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  1. I haven't really kept up with their story. But didn't Lisa and LO live in L.A. at the beginning of their story? But also had a smaller (unoccupied but fully furnished) house in Utah? What happened to their L.A. home and why don't they want to live in L.A. now? I totally understand them wanting to sell. I'm selling all of my rentals now. The market is too good and the tolerance for stress diminishes quickly after one nears/hits 50.
  2. I always felt Dorothy and Sophia should have been Jewish, Instead Italian American. They just weren't as believable as Italian imo. All of the major details could stay the same (Brooklyn, immigrant, likes to cook, teacher, etc.) "Yutz" gives it away. Not sure why they had to be Italian...
  3. Was it just me or Rue gain a lot of weight after the first season? Estelle was said to have gotten a facelift after the first season but I couldn't tell. I preferred Rue's hairstyle during the early first season to any hair style she ever wore later. I loved Blanche's palm tree bedroom....but I guess that is an unpopular opinion. I thought Blanche's "slutty" niece Lucy had great wardrobe!
  4. I always thought Bea was the most attractive of the four. She just played a homely character. When she was on Maude, she was never chided for being unattractive. The huge oversized sweaters and oversized dressy sweatshirts were 80's gold! They all kept w/ the same look episode after episode, season after season. Dorothy - huge oversized tops w/ interesting, detailed necklines. Huge, soft leather slouch bags. (White pants, sandals, slouch boots a lot.) Rose - Surplice dresses (deep v-neck where one side crosses over the other) with a self belt or other narrowed waist
  5. hahahaha Lestra was wearing a gray sweater, black jeans and sneakers to the ceremony! LOLOLOLOLOL Just some other thoughts: Did Dimitri kiss Ashley's feet/foot during the washing ceremony? Coz he kissed Vanessa's! He's treating Ashley like chopped liver all over the place. Dimitri said his dad wasn't coming - hates crowds (i.e, embarassed). That was Vanessa's father. But all of this was a homage to Dimitri's father's culture? And the father doesn't show up? How involved could Dimitri really have been in his father's culture tho? Wasn't he raised in American by Lestra who is NOT
  6. I could be wrong about how sex works. But there was an older Black bald man on the show. And he was labeled "Jose - Vanessa's father."
  7. No, Vanessa's father was at the ceremony. The older bald man named Jose. Who asked specifically about "how sex works."
  8. I'm in the minority but liked Vanessa's and loved Ashley's. Ashley's could have fit better tho. Come on, NO ONE liked Ashley's gown/pantsuit? This was my first time watching ever. And none of them looked happy at all imo. Yes, and Dimitri was all over Vanessa. He was barely even aware of Ashley.
  9. Yes, the arrogance is one clue that these supposedly "nice" characters aren't so nice. The footprint tats aren't only for dead babies. Ppl get them for living children as well. His personality is so gross to me! Men like Scott feel totally entitled to female companionship. And when it doesn't come naturally or from the caliber of woman they feel they deserve, they force it - buying, flattering, pandering, lying, etc. But it's all forced and goal-driven. And when the woman doesn't respond to their efforts the way they want, they bubble over w/ anger. All kinds of crazy, misdirec
  10. Nice to see Matt comfortably out on bail, tho, after violating his parole.
  11. Totally different woman. It was day 10 when they broke up. And Lizxie described it in her TH as "less than 2 weeks."
  12. Marcelino's vows were soooo awful! Lol But Giovani really is adorable.
  13. Sooooo why didnt Lizzie keep the ring, why dod scott throw his phone in the can & who is going to support Lizzie now?
  14. Her new appearance is shocking! Does anyone know what happened to make her lose all that weight??
  15. Yeah, definitely, an investigation would have to take place. The specific drugs she bought wouldn't be there but they could uncover a whole system in place for distributing...with names, times, places, etc. Was the name of the institution mentioned on the show? That makes sense. OK. Or "bae" or "boo." LOL
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