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  1. Duckie30ca

    S03.E15: Chapter Fifty: American Dreams

    Ugh. Seeing Luke was like a knife to my heart. (I thought last episode was his last appearance). And yes! His “you don’t get many nights like this...”. The tears!
  2. Duckie30ca

    S05.E12: We Know Everything

    Dear Shonda: Anyone who has ever seen “My Cousin Vinny” knows IT’S CALLED DISCLOSURE! Warmest Regards, Anyone who has ever seen “My Cousin Vinny”.
  3. Duckie30ca

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    I don’t know what it is about this show that I have absolutely no memory of what happens from one week to the next. I couldn’t remember if the coma couple were in the previous episode or not or what.
  4. Duckie30ca

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    Ok...there was a moment in the live portion when Joanne and Maureen are carrying Mimi up the stairs and Roger says, “Noooo!” and the camera pulls in on him and I cannot watch it without cringing and laughing at the same time. It was like some kind of SNL sketch. I feel bad for laughing because clearly Roger was table-bound and all, but still...
  5. Duckie30ca

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    You know what...you’re absolutely correct. I apologize if I appeared flippant.
  6. Duckie30ca

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    My 12 yr old shouted “OMG THEN JUST TELL HER!” It amused me.
  7. Duckie30ca

    The Good Quotes

    It doesn’t work in this medium but from season 1... Eleanor: “This is the Bad Place!” Michael: [beat] “Evil laugh...”
  8. Duckie30ca

    S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    Gwendolyn. And yes. She was adorable. With this show and B99...Thursday night is definitely my Good Place.
  9. Duckie30ca

    S15.E06: Flowers Grow Out of My Grave

    Omg yes! I have spent the better part of the last few seasons watching and playing solitaire on my phone but this made me gasp and sit up and now my teenager is giving me a side eye. Add me to the list of people who thought Thatcher was already dead.
  10. Duckie30ca

    Does Detroiters Season 2 Get A Yes In The Room?

    YES! Another thank you here! I stayed up wear too late watching it and then was up even later thinking about it. Amazing.
  11. Duckie30ca

    S09.E00: Reunion Part 1

    OMG how did I forget this? Of course! He wasn’t my style, (I agree, too country...), but he seems like the sweetest guy. And I always loved Vern. Man, the Amy Wynn smack down was aaahmazing!
  12. Duckie30ca

    S09.E00: Reunion Part 1

    Aww! How did I know Frank would be a big ol' marshmallow softie! I loved him tearing up and meeting up with the mural girl.
  13. Duckie30ca

    S02.E09: Number Two

    Unpopular opinion... But this ep made me like Toby and hate Toby. I think the actor did a great job and he and Chrissy Metz did a fantastic job showing how a couple in a miscarriage tends to grieve in a parallel way. They are tiptoeing around each other and don't want to upset the other. That was realistic to me. BUT - when he broke out the "this happened to me too" I immediately noped because I VIVIDLY remember having that conversation with Mr Duckie a few months after my third miscarriage and SCREAMING about how it wasn't HIS body betraying him. I acknowledge it was his baby too but it is just not something a man can understand. Toby has grief. I get that. I wish HE had someone else he could talk to...a guy friend or whatever because at 12 hrs post-miscarriage it's kinda all about Kate right now. But again...I could just be too close to the issue Anyway...I loved the small moment between him and the UPS guy. OH and I've had that breakdown moment with my mom both post kids and post m/c so I BAWLED when I realized it was Rebecca at the door. They both killed that moment.
  14. Duckie30ca

    Daytime Divas

    It was the moment when Janet Mock said "Thats the first time you've said it out loud" that got me. I loved that scene!
  15. They were changed. (In 2 spots, off the top of my head. The Officer actually says "STFD - slow the fuck down" and Bonnie says "Jesus H, Oz, turn on your radio." As for the title, a "Come From Away" is a person who is not a native Newfoundlander.