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  1. Barbara Please

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    I couldn't watch it all. The baby voice, gold grills and when she started preparing food for the family on the same bed that she washes and defecates on...I was like
  2. Barbara Please

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    It is too bad that Brooke Lynn wasn't able to impersonate Celine. The real Celine is a hoot! That said, Brooke Lynn is wonderful to watch, and moves like butter melting over a biscuit. I'm not gagging over Silky nor Yvie. They are completely overshadowing the show with their bs drama. Vanjie is extremely likeable but not worthy of the crown. However, I have a real crush on the boy outta drag. He's beautiful. Shuga should have won. She was perfect as Charo, and her runway look was incredible.
  3. Barbara Please

    S17.E06: Power Play

    Christian absolutely makes the show worthy of a watch for me. He not only gives great advice, but he's also not afraid of giving some tough love critiques. He knows his stuff. But most of all I live for his facial expressions...the eye-rolling , the heavy sighing, and the pursed lips. YAS! I'm a girl gamer, and the whole point of gaming is escape to a make-believe world where you can do anything. The outfits characters wear are costumey, so I didn't have an issue with the designs looking like a costume. However I do have issue with the judges taste level. Maybe Hester is sharing some of her unicorn fart cookies with the judges because they're definitely loving her big time. Nina triggered over the dominatrix bit was a bit much. Girl, relax. It's just a character.
  4. I just wanted to give Tinsley a big hug. 😢 I hope that one day she sees herself worthy of love that is supportive, gentle, and kind.
  5. Barbara Please

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Omg...the fakery. I’m so glad I don’t live in BH or the Los Angeles area. Everything is about looks and money. At least Erika said it: Be sure you have a fat bank account . Or in her case find an old geezer who has one. I’m glad LVP didn’t show up to the bridal shower. Why show up pretending everything is ok after being told that all your friends think you’re a liar? WHY DOES LISA R SPEAK AT VOLUME 11? Is she hard of hearing with all that bullshit that spews out of her? Even your own Mother is bored of you, Anus lips. So please do us all a favour, and take it down a notch, and stop calling your Mom ‘Lois’ every frickin’ second. I think everyone knows her name, ya dumb twit. Oh, and your daughters are snotty little snots, and please stop trying to make them happen. Fake Resnick, and the sisters Grimm ( Kathy and Kim). Haven’t we been tortured enough? Was Kim on a Match.com date because she hustled out of there fast. He must be a regular guy with a regular sized bank account. Kyle sure loves showing off the fancy cars and the purse obsession. Can’t wait until the repo man comes calling after MaurGreasio loses the lawsuit. The hens think they’re all so perfect, but let’s talk about Teddi’s fat man hands; Kyle’s cankles; Rinna’s trout moof, bad bolt-ons, and mop head. Then there is Dorit’s dead eyed sex bot couture, and finally, Camille who should never gossip about LVP teef when her own eyebrows are a mess, and her pee colored hair is brassy af.
  6. Barbara Please

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    FT also looks like he’s transitioning. Mooriah and Oddry aren’t the only lesbian couple in the fambly. The only thing Janelle is striving towards is the refrigerator.
  7. Barbara Please

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    When the hooded man rode into Winterfell, I was hoping it was Jaqen H’ghar. I miss that sexy mofo.
  8. Barbara Please

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    What a dumb broad. Nasal voiced Jabba the Hutt took the viewers on a bullshit tour with over an hour of lies, and complaining. Butt Fupa droned on about how tough it was to be morbidly obese meanwhile slurping from a bottle of Mountain Dew spiked with vodka. From the get go, it was apparent this woman had no intention of following through the program. What pissed me off? It wasn't Butt Fupa's health issues, but the fact that she is responsible for an 11 year old girl. A woman who neglected her OWN children to go out partying is looking after another precious child. Plus, she already had a gastric bypass at 375 lbs, but managed to double in size since the surgery. IMO, she should not be given a second chance. The worst part is that she blamed Lacey for not leaving Ohio to go to Houston. We all know that Lacey will be responsible for cooking, butt wiping, and lathering ointment on this beached whale. Fuck.
  9. Barbara Please

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    I read your comment with Alyssa Edward's voice. 😂
  10. Barbara Please

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    I'm glad Kovid got the boot, because he got way too much camera time, and I really don't want to watch another scene of him meditating, or crying. However, he took the elimination like a champ, and really did sashay away! 😂 However, Jamall really should have been sent home. I really question Jamall's taste, and skill level. His designs oversized puffy sleeping bag chic, but these week he went for a very odd Elizabethian style dress that was poorly executed, and the complete opposite of street wear. You could tell Dapper Dan was thinking 'WTF' while viewing that garment. Hester's design was ugly, and it didn't read street to me. It read K-Pop meets Barbie in a Pepto Bismol factory accident. Rakan needs to go next. Not only does his attitude stink, but so does his fashion. Tessa is definitely a shit disturber/mean girl. Venny is awesome. Definitely deserved to win it too. My fav look was Renee's take on tuxedo wear. I'd buy that look, and would also buy Bishme's jacket. I'm glad he got the win and you could tell it meant a lot to him. Now that Kovid is gone I hope there is more focus on some of the other designers like Lela and Sonja. Lela in particular interests me. I like her aesthetic, and she seems well liked by the other designers.
  11. Barbara Please

    S11.E06: Sleeping With the Fishes

    I'm Christian, and I was offended.
  12. Barbara Please

    S11.E06: Sleeping With the Fishes

    Bethenny saying Lu should be treating her like Christ because she helped her get to rehab was extremely obnoxious , and she needs to shut her mouth. You’re far from Christ, B. Have several church pews. Also, having a period doesn’t make you more youthful, and I’m pretty sure Ramona, and Sonja are having wayyyy more sex than you, Bethenny. As for Lu. She’s become real ugly. Very selfish. She hasn’t learned anything from rehab, and there is no humility. It’s a joke for her, “The only thing I’m guilty of is being fabulous.” She’s very fortunate that she’s not in the crowbar hotel where the rooms are a lot worse than the shark room, and there’s definitely no yoga or massages. Sonja is another one who should never drink again. Put Coco down! Barbara isn’t the right fit for RHONY. Even with a makeover. Send her to Jersey please. I like Tinsley. However, the way she’s been treated by the others, well, she’s gonna snap soon, and it will be warranted. Dorinda has a grand manor, but why does it reek of tackiness? The Halloween decorations are overkill, and in general her taste level is questionable. IMO, the best area is the pool. And why would you hire an unattractive naked hairy man to cook for you? I don’t want to be picking pubic hairs out of my salad. Ew.
  13. Barbara Please

    S09.E09: A Wolf In Camille’s Clothing

    I’d rather spend a day with Ken and Lisa over Vyle, and MaurGreasio.
  14. Barbara Please

    S09.E09: A Wolf In Camille’s Clothing

    I refer to him as maurgreasio, because he’s slick as an oil spill. It’s a figure of speech referring to someone who comes across as phony, and deceptive.