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  1. Ari....you are one of the most annoying, immature people on this franchise and that is saying ALOT. You are purposely trying to make Bini jealous and he has been nothing but kind and eager to please you. I have had it with you and your puppylove with your EX HUSBAND. What in the hell is wrong with you. Where is your seemingly sensible mother in all this. I hope they both leave you. You would deserve it!!
  2. You must mean Kim Kardashian. She has totally morphed into her. UGH. Does she ever remember what her original face looks like. I'd be happy to show her.
  3. I know she loves them, but I pray the grandfather Mike, who seems to be a kind, sensible man, has the most influence on them. That will be their saving grace.
  4. Darcey absolutely brings all this grief upon herself. Her constant nagging, "are you good", "are you ok", "do you love me", would get on anyone's nerves. I actually do not mind Georgi and cannot for the life of me figure out why he puts up with it, IDC how much money he gets from her or TLC. She is not worth the effort. How do 2 reasonably smart girls think their actions, clothes they wear and behavior is OK. It is not! The 2 daughters are amazing and I pray that the apple falls VERY far from their tree. How she carried on about those divorce papers and how quiet she got, telling him
  5. Why should she? Not everyone is a dog lover nor wants to be responsible for one. I don't blame either of them. I blame the dopey "experts" who never seem to learn and continue to match people with different religious, political and pet differences. How hard is that to do.
  6. He may be controlling, but she is a nag, nag, nag and because It cannot be said enough, she is an idiot, annoying, thinks she is always right, is always correcting him and NEVER owns up to her own faults. I actually can take him more than I can take her. There, I said it!
  7. You don't know for a fact that what he gave was crap and even if it was, what she did was rude, rude and rude. And this coming from someone that can't stand Mike. I just cannot stand her more. She apparently got what she came here for... fame and living the life in Miami. Good riddance.
  8. She's on my last nerve. Unpopular opinion, but she is hard to take and he was at his limit. He is no prize either and neither was his mother with the passive aggressive comments, but NOTHING seems to make Natalie happy. Team NO ONE, but more Mike than Natalie these last few episodes lol.
  9. I was thinking the same thing, but this forum seems to be very against him. He is no prize at all, but she has been obnoxious as hell as far as I am concerned. He seemed to be at his limit. The Christmas gifts that she gave away, the not telling him about her surgery and not allowing him to be there with her (I found her excuse lame) and her relationship with this new lady Julia is questionable at the very least. Again, Mike is no prize but these last few episodes she actually annoyed me more. Sorry not sorry.
  10. I am shocked at her whole house. Looks like a dump, old and outdated.
  11. Exactly, it was to come across in a better light, and get Garcelle off her back lol. If you are not going to bring up what you know (which that has never stopped you before), then shut up with your analogies. They make no sense to the rest of us and just made you look even more stupid. UGH how I cannot stand her. PS. Denise was supposed to be a good friend and you were a total beotch to her. Nice way to treat a friend to keep your diamond....or in her case a cubic zirconia.
  12. Yes, I felt her behavior was all over the place, like something else was going on. Crying at the drop of a hat and super sensitive and emotional and feeling left out. But bad?
  13. True, there was more going on, but that played a part, I am sure. Anyway, I thought Crystal could have been a little more gracious instead of ok, ok, ok, ok, ok.
  14. I will cry when I leave my house of 35 years. Moved in at 26 had two children, married them off and still there in an empty nest with my husband. I will be beyond sad the day I leave, even my children told me to never sell. So shut up Crystal. Moving can be emotional
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