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  1. For fans of Top Chef Canada, and fans of Siobhan in particular, she will be doing a live virtual cooking class in a few weeks. More information on the website cookwithmeg.com under fall classes. Looks like lots of fun. (Meg does loads of classes and camps for kids. My kids love her).
  2. Facebook comments are pretty tough. People seem disappointed about the result.
  3. Top Chef on Reddit has a post about top chef Canada. Mostly comments by Americans who watched the show. Supposedly, Erica had to turn off comments on Instagram. Lots of people upset that Kym lost. Also, the podcast More than Maple Syrup did an interview with Erica.
  4. In the eatNorth podcast, the lovely Jo Notkin, from last season, said that you have to remember that there are cameras in your face all the times to capture any drama. Microphones too. It seems Erica forgot. On the other hand, how many male competitors might have also been the occasional sore loser? Dale MacKay, etc.? Erica is a solid chef who put out great food all season. She deserves to be in the finale. I love the Polish/Moroccan combo. Loved all of the Jewish recipes. However, I believe that if Kym kept to their Asian style vs. French/Asian, the outcome might have been differen
  5. Such a refreshing pleasure to hear comments based on humanity and compassion instead of hate and harsh judgment.
  6. Where’s Carrie? Where is Amar?
  7. I love Sarah. I love them, too.
  8. Regarding Padma not being chummy: anyone remember cute and useless Logan Paul, or whatever his name was?
  9. Then again, are we getting Princess Bride references as far as location, speech, etc.?
  10. Chrissy said in an interview something like « where the wedding takes place » drawing speculation about its location. On Reddit, someone pointed out UK light switches and a tea set in the room. Who knows?
  11. Here are some spoilers/observations: the wedding is in England, the wedding is expensive. Either Philip’s family is rich or Kevin paid. Randall will be a congressman. Kevin is with Madison, not married.
  12. I thought he would be Madison’s father.
  13. I love Top Chef Canada 🇨🇦!!
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