't have been at school in July, I gather. I think this the episode where I'm not all that enthoused about the new cast. I don't know why they didn't cast slightly older boys for Edward and Andrew, because neither Olivia Colman nor Tobias Menzies look like parents to grade school children. Loved the viewing party sequence.
  14. Episodes 7 and 8 - So someone blows up a gas supply ship and the Japanese just pack up and leave? Why has no one considered this notion before? Like 20 years before, I don't know. - Whoever came up with the episode title "Hitler Only Has One Ball" and the soundtrack thereof must have won an award in the writers room. I liked seeing them let loose for a change. They don't get to use that setting often enough. - The Childan proposal and wedding were so beautiful. I loved how happy they were. - I thought the concealed gas chamber was a German thing. Did the Japanese take over their headquarters and never noticed the room full of toys or what it was for? - Liam in disguise just looked like Liam, glad he chose not to actively participate in that mission. - Kido is like a roach and it'll take some very intricate ritualistic ceremony in order for him to die. How many attempts on his life has he survived so far?
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