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  1. Xantia

    The Code

    Jag redux. Only, instead of flying planes this Golden boy lawyer spends a lot of time in the back of them travelling places in this first episode. Was ok - needs more Dana delany screentime.
  2. Xantia

    S05. E12. Strategic Ambiguity

    Hmmm. Not overly happy with the fake emotional support animal solution that Matt came up with. Cute dog, pointless storyline. St Henry...? I missed it too.
  3. Xantia

    S05. E11. Family Separation pt. 2

    This episode had me at clothes for little farm animals... Such a lovely, feel good episode. Perhaps I'm sentimental at this time of year, but the unashamed dorkiness of Bess and Henry's relationship (that awful joke, etc) was v endearing.
  4. Xantia

    S05E05: Ghosts

    In peril, but constantly in possession of his tweedy professor jacket. The Thailand storyline felt v divided from the Elizabeth's book writing angst home storyline, and I never really believed that Henry was in danger - and I didn't care that his ex was arrested. Anyone else think that her storyline was going to be a drinking problem when we were introduced to her at a dinner during which she kept sinking the wine and waving the wine glass around? I was anticipating Henry bringing her to AA meetings and using the Aquinas template to convince her to go to rehab. Finally some movement on Elizabeth's presidential run!
  5. Xantia

    S05E04: Requiem

    Coffee - all over my computer screen, and i'm still giggling. I'm now picturing Henry, like microsoft word's Clippy - "Hi, it looks like you are making a morally complex decision. Would you like to use the Aquinas template?"
  6. Xantia

    S05E03: The Rake

    I might be a minority of one - but I really enjoy Mike B. I'd like him and his dog to have a couple of scenes each episode. Topical choice of a campaigning platform for Elizabeth with the season 3 of the Serial podcast. I was also entertained by the administrivia Henry was suffering through, the fact that IT passwords seemed of more priority than finding a replacement for him perfectly sums up the not seeing the wood for the trees institutional dysfunction that I've seen in some places I've worked.
  7. Xantia

    S05E02: The Chaos Game

    Yeah, but the fighting is going on within the family. Other EU governments agreeing to put pressure on a EU partner country to extradite an elected parliamentary representative would just not be the done thing - also complicated by the issues around the US use of the death penalty and torture. The negotiated rendition attempt side stepped all of that nicely. EU countries are siblings fighting in the back seat of the car, it can be brutal and blood may be lost - but if passengers in another car try to pick on one of them they'll unite. I enjoy the show as a kind of continuation of the politics fantasy world of the West Wing - has some great walk and talks, lovely stately sets and a nice family/marriage for handy character development. But as a non american I'm always aware it's made in the US for a US audience.
  8. Xantia

    S05E02: The Chaos Game

    It's about as ludicrous as the plan to get the rest of the EU to take the US's side against Poland - ???
  9. Xantia

    Dancing Queen

    In a few years time there'll be the follow up show where the kids are discussing all the therapy they've needed after that sort of toxic competitive attitude. Like others I'm enjoying most of the kids dance routines - I'd be interested in more about their day to day lives, how they balance dance with school, etc. The story of Justin's family trying to reconcile and move on from past hurt is so real to me, those fights they have in front of the camera are the same kind of fights I've had with my siblings - those parts read to me as the most natural, unscripted and unmanipulated by the reality producers (I suspect his sisters would tell the production crew exactly where they could shove any 'suggestions').
  10. Xantia

    S02.E01: Fracture 2018.10.03

    Hello New Guy!
  11. Xantia

    A Discovery Of Witches

    I'm up to episode 3 and I'm thinking that Alex Kingston is woefully underused as Diana aunt/guardian/whatever. Oxford looks pretty. Matthew's house was gorgeous, So far it's nice background tv.
  12. Xantia

    S01.E02: Rituals

    'The Fall' did a great resus scene that I think is v realistic - I don't think they show the monitors once, Calm staff and clear communication (lol at the "bleep the surgeons again, none of their he needs a CT shite, he needs to go to theatre").Very different from the New Amsterdam way of doing things. Ok quality youtube clip:
  13. Xantia

    S01.E02: Rituals

    What cracked me up were the three doctors all trying to push the trolley with the unstable cardiac patient from the ER to surgery. This hospital needs to have fewer courtrooms and farmers markets - and more nurses and transport people. And the head of the ER had nothing better to be doing with her time than wandering around, flirting with cardio surgical guy while he's trying to scrub.
  14. Xantia

    S03. E02. Jury Duty

    The case of the week didn't engage me, however I think the show is doing a great job of showing the impact of Cable's death - her office mug, etc, and then the moment when Bull hears her voice - all the feels... :-(
  15. Xantia

    Wynonna Earp

    I would have happily watched just Possessed Nicole all episode long.