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  1. The Two Seconds can be found on Twitter and I presume Instagram as well. I uh, didn't spend an hour last night gazing at those two second inspired meme / fan art of those two seconds or anything. Nope. What I also gathered We will still suffer whatsherface and pained expressions once the secret gets out, hopefully not for the entire season, but suffer we will. Trust me. I am sure she'll hand his pretty ass back on a silver platter at some point, though. I have no idea why the relationship should be hidden from Katsumoto specifically, as Magnum is not a cop and it's not breaki
  2. I hardly ever use tags. I didn't know it was a requirement and I don't know, I don't see the point of them. If I'm doing a particularly difficult subject (ie pregnancy loss, in my case) I do put up a note at the beginning of my chapter to warn people. I've never had complaints from my readers so I guess it's ok if they're not greeted by a whole wall of them everytime they click the story. Not sure how much you're into (new version) Magnum PI or Rookie fic, or somewhat older 12 Monkeys or Haven fanfic but if you've got time to spare, this is my profile over at A03. https://archiv
  3. Yeah, I had been thinking towards a Desi rehash plotline too. I hope the actress is prepared for the heat she'll be exposed to, and as a very good Twitter comment said: They don't need love interests, they need a decent villain. Not sure where Ivan has been in s3 (he seems to be a very wishy washy villain, to say the least), but wouldn't that work better in the long term? Then they can have a cliffhanger in the season finale, which by s4 should be a given but anyway.
  4. Five seasons is fine, sad that it's ending but I've long made peace with it. From what I've heard re: spoilers
  5. So I got back into fanfic writing during the pandemic, because you have to while away the hours somehow. I don't do Tumblr because I'm old and I can not figure out how it works and I deleted Instagram because it was driving me insane. I don't really advertise my fics, didn't know it was a thing. I enjoy comments, but it's sort of two fold for me. I put a lot of work into writing and I do hope that people will like it. It's disappointing when you check back after 24 hours and only one person has commented. On the other hand, I can tell that my story has has been clicked (and hopefully read
  6. I do wonder why they think these Higgy leaving plots are worth repeating every year. Barring the s1 finale (I thought it was going back to MI6 was discussed there but that's s2), she's always getting the same storyline. In the s4 finale, she and Magnum can hash out their feelings while locked in the wine cellar, ok. Let Rick or TC have the big finale plotline for a change. That must be so much fun for Perdita Weeks as well. Oh, where am I leaving for this time? The Kenya storyline was a little more bearable then the visa bullshit one, but it was still ugh. If your relationship is on the r
  7. Now that I did watch these two episodes and didn't want to edit my previous one:. Death Row Fugitive He must have been one charismatic son of a bitch to pull that off. Or he bought off the guards. In the era before the Internet, I am sure lots of important warrants never came to pass. It's why we have such a wealth of unsolved mystery reality shows. Because people delayed reporting a sister missing or someone assigned typing up an arrest warrant decided to go get coffee instead. Japanese Ghosts. I liked the Japanese spirituality angle too. Those reconstruct
  8. France was robbed. I have been force fed Hooverphonic five times a day for three months and I I am not sorry they ended up where they did. They were never going to be better then mediocre. Someone somewhere thought the German entry was worth giving points. It baffles me. They didn't even try to send something decent! Countries who pull shit like that should be excluded for a year to think of the error of their ways, seriously. I had no idea the UK even had sent a contestant until last Friday. Now I understand why. They should join Germany on the one year time out couch.
  9. Finally got around to season 2 Jack Wheeler Yeah, I'm not buying the professional hit theory either. More like he had a bad episode which got worse as that night wore on. I think he forgot or lost his briefcase somewhere and it triggered a psychotic episode. It would explain why he went to the pharmacy. Where did the hoodie come from? I also think he climbed into a dumpster for warmth or shelter (no matter how upstanding he was, mental illness doesn't care) and was tossed about in the compactor and dumped at the landfill without anyone noticing. Dead Woman in Oslo
  10. Finished last night. It was so good. As a Dutch speaker, the Dutch really hurt my ears. I credit the British actor playing Knippenberg for actually learning to say the words but it was still a bit jarring. Perhaps it was just odd to hear it in a BBC series. I think he went back to Nepal to see if he could get away with going to Nepal. If he'd be able to walk away again. I doubt he'd actually go there to commit more murders. 70's hippie-ism is a far cry from 21st century backpacking. It still carries risks, but everyone always knows where everyone is, right. I didn't feel sorry f
  11. I have no idea what anyone is talking about half the time, but I'll give it a go. The Soviet Russian type wardrobe. It just really drew me in. I was sort of meh on the giant bat attack in The Fold, like I sat there watching the same way I'd watch a scene where people eat ice cream. My shock meter is running low, I think. The actress playing Milana was terrible. Like, really? You're being kidnapped by a slew of gangsters and you're whinging about wanting to get back to whoring? It gets points for killing off a character in cold blood, it was the only thing that actually did
  12. The ratings were fine. I mean, circa 5 million (perhaps somewhat less lately due to scattershot airing, but not dramatically so) in what is supposedly a powerblock is not terrible. But yeah, the whole thing makes Macgyver look like an unprofessional asshole for wanting to date both women on his team. I am not hot or cold about the MacRiley thing, I just feel they got it going too late in the series. Mostly, Desi deserves better. It's been two weeks and I still find it really baffling. I'm not sure if it has to do with the previous behind the scenes drama or if they were just contra
  13. Yeah, not sure why 3.05 was a bottle episode when nothing of significance happened here. It did get me wondering though. Do they really only charge 900 dollars for their services? I figured with the whole former SEAL/MI6 experience, they'd be a bit more pricey then that. Not sure what the going rate for a private detective is, but that seemed a bit cutthroat. I mean, I suppose they don't charge that amount for lost cats or whatever, but missing rich women must bring in a higher paycheck, no? Does Robin not pay Thomas a wage? Since he's the security consultant for the estate and
  14. Yeah, about those visiting hours. Had it been Magnum, she'd probably go camp out by his bedside, hell or high water. Just sayin'. re: first date. Apparently cheap schrimp and expensive wine are a better deterrent against bad dates then a fancy restaurant would be.
  15. In serious Regency novels, young ladies of a certain class did not dally about in the rain. Rain caused chills and chills brought inevitable sickbeds and/or death. Me, the whole time I was watching that scene.
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