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  1. I don't see how that can be right. Rebecca is supposed to be 68-70 now. So if she lives another 25 years, that would make her 93-95. Also, Nicky would be around the same age and he did not look that old.
  2. I don't know why everybody things old Kevin looks so old. If he's 40 now and 50 in the flash forward, I think he looks about right. Of course, everybody ages differently, but he's got a few lines and freckles, like he's been the sun and is aging, and gray hair/beard [but still has a lot of hair]. That is pretty much every man my age that I know [I'm turning 50 this year]. Sure, there are some that look younger, but there are some that a grayer or balder. So I think he looks age appropriate. I didn't think old Randall looked old at all [and I think regular Randall/Sterling looks younger than he is].
  3. Yes to this! I would love for Madison and Kevin to slowly and unexpectedly fall in love. If not, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let his wife be somebody new. I HATE Sophie and Cassidy. And as someone else pointed out, they both had spouses [and Cassidy had a child] - just let them be.
  4. I liked them together too, but the problem is the whiplash changes. Teddy was, for ages, hung up on Owen. And basically vice versa. Despite other romantic partners, they seemed to not be able to shake each other. So even though Tom was great to her and she felt so happy etc. during her pregnancy, she dumps him to be with her supposed True Love [I still maintain that was the character Scott Foley played], Owen. None of the previous eps have shown her and Owen having problems; so it is just weird that her first reaction to the possible Owen baby-daddy situation is to sleep with Tom. But if we can let the baby be Linc's so that he and Amelia can be happy, then I'm cool with Teddy/Tom and Owen can just fade away....pretty please? I don't dislike new dr but I'm not really feeling him and Mer yet. Heck, I thought she had more chemistry with Nathan. I hate to say it, but yeah, I might rather Alex be dead that to have him abandon his wife and friends with no word. I do not care about Vic, singular or with Jackson. I will never care about her and I'm never watching Station 19.
  5. This!!! I'm over Kev and Sophie. They just don't work any more...and that's okay. I am kinda liking Madison with him.
  6. Southerner here. The pronunciations here that predominate are "ant" and "ahnt" - doesn't exactly rhyme with flaunt. Some small town folks will break out "aint" but not as common as the other two.
  7. I agree. I know it has been 10 months, but I don't know that you can put a time line on coping. Also, Toby has issues with depression and I could see how this could really rock him. He and Kate really need to get to therapy. I hope not. I love Gregory but I just don't want a cheating situation. Also, I think it is easier to be "accepting" when it is not your child... not your hopes and dreams that have been altered. And while I don't have a problem with either Kate or Toby confiding in friends, the fact that they seem not to communicate with each other at all is not good. This is SO FREAKING OBNOXIOUS. The fact you even said this shows why Kate (and real-life Kates) feels so anxious about putting on a swimsuit going to a pool/beach... because they assume everyone is thinking that.
  8. Westin resorts usually give wristbands when you check in to identify you as a guest when using the pool - at some resorts people will come park and walk through to use the pool or come in from the beach, but aren't actually staying there. Though, I can't imagine being a big issue with people who have a camera crew following them around!
  9. I rolled my eyes in moderate disdain until he said something about it not being a real marriage unless the man got his bride's father's blessing. Then I got offended. I guess my marriage is invalid, because my husband didn't get my 25-years-in-the-grave father's blessing. Damn, Derek, I want to like you, and then you get all assy and stuff! eh, this didn't bother me that bad. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely would NOT want someone to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. I'm a grown up, self-sufficient woman and don't need anyone's permission [also, I never liked the fact that someone else would know I was being proposed to before the actual proposal]. But here in the South, this is not uncommon - not sure where Derek and Katie are from, but maybe that is still common for them, esp since they are pretty young [I'm way older so it would even weirder to ask my dad].
  10. Also, Randall, that is a TERRIBLE response for a politician. I mean, I know Malik's dad is more than just a constituent, but Randall could've had at least said "Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll definitely consider seeing a therapist" or something to that effect.
  11. ugg, I really hope Kevin is not in bed with Sophie. I am so over that. Never that big of a fan to begin with and they have broken up and reconciled enough. And I don't like Cassidy either, wanted her to reconcile with her hubby. I love Sophia Bush but I know there is speculation that she was only a one off. I might could get behind Kevin and Madison though. She is a little high strung but she has a been a good friend to Kate.
  12. I agree. And sometimes, you need a reality check -- so you talk to friends and get their responses. If they are really friends, they won't just automatically side with you, they may tell you you're overreacting. This can actually be beneficial vs. just lashing out at your spouse or holding a grudge. And also, I really, really hope Kevin's fiancee is someone we haven't met yet. I was never sold on him and Sophie, and think &they've dipped into that well enough already. Zoey I liked, but I also kinda want her to stay with her conviction that she never wants to be a mom [I think it is a perfectly valid choice, yet most tv/movies always have the woman having a big change of heart]. And I thought he and Cassidy had zero chemistry and really want her to have healed her rift with her husband and son. So, yeah, let it me somebody new and awesome.
  13. YES! The Callie/Arizona custody battle was so wrong in so many ways. And this one was too. As someone in legal profession [tho not in Seattle] this hearing was insane. I don't know how they do it out there but in my state, there would not have been a judge present at all [tho he didn't seem to do anything here], just a panel of doctors [or lawyers for legal ethics cases]. Also, the issues & witnesses would have been narrowed pre-trial and all this stuff about how she got in to the program, adoption of her daughter etc. would've been excluded. Also, all these people showing up doesn't matter because the supposed ethics violation is about Medicaid fraud, not her competency as a surgeon. Oh, and the panel would have been provided certain things before the hearing - the initial complaint and response at least, and maybe pre-trial briefs, so I call total BS that the chairman did not recognize Meredith Gray's name and realize she was the spouse of Derek Sheppard. As someone else noted, D was world-renowned and she has won the big Whatever Award - the chairman should have known and recused himself prior to the hearing. There is more, but I'm getting annoyed all over again, so I'll just stop. I really am in to Amelia and Link. Maggie is on my last nerve. I don't blame her for her sadness/guilt etc over the lost patient/cousin, and Jackson shouldn't have been all flirty but she just acts so childish about things. And this is also why you should think hard before dating someone you work with [and whose mother is married to your bio-dad]. Glasses does seem like a moron, but he didn't rat out Mer; he asked a question because he was concerned there had a been a mistake and for all these interns to turn on him is stupid.
  14. Aaah, clearly I wasn't paying close enough attention! I could've sworn that she gave some anecdote about a patient but I guess not. Also, I thought she had submitted a list of topics and that's why I was confused as to how that became an article... I must've missed the references that others made to "the list" but that makes slightly more sense than how my brain interpreted it.
  15. I think its been established that Miguel has been trying to help Rebecca since Jack's death in various ways. I think there were something last season about him helping with the apt or something -can't recall- but on this ep, Kate snarked about Miguel and Rebecca pointed out several thing that M had helped with in the new house. So, yes, I think he was involved in the move, and doing household things that Jack would have done if he were alive.
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