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  1. I thought Ian Somerhalder made an exceptionally boring lead. I did watch The Vampire Diaries and found him tolerable but here he tends to just blankly stare into space spouting medical terms. Might take a few episodes, don't know. Glad it going in the last ten minutes of the pilot, though.
  2. I would think it's perfectly ok to not have the Queen show up the day after a disaster because a) safety reasons and b) what would be expected she do there? Stand around while people are digging out their dead children? Help them dig them out? It's not she couldn't be bothered, but perhaps etiquette practicalities didn't allow for any more then what she did. I thought the tear at the end was somewhat overwrought. I kept thinking "a lonely tear slowly drips down your cheek" said in a dramatic tone. I was astonished that the people of Aberfan were so calm. I'd be in hysterics and never recover, let alone be capable of facing a monarch.
  3. Saw episodes 3-4-5 last night. I think I want to re watch episode 5 every week from now on. It was so good. Still think John Smith is an utter psychopath, but I finally understand him better. I think what killed me most was that moral quandary about his children. He won't have his son if he chooses his daughters, and vice versa. What a terrible choice to have to make. Other tidbits: Who gives a 10 year old chocolates and her teenage sister a doll? That was such a bizarre dinner party. Pretty sure the "food restrictions" just said to serve soup and rolls. Aww Liam and Juliana. I hope Liam is the one that gets to survives getting entangled with her though.
  4. So somewhere in the royal archives, there is a pillow that says "it's not easy being a Princess" embroidered on it? I had imagined Churchills funeral to be more elaborate. This show does funeral scenes so well, and having it interspersed with the spy stuff was a letdown. I wasn't sure about the casting of Tobias Menzies, but I could get used to this.
  5. Watched the first two episodes. Bear with me. I never thought after four years of watching this show, that Helen would be the one I'd feel most sorry for. When she had to let the girls go. The feels. Oh, no, Tagomi. Will miss him. So does Juliana in this shiny new life ever think of Frank or Joe or Trudy? I thought she might be trying to find them (or Alternate thems, anyway). I don't recall them focusing much on segregation beyond season 1, but I thought the whole notion of the war beneath the war was very interesting. Poor Childan, always inadvertently drawn into Resistance schemes. Never change. I imagined Kido's son was still a child (didn't he have a phone conversation with him last season? Unless he has more then one son. I think the last season is royally late to start showing us his family man side, but the trauma storyline is interesting enough.
  6. Just saw an article on Twitter that they averaged 4.1 million viewers. Which doesn't strike me as overly terrible for a summer show. But who am I to judge. I don't know what it is about this show, but it dragged me through a pretty awful summer (surgery, longer recovery then initially estimated). It was by no means a perfect show but I am going to miss it.
  7. Checked Twitter, didn't find a yes or no answer either. It's been almost four months. I'm going to go with no news=good news. I mean, they can't leave the actors hanging forever either so eventually someone has to pipe up.
  8. Isn't Dear Evan Hansen also about high schoolers dealing with the suicide of a peer? (I still haven't figured out if anyone actually liked Connor).
  9. This show, if anything, is a really good critical commentary on our current society. We see too much, hear too much and have to form opinions way too quickly. I didn't care so much about the family stuff. Those brothers are way too stupid to be real.
  10. Basically, it's Dear Evan Hansen (it has a similar theme, if more overblown) but with affluent people. I seriously thought this show would be about political interns or somesuch because that's what comes to mind when you hear who is starring in it.
  11. River does not look like a high schooler whatsoever. It was so distracting.
  12. My own pathetic social media plea I don't know why part of me wants this so badly, but I do. Watched the finale: - Man, that bed was conveniently placed to kick him out the window. -So, did Waterman survive? They never said what happened to him, did they? Why does his maximum security prison not have its own medical ward? That was the most useless prison break ever. -I was thinking Abigail and Roven as sort of darkness/light type guides, whatever you want to call it. I really have come to appreciate both actors because they bring something magic to their roles. I don't mind the accent or the brattiness so much. IF there is a season 2, I hope they get to come back. - Roven sings the Peter Rabbit song better. Just saying. -I didn't quite catch the final scene, but man that guy looked creepy. Also, not a sub standard ghost. Where the hell has he been all season? -Who is up and about three minutes post brain surgery? Wouldn't he be in the ICU until they were sure he was going to make it.
  13. Episode nine (one more after this one, I think and then I'll be caught up) - Millie was really the most unhelpful ghost ever. - Say Roven was in his early twenties in 1985 (the actor didn't look much older to me), how did he turn into a middle aged creeper by the early 90's? I kept thinking of that video from the pilot where he was questioned about his Texas victim. That must have been taken sometime between his arrest and his trial, right? - I think that the Inbetween is broken in a way. That whoever resides there aren't able to leave even though they have their closure. Maybe that's why Abigail and Roven keep coming back. Personally, I think they make episodes more enjoyable, so I quite like this rotation of steadfast ghosts. - For the first time since the pilot, I actually liked the closing scene. Concerning season 2, no news is good news, right?
  14. Yeah, that. Sorry. I watched episode eight (I know, I'm behind.) last night. Cassie: He didn't happen to die because of swords, did he? Bartender: You have a dark mind, it was a heart attack. I don't know why but that made me laugh so hard. I was still giggling about it hours later.
  15. It was just about her not being a brat anymore. She said she was going to go look for her aunt so I think it's possible for her to come back. I mean, where else did she go inbetween the pilot and episode five?
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