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  1. Another down vote on the new detective assigned to 1PP plot. Hopefully, we've seen the last of her. Glad there was very little focus on Eddie.
  2. So tired of Eddie...would prefer they focus on the rest of the family and Anthony.
  3. I'm noticing the same thing across the website. I just looked at an air fryer, and it's $20 cheaper at Best Buy compared to QVC's price. If I owned the pajama company, I'd tell QVC to only let the models wear the pajamas on air. I might have considered purchasing, but Shawn and the other hosts have convinced me not to buy for myself or for anyone on my gift list.
  4. I really like the apples that just have nuts on them with caramel, but Q mostly sells the ones loaded with candy or sugary sprinkles. I'll be passing on the TSV.
  5. I’m liking that Isaac cashmere sweater A452264 in heather oatmeal color, but even at Black Friday price of $237.96 it’s pricey. Seems like Q could offer free shipping on that, but, of course, they’ve got to add $3.50 S/H. 🙄
  6. I tuned out after Shawn’s TSV tablet presentation, so it must have been after that. In the first part of the show, it was like they were on different parts of the set or different sets.
  7. If they sold a shower head, Kerstin would fight Shawn and any other host for the exclusive rights to promote it in a revealing shower stall made especially for her shows.
  8. Wow, she just asked Alexa how old Rick is. . .
  9. Didn’t she just say we could get that TSV tablet “today for 27” instead of $87? A producer must be buzzing in her ear about a correction on that. Rick quickly changed the topic when she showed videos of him on the TSV tablet.
  10. I’m hoping Rick St. Nick embraces his “naughty” side and gets in a few zingers tonight.
  11. We’re not even 5 minutes into the show and she’s already accused Rick of “phoning it in” and not being prepared, and she’s called him “Rick St. Nick” about a dozen times. I feel for the people working behind the scenes on the set.
  12. She needs to size up on the tunic too. It looks good on the models because it’s loose at the bottom.
  13. Unlike Kim, I’m not loving the repeated references to “rich Christmas.” Can tell Shawn’s disinterested and has nothing to say about the product when she starts going on about Hallmark movies.
  14. Good grief…she tried to tie the plaid shirt but obviously didn’t try it out before the show to see that this fabric isn’t going to tie—not that most people care to see it tied at the bottom. Note to Shawn: no need to talk about the World Series if you don’t even know who’s playing 🙄 Another segment to file under “times Shawn has no idea what she’s talking about.”
  15. That brown uniform was a turn off for me. Literally. . .changed the channel within seconds after seeing it.
  16. I was surprised KoKo mentioned her mom by name when she did the Belle mock turtleneck sweater presentation last night. Decided to Google the name and found her mom is the head of a “beauty college.” I didn’t realize that, but seems to connect with KoKo’s girly girl vibe. Part of me still wants to order the sweater. Just when I decided to get the black, KoKo made me pause when she referred to the tan one as “rich Christmas” and said the red was perfect for her mom and the holidays. 🤔 They made Kim’s eyeliners look like they glide on very easily. I was tempted to get that too.
  17. I watched a little of the show last night. Surprised her soul ring wasn’t part of the “saving Christmas” line up. After sitting through the stuffed animals and nose hair trimmer, I had enough and switched channels. I imagine finding a nose hair trimmer in one’s stocking might be enough to ruffle some feathers at Christmas rather than “save” it.
  18. I ordered an It Cosmetics TSV a few months ago that contained the CC cream, mascara, and eyeshadow sticks. I like the mascara and CC cream, but disappointed with the eyeshadows. They go on easily and don’t have any creasing. I’m a light medium in the CC cream color, so maybe I’d like the eyeshadow color if I had darker skin tone, but color wise it’s like I barely have anything on. The biggest issue is that as a wearer of contact lenses, there is something in that eyeshadow formula that gets into my eyes as the day goes on and creates a film on my lenses. Yuck. My lenses are supposed to last 2
  19. 😳 Wow, that’s definitely an outfit for @Booney to consider for the next fashion poll.
  20. Maybe not 😂 I saw the end of her demo of the TSV on a hardwood sample, and she couldn’t get it open to remove the canister and show what she’d picked up. She ended up just dropping that $700 vacuum with a thud. Guess she thought the camera and microphone were focused on the OAP. My vote is they put her somewhere behind the camera if they keep her.
  21. Yuck. I’m convinced there has to be someone at QVC management encouraging her to act like that. Otherwise, they would have done something about it a long time ago.
  22. I bought the TSV Dyson fan last year as a gift for my dad. I figured he could use it when he watches TV downstairs or works out in his garage workshop. He loves it and I used it when I visited and think it works well. I like that there are no filters to be replaced, and it’s always cool to the touch. This morning I bought one for me and one for my sister. I could really use something at work where it’s always set around 55 to 60 and I can’t control the thermostat. I didn’t turn on the TV when I ordered. Hoping Kerstin wasn’t on because I wouldn’t want her to get credit for the sale. 😂
  23. I agree about having no one to root for. From what I recall, they have softened the character of Kathleen Wiley compared to real life. Anybody else notice that? I’m finding some interesting fact check articles online, but none have really mentioned Kathleen.
  24. I wonder if this series will include any of Monica’s perspective about her relationship with another married man, her high school drama teacher, Andy Bleiler. I remember the headlines back then and noticed another one this morning mentioning it. That allegedly began when she was 19 and before Clinton.
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