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  1. Unpopular opinion time. I have a 29 year old daughter on the verge of getting engaged and a 34 year old son who’s about to celebrate his 8th wedding anniversary. My daughter isn’t our property but her very modern boyfriend has told her he’ll show respect to us by “asking for our blessing” to get engaged. My son spoke to his father in law too. Neither of them has/had any expectation that my husband/daughter in law’s dad would try to exercise veto power. Instead, they both understand that you’re joining a family and it’s never a bad idea to be polite. We didn’t owe our daughter anything after sh
  2. I’m the 1% and I’d chew my arm off before I acted like that. Same for all MY 1% friends.
  3. The yacht booking people should’ve made sure the guests were aware that employees aren’t also sex workers.
  4. Sooooo this episode was filmed in November, right? And Chase’s baby was born September 9? So he impregnated the mama in early December? If we pretend the engagement was real, it looks like the mountain getaway didn’t make him more committed to old Whitless. 😏
  5. Someone I was close to was “working the steps” and we were in a session with his therapist when I expressed concern that I was not feeling confident that him getting sober and continuing to do the steps was going to end in him being a person I wanted to be around. I’ll never forget what the therapist said: “once he’s sober and doing everything he’s committed to do, you may discover that at his core he’s still an immature asshole.”
  6. The look on his face with the cat carrier in the car 😂😂😂
  7. Don’t forget, Adam has expressed a deep dislike for Georgia. Maybe that’s part of why he’s being so offended by both of them having the same ex. The boyfriend is from Salt Lake City. (No meaning, just felt like pointing that out.)
  8. I’m unaware of any agency that will place a child with a morbidly obese person.
  9. I don’t think kids are in their future. She seems physically unable to have any and I SERIOUSLY doubt she’ll be permitted to adopt, given her size.
  10. Kept waiting for Glenn to ask Jenna whether she’d had a serious counseling session with Madison. A good boss starts there. Ask why she’s staying up so late. Ask why she doesn’t finish one task before switching to another (Jenna knows Madison can’t finish the work within 30 minutes of the guests going to bed and she knows she (Jenna) is constantly interrupting Madison in the middle of tasks). Being snide and condescending isn’t being a good boss.
  11. I’m not skinny (not Whitless-level fat, though) and I’ve been to Paris 3 or 4 times and can attest that Parisians and other visitors think fat Americans are disgusting. No one would fawn over her. I bet she got some very ugly stares and comments. I HOPE she got some for that absurd beret.
  12. My recollection of older seasons is weak (I had young kids and no DVR) but didn’t they have to eat gross stuff at least once a season? Could the new schoolers do THAT, Jeff?
  13. It illustrates why family therapists advise against divorced parents dating while their kids are still minors. Not worth the risks (which include predators wanting access to children as well as the loss of another beloved adult plus the drain on parental attention) and, having lived past the age when my kids all turned 18, I can attest that it really isn’t that long to wait to make sure your kids get the best you can give them.
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