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  1. Payal90

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    What was georgina like this episode?
  2. Payal90

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    Wonder what ignorant and offensive comments georgina will make today
  3. Payal90

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    Also another thing. Georgina was also doing the all lives matter bs on Instagram also. God I hate her!
  4. Payal90

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    I'd love it if someone stood up to georgina once and for all and told her where to stick it. I used to like a lot the first few seasons because I thought she was genuinely lovely and the nice judge. Ally to women but she's the opposite. Like I said before anti feminist and so critical of certain types of women aka non skinny/glam/made up/young. And what they can or cannot wear.
  5. Payal90

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    Has anyone here watched the handmaid's tale. Georgina reminds me of serena joy possibly aunt Lydia. There's something deeply uncomfortable and wrong about her observations and thoughts on women/mothers and what they should wear. And then when you add in her complicity in the Harvey weinstein situation....
  6. Payal90

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Anyone know how I can watch this in the UK?
  7. Payal90

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    How was georgina? Nicer this season? And lennie shes looked scary skinny for a while now. I saw some pictures at cannes where you could see her ribs! Hate to speculate but anorexia or bulimia?
  8. Payal90

    S06.E10: Rock Your Face Off

    Wow Georgina was really nice this episode
  9. Payal90

    S06.E09: Posen on the Red Carpet

    Georgina should still have been objective though. She never used to be like this on the earlier seasons. I'm going to watch the show again and see her reacting to to Stanley being safe and the others complimenting him, bet she looked pissed off. Wonder if Stanley will be the one she can't stand and unfairly criticises all the time.
  10. Payal90

    S06.E09: Posen on the Red Carpet

    I don't know whether it's just my increasing contempt for georgina clouding my opinions but I thought she was out of order criticising the simple red dress. I knew she wouldn't like it because her aesthetic is all feathers and tulle and the opposite of simplicity. She should've been objective. I wish someone would have said to her just because she makes certain kinds of dresses doesn't mean those are the ones everyone should make and they're wrong if they make simple designs. I wonder how she has at award seasons when actresses wore lbds or dresses that were classic with one colour. Did she ignore them, scoff at them. I can imagine her giving dirty looks and being disgusted at those who wear jeans and t shirts and no make up.
  11. Been researching Georgina. When project runway all stars started I thought she was the nice, sweet judge. Boy have I thought she's been a arrogant bitch this year. She wasn't as bad in this episode but I'm wondering if now this is who she is. Sorry but I don't blame Joshua for wanting to have a go at her. She looks and treats people as if they are even worse than dirt. I was trying to find the positives and understand the Harvey business. I wonder how long she planned to get with Harvey as I found a picture of her hamming away pre plastic surgery at the premiere of cold mountain in 2003! He had a little baby at that time, has she no shame?! And there's no way she didn't know about Harvey because minka Kelly's Harvey story is basically what he offered to Georgina and she took this deal and is paying for it deservedly so. I wonder if coming from her rich upperclass background means it's ok to have no dignity, morals or a soul. I feel bad for her business partner Karen and the employees at marchesa. I think Karen should take them and start her own line. Georgina was always trying to keep her in the background (watch interviews). She benefited from Harvey's bullying and now she's being a coward hiding away not answering anything or telling the truth and taking responsibly. It's telling that no one has come out in the industry to support her. I wish her step kids would reveal all on the wicked stepmother.
  12. I want a definitive confirmation of Georgina's actions, not just assumptions. Like how they brought the house down on Harvey, what have they got on Georgina? The actresses are saying how Harvey made them wear marchesa but aren't saying what Georgina did to them during this time so I'm confused. There's no one in both industries who has come to her defence but haven't outright condemned her either. Going by social media etc, she's staying away from marchesa and Keren Craig is at the forefront which is wise. I think Georgina needs to tell her story good or bad, tell the truth and redeem yourself. Let us know who you really without the perfect Hollywood trophy wife facade. I read an article today which said marchesa should've made contributions to times up and I agree, Georgina should be actively going against Harvey and side with the victims properly sending a message.
  13. Man I don't what to think of Georgina anymore. I hate that people are blaming her just as much they are Harvey. Remember she didn't do the raping and we don't know what she knew. She might have been on the receiving end of his bullying and threatening behaviour as well. It's not easy in relationships like that, not black and white. She's never looked happy with him. I've never believed that she knew and took part in his predatory ways. Did she know the tactics he used in getting actresses in wearing her dresses? Did she give the go ahead on the aggressive tactics? Did she encourage it? Then that is cruel. Or she thought it's ok it benefits all parties. Maybe Harvey was telling her different stories. What is irritating me is that in the 2 episodes I've seen of this season, she's coming across as much more meaner and cold and superior . Earlier seasons she was always the nice one I thought and she came across as lovely and grounded in interviews. Maybe the real her is coming out in ever way now.