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  1. So I've been behind on the show... I've kind of fallen off since the baby switch story has been dragging so long. I honestly thought Spencer had been recast! I absolutely love that kid!! I'm so glad he's still playing this role.. Just thought I'd share my excitement at seeing him 😊
  2. Ha!!! I can't argue with that! 😂
  3. I probably feel this way because I just came off a pretty bad season of Big Brother. I agree though that she is a generous person. She's going to be judged by everyone though because she does it at the finale. I still think it should have been done differently. Like someone suggested, maybe his should've been first and then later on another and so on. What I wish they'd bring back is America's Favorite Player.
  4. I thought the same thing about Sia's award! It's great that she gave him the 15,000 but why not just give them all the same? It's her money and she's free to do what she wants with it... but it's Sia... and she's not hurting for money. She could've even divided 200,000 into 3. It just seems weird how she did it. But again, it is nice that she did it at all. I guess I'm just being petty.
  5. I'm admittedly very territorial so it may be just me but I'd never be ok with my partner having his ex sleep over. That would be the end of us. I just find that so disrespectful to Anna.
  6. Thank you for using her full name. I hate having to try to look up who someone is talking about using their intials only. There are a few that have the same initials and it drives me nuts! 😂 No offense to anyone that uses only their initials, I just really appreciate seeing it this way 😊
  7. I honestly thought this new Nicholas was the Stephen Martines actor from years ago. They look very similar. This to me so far is a nice recast. I wish they'd done as good a job with Lulu.
  8. Serious question... Wth is up with all the boomer stuff I've been seeing lately? I know what a boomer is, (I'm one myself), but why lately is it thrown around. Most of the time insultingly.
  9. Don't forget that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity!!! It's her that's trying to throw a wrench in his plans and yet she sees it the other way around.
  10. I just started watching Lost with my husband who raves about it. I'm barely on the middle of season 1 and don't remember seeing her? Looking forward to it even more now. It's a very good show so far.
  11. They definitely need to darken that hair. It gives me an out of season Santa Claus vibe. Not sexy and Michael Knight has still got it so they need to do something with that.
  12. I feel the SAME way!! I've even gotten to enjoy NuNina but years later can't enjoy any scenes with this Lulu. Keep Michael Knight, I love him... just not as a villain.
  13. Does anyone know if there's any chance Dev will end up being Brenda and Sonny's son? Does Sonny really know who he is and is keeping that from everyone?
  14. I've watched Survivor since season 1 and I just gotta say that I love Boston Rob and I love Sandra. This season looks like it's not going to let me down like another one of my favorites just did. Sandra's "f**k no!" response to Rob asking if it was hard for her to vote people out is the reason I love her so much! She's the Queen of Survivor and he'll always be the King in my opinion. I'm looking forward to this season.
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