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  1. LeighLeigh

    Top Chef Canada

    Final thought, like mentioned by others before, I would love a finale in a different city, or the entire season in a different city for that matter. More women chefs. More chefs of colour. No more Mijune. More of Eden’s silly side.
  2. LeighLeigh

    Top Chef Canada

    Also, Mijune can go. Chris and Janet should be in every episode. More guest judges like Gail Simmons (a Canadian) would be lovely. She and Eden are friends.
  3. LeighLeigh

    Top Chef Canada

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit of the chefs in their house. Not necessarily braless breakfast challenges (poor Sarah), but I wouldn’t mind hearing about families and seeing them interact outside the kitchen. Does anyone know if they stay in a hotel? Also, the season is too short, there aren’t enough contestants, and I hate double eliminations.
  4. LeighLeigh

    Top Chef Canada

    Agreed, no surprise. Actually, the surprise would have been if Paul lost. He was given the winner’s edit all season. Phil was given the runner-up edit. Even though I have seen her instagram, i was still surprised to see how passionate and affectionate Paul was with his girlfriend. She humanizes him. I am happy for them. By the way, the got engaged in Paris in January. Good for Top Chef Canada in getting Paul this season. He may be the cheftestant with the best accolades. His bio is indeed impressive. Although Paul has the awards and honours, Dale MacKay has the ego. It was wise of Paul to pick Ross to be his sous-chef. Didn’t Dale sous for another losing chef in the past? Was it Trevor Bird?
  5. LeighLeigh

    Top Chef Canada

    I hate double-eliminations. I love Sebastien. I love his fight, his drive, his hunger and how he is proud of his French Canadian roots. I’ve been a fan of his since he was on Chopped Canada (twice). I would have loved to see him in the finale.
  6. LeighLeigh

    Top Chef Canada

    I found the podcast “More than Maple Syrup” on eatnorth.com They discuss the latest episode of Top Chef Canada, as well as other Canadian food news.
  7. LeighLeigh

    Top Chef Canada

    I watched the first episode again recently. There is a spoiler as to who the Top 5 will be. There is a two seconds clip of them walking in what appears to be Canada’s Wonderland. Let me know if I should share, or see for yourself on foodnetwork.ca
  8. LeighLeigh

    Top Chef Canada

    Looks like the cheftestant from Tofino is doing really well. Predictions anyone? Excited for Restaurant Wars next week. I feel for the plant-based chef stuck doing front of house and crying in her Talking Heads. Hope she doesn’t go home yet. I wish Takeshi stayed longer. I would have loved to see what he could do. Still curious if Eden’s work trip to Paris had anything to do with Top Chef Canada. She gave no extra details. Finale, maybe?
  9. LeighLeigh

    S16.E05: Restaurant Wars Part 2

    Wasn’t Sara awesome to the server who was so nervous? She’s a fabulous role model!
  10. LeighLeigh

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    Tiffany F. Is a judge on a new Food Network show called Fire Masters. In the final round, the last contestant competes against one of the judges. The Top Chef Canada presence is heavy. Dale MacKay, Nicole Gomes, Connie DeSousa and Andrea Nicholson are either TCCanada winners or all-stars.
  11. LeighLeigh

    S16.E15: Finale

    Anyone else feel that this season was not Top Scallop, but Top Broth?
  12. LeighLeigh

    S16.E15: Finale

    Where was Pablo? For those going into Top-Chef-withdrawal-syndrome, may I recommend Top Chef Canada? Season 7 starts April 1 on Food Network Canada. The host is a hoot. edeneats on instagram.
  13. LeighLeigh

    Richard Blais: It's All About Him

    Guess who is coming to Canada? Richard Blais will be a guest judge on Top Chef Canada (Marcus Samuelsson as well). Season 7 begins airing on April 1, 2019.
  14. LeighLeigh

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    Loved Padma’s yellow dress in the QuickFire. Meghan Markle has the same one.
  15. LeighLeigh

    Top Chef in the Media

    Gail was in Israel recently on a Celebrity Chef Birthright trip. Many, many chefs were there too ( Jonathan Waxman, Nancy Silverton, even Leah from season 5.) . Also there was my fave, Eden Grinshpan, host of Top Chef Canada, who is good friends with Gail (both are from Toronto). Lots of photos in Eden’s highlights on Instagram. Check her out at edeneats.