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  1. I love Scott Speedman but I get zero chemistry with Mer. [same w bald Irish dr]. The only intern/resident I liked was Parker and TPTB got rid of him early on. Glasses is an idiot. Imma need Link and Jo to stay friends and Link and Amelia to reconcile STAT. I always liked Megan so I'm cool with her sticking around.
  2. This is what has bugged me constantly....and I've not really seen a good explanation.
  3. I just binged watched and finished yesterday. It may be unpopular, but I feel the same!
  4. My parents were huge Billy Joel fans. If he'd rocked up at the house I'd have known him. But my mom never dated him so yeah,, I can't see my dad being a big fan knowing that... but then I guess it depends on how Rocker bio mom told the story. Joe and I were friends maybe we went out a couple of times is a different level of connection to worry about than Joe was the father of the child I had before we met and that has pretty much constantly secretly been in my thoughts our whole life together. We know she didn't tell him that version. I could believe that the kids knew him. M
  5. ugh, i just don’t think i can do this show. I don't really like any of the timelines. Cop Joe is 32 and still lives at home, where his annoying family/friends are way to up in his life. And love how his uncle says "no, you don’t have to be married/have kids to have a fulfilling life" and then immediately takes it back. 🙄 I do feel bad that he carries that guilt about his father going to work on 9/11 because Joe didn't want to go the game [which would be the same for all Joes]. I don't know exactly how to articulate it but it is one thing to honor and remember your father and it's anothe
  6. ADA's most likely work CRAZY hours too....and for a lot less money than private practice. I've got friends who do it in a much smaller city than NYC and it can be overwhelming. In fact, one friend who is the single mother of a perfectly healthy toddler changed jobs because she felt like she was missing so much of her child's life.
  7. Okay, I just was reading through this again and watched the two bathroom scenes [plus a few more]. The first bathroom scene is so tight, the shot doesn't have the things in it that the later one does except that in both you can see a door or door frame to Kevin's left that leads to bedroom. [Just fyi, in second scene, in addition to toiletries, we see an extension mirror and blow drier on the wall; a little bit of the sconce beside the main mirror; gray or white tile on one part of wall, etc. Can't see any of these in first bathroom scene b/c it focuses on K's face. So I think it's impossi
  8. ugg, I did not like the family dinner scene. Nothing wrong with being close with family and probably typical for family to ask about marriage but NO, mom [Joe's mom said something like "that's what people in their 30s do" re marriage/kids] not everyone in their 30s gets married/has kids or wants to --guess which camp I fall into? 😆 Also, even if you want those things, they don't happen instantaneously. You have to find the right partner and even then it may not happen [See, e.g., Rocker Joe and Amy's miscarriages]. He seems the most "stuck" in this timeline - became a cop because of famil
  9. I SO hope Kevin ends up with Madison and not Sophie. With only one season left, it wouldn't seem like enough time to bring in someone new so it has to be one of these two right? But Sophie, ugg. Give it up, they are not good together.
  10. This is why I cannot buy Sophie as a viable love interest for Kevin. That phone call should have been a text. If all she wanted to do was congratulate Kevin on the birth of the twins and wish him well in his marriage, all she had to do was text Kevin, "Hi this is Sophie. Congrats on the babies and the upcoming nuptials." But, she decided to call him, and include the "don't ask" about her new number which of course means ask about why she had to get a new number. It's some passive-aggressive bullshit and not romantic. I do have a suspicion that the writers think this is romantic though.
  11. Ugg, this times a million! I mean first of all, even if you feel a pang when your ex says he's getting married, who the heck responds like that? You just grit your teeth, smile, and say "Congratulations, I'm so happy for you" even if you don't mean it! Plus, she's with someone so that should ease the sting, and she never wanted kids. So that was just way crappy and I really hope Kevin shakes it off. Also, I HATE Sophie. It's not the character per se, but more the idea that this childhood friend, turned GF then wife, is the absolute LOVE of Kevin's life and no one else will EVER do.
  12. I have to admit that when Mer first said that Derek was fine after his dad died, I screamed at the tv "Well, Amelia wasn't!" So I was glad that Derek said that, though laughter was probably not appropriate. And while Amelia is a great surgeon and in a good place/relationship emotionally, JUST last week she was talking about the COVID pressures and isolation making her want to get high. So she still struggles. So, yeah, Mer, death of a parent can have long-lasting repercussions. Plus, as others noted, Derek and his sister still had a mother! If I remember correctly, at some point a
  13. She has ALWAYS been like this to him which is what drives me crazy. He is a grown ass man and talented surgeon and can make his own decisions about protesting and relationships. It's fine for her to offer an opinion or advice if he asks, but damn! Yes please!! I'll admit that it would have been weird for the show not to address it, but I'm tired of COVID stories, Meredith on on death beach, Amelia stuck in the house with kids. I actually like Winston and have since he joined the cast. Granted we haven't seen a lot of him but he's a smart, charming guy who seems to be
  14. Same for me re Lexie, and the excitement of seeing Mark. And yes, Winston is great, let's continue with that please. Yes! I never thought he was good fit with Mer. I like him better with Jo [and she and Jackson have no chemistry, so let's just nip that relationship in the bud] but damn! the man would not stop interrupting her -- wanted to slap him. So, so tired of Teddy and Owen. Love Cristina texts! Ha, this made me laugh! The problem with his intern class [and maybe the new ones] is that they are just sorta there and annoying, but don't have much interactio
  15. I wondered about this too b/c it seemed like by May 2020, everyone had figured out the doubling up and that some month, some doctors from my state (SC) invented some some sort of device that allowed FOUR people to share a vent.
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