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  1. Did anyone else catch Janelle say to Kody, “you’ve hardly been here these last five months.” And then Christine comment later in the episode that a few hours a week isn’t enough time with Kody. This guy is really 24/7 with Robyn isn’t he? Who here believes that Kody still stopped by Janelle’s house and visited his older children when Janelle left and spent time in North Carolina with Maddie?
  2. "Can we sensitively consider that you sort of feel torn, well I don't think it's torn really, and keep moving forward with this property and always just keep that thought that that's what you want? I mean I'm trying to honor you, but keep moving forward here." WTF? Janelle did you think that was a nice way to basically tell Christine, "beach, please we are not moving, so let's shut this conversation down?" Janelle is just coming at Christine big time this episode. Wasn't Janelle the one pushing positive communication? Her body language during that entire moving discussion, was jus
  3. Someone explain this to me! So why couldn’t Kody fly out and stay a few days with his daughter for surgery, fly home and quarantine for two weeks? does this all really boil down to he won’t spend 2 1/2 weeks away from Robyn?
  4. So on Mykelti’s Instagram live post, she mentioned that Neither Meri or Janelle have seen the baby, and she will have to try and schedule a FaceTime call with them down the line. now that’s bad. Are you telling me that Janelle has been so busy the last week that she couldn’t FaceTime for a minute to see the new baby?
  5. So who here thinks Christine is going to move to Utah to be closer to her children and grandchildren?
  6. So it still looks like Kody hasn’t been there to visit yet based off of Instagram. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he is waiting 2 weeks in quarantine after attending Bonnie’s funeral to visit his new grandchild.
  7. If I took a shot for every time they use the word “safe” I would be drunk 10 minutes into the show. Did Nancy give them this word, cause they always use it. The conversation doesn’t feel safe. I don’t feel safe to have this discussion. It’s a fine line between being honest and being safe. so does safe really mean I just don’t want to hear anyone say anything negative so I’m going to use this buzz word so we can continue to avoid each other and our problems?
  8. Janelle is a lot more angry on her couch interviews which I assume was in the late summer, judging by her lip. “Some voices in the family want us to stay separated.” Ummm, we all know that is Robyn and Kody just say their names. also I think she is more angry now cause it’s Kody choosing to stay away, and not her asking him to.
  9. I just watched Meri's interview with US weekly. First I want to say that her skin and makeup looks really good! But I have to roll my eyes, when the interviewer asked if Meri ever had a desire to be in a monogamous relationship, and she said no. Really? Really Meri? You mean you and your catfish that you were leaving Kody for talked about living plural marriage? Nope, I don't think so. So yeah you did want a monogamous relationship. I swear the wives are never really truthful when they do these interviews.
  10. Do you think it was shade at Kody and the other wives who were not there? Like shout out to Robyn who was the only one to care enough to be involved. Like you said it was a very strange comment to make.
  11. So has Janelle posted in the last year how much she weighs now? I’m really not meaning to throw shade over her weight or body shame, I’m just curious if she has given results to prove the effectiveness of her business Strive with Janelle business? when touting a health/weight loss site that you are the face of and charge people money, I’m curious as to what weight loss she has or what health benefits(lowering blood pressure, blood sugar?) she actually discusses on her journey? Does she ever talk about specific results she experienced on her own weight loss business since she is
  12. OMG! Kody ran faster than the roadrunner back to the car to get Meri a second coat after she suggested they cuddle together under the blanket.
  13. In response to Janelle, if she is so offended by the "Knives out" mentality of some people then maybe she should block Kody as well.
  14. Logan and Christine raised the older children, and I think Meri was the one who would discipline them. With Meri no longer involved with the children, I really don't think any of them get any real discipline.
  15. Yes!!! Emotional starvation. I love that term. That is exactly what Kody does to punish his wives. I have a question. With the death of Meri's mother, do you think a tragedy like that could motivate her to possibly leave Flagstaff, and move to Utah to the Bed and Breakfast, and to be closer to Mariah?
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