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  1. Ah, ok, that’s what I missed. Thank you!
  2. Yet they said they ALL took tests on Friday, right? Only the negatives were allowed to show at the party, is what I got from the explanation. Am I wrong, here?
  3. I wonder if his sect does the sealings after death….that way there would still be hope if he doesn’t have the right amount before he dies.
  4. I take it one step further and am MORE disgusted with the women DickTater attracts, than DickTater himself…all in the name of afterlife bliss. He could go out to Coyote Pass and yell at the top of his lungs about his rules and expectations but if a sister wife isn’t there to hear it, will it make a noise?
  5. Hahahaha Waaaaaaaay back when, my youngest 2 would refer to my oldest as a Dick…Tater until my oldest complains they are calling her a “Dick” and I had to admonish them. Creative little co-conspirators started calling her Richard Potatoe.
  6. I think the conscious wording is similar to how he refers to his wives houses and his wives children. It’s a throwback to an attempt at Mormon Plyg sects to prove how contemporary their church has become since they can’t legally cohabitate in one big house and how their women aren’t “controlled”. He essentially leaves one wife for another every time he swaps in and out of their houses…and he is to be their first and foremost, which they all signed onto. Their polygamous pairings amongst each other aren’t based on democracy, but dictatorship. In a dictatorship one has two choices. Acce
  7. I’d like to mention it’s also painfully obvious that even though Amy had bariatric surgery, ZERO time is involved talking about or seeing her at least put forth effort to at least maintain if not make progress with her own weight loss and/or healthy lifestyle goals…until the previews show her going to her doctor and giggling like a schoolgirl that she might already be pregnant. So to sum up, neither sister has a healthy attitude towards their obesity situation and the carrot for Amy to get approved for surgery or give too shits about her weight/healthy behaviors is “if I lose weight I could g
  8. I’m sure somebody in the room does, even if it’s on the other side of the camera. Production probably gave them a ride to the local Liquor & Vape store and subsidized the party. I don’t think she cares, even if she is aware of it. Attention, at any cost, is the obvious goal of someone who becomes a tv star after being recognized on YouTube for the glorious fact that she and her sister weigh 1,000 pounds, together. If that doesn’t scream attention whore, I don’t know what does.
  9. I agree that the conscious decision to have 18 kids in this day and age is incomprehensible unless you are a religious zealot like the Brown’s or the Duggar’s, for example. Another possibility would be medical malpractice like Octomom and her 14 kids. I think the show has done an EXCELLENT job illustrating the virtues of the Brown’s polygamous marriages over the years. I think it would be incredibly educational for anyone considering living their principle! When Christine and Janelle were pumping out as many kids as they could with their beloved co-husband, they found that if Janelle wo
  10. Yes, Joseph Smith is the founder of the Mormon religion, however there are various sects with their own dogma as to who is the final authority for leading their versions of the Mormon church and making or changing the rules, else, excommunication. For example, the LDS church headquartered in Salt Lake City, claiming 15 million members, has decided it objects to the term “Mormons” being used to describe them or their organization. In other words, it’s not just Joseph Smith’s “Book of Mormon” that qualifies him as a prophet whose teachings are to be considered gospel, from God’s mouth
  11. Wow!!! Noah is so woke at 8 years old there really is hope for the future! LOL I think they overloaded the episode packing it with brief scenes regarding serious themes of bullying/molestation/online predators/adult victims of molestation/ revenge/ vigilante justice/gender & sexual orientation equality. The tipping point for me was Noah, casually woke-splaining to his Mom as they stroll along about his experiences with bullying/bullies. He could be St. Olivia’s disciple and the show could go on forever!
  12. Whew…am I ever glad that’s over. Showtime made sure to leave enough crumbs to lead somebody to spin off something from, didn’t they?
  13. I would just like to add that any of the particulars of the Brown family’s form of Mormonism including but not limited to the requirements to get to their heaven are not universal across the different Mormon sects or denominations. The Biggest one, boasting 15 million members, even objects to being referred to as “Mormon”, largely in an effort to distance itself from the denominations that still practice polygamy. Initially, The Browns were members of the sect “Apostolic United Brethren” which claims around 10,000 members. It is my understanding that they are no longer considered member
  14. I wish Stabler and Wheatley would get a ROOM already.
  15. True. Especially the last one. I still get called baby, and my personal favorite: precious! I too was sort of shocked at how this episode played out-straight from the beginning, like they slapped it together from a local referral. No exotic location that afforded us the opportunity to see who helps them get there, shower scenes, mountains of food being consumed…my bingo card was, sadly, quite empty.
  16. When I saw the part about Jazz reading from her book…it made me think that maybe she’s finally old enough to not only appreciate but be terrified of the academic world challenging her in ways she hasn’t been challenged before, as an adult. Jeanette won’t be there to go all tigermom when some random person challenges Jazz’s opinions at college.
  17. But I’m betting you didn’t involve yourself in a polygamy set-up where you and all the other wives pump out as many as you can with one man because heaven as if that’s supporting ANY child’s mental health, and then somehow manage to navigate the pandemic clinging to that principle for dear life, regardless of that man’s actual physical involvement with you and/or your kids. Kody’s wives have impressed upon their children that “living the principle” is more important than the children are, collectively or individually. The children have to suffer the consequences of their mother’s decisio
  18. When I look at ANY of the adults on this show, especially the women, I see religious zealots. They might be hardworking, lazy, mentally ill or completely sane religious zealots, but being zealots, they choose their religion over what’s best for their children. Christine and Janelle are responsible for having 12 of Kody’s children. 12. Unless you are having them in the 1800’s, that doesn’t sound like choosing your kids before anything else to me.
  19. It is their (the adults) excuse for the way they behave and the basic premise of the sideshow they signed up for. They actually believe-Meri, Christine, Janelle, Robyn & Kody that God wants them to live their polygamy lifestyle, legal or not, neglectful of children’s needs or not, difficult or not, etc, else they not be allowed into heaven.
  20. It comes as no surprise to me that the Brown’s version of religion relies on strict compliance to the rules…#1 of those rules being that he is to be followed. Questioned, maybe, but not threatened. I’m not sure how he originally got into it (because I’d have to care), but didn’t the wives grow up watching their own various Moms “keep sweet” so they could get to heaven? Sometimes I hate to admit it, but they DO live in a country that celebrates religious freedom and their natural right to choose whatever path to heaven they see fit, so unless there is outright abuse, one has to turn the othe
  21. But, and I say this with all the incredulity the question itself deserves, how can a man really be there for his children-ALL of them, when he has 18? Plus, all the mothers of all the children are OVER the MOON when another one added to his brood? He is without a doubt a self centered ass and a terrible father, among other things, however, without willing participants, he would merely be a self centered ass. To me, as a woman and a mother, much worse than him would be those pieces of shit with functional wombs who intentionally partnered with him, becoming mothers to his children,
  22. Exactly-and Sander is hetmansplaining to the audience, interspersed with skits of potential situations, regarding what the appropriate response is. I feel like I’m sitting in the cafeteria with every other girl in school, watching the poorly produced film about sanitary pads and such. Meanwhile, Jazz’s name is still in lights, bless her 💜
  23. Yawn….I used to watch soap operas and the main draw was that they were made up people, in make believe towns, y’know, fiction. I think some people referred to them as their “stories”. This is being sold as “reality”, even listed here in the Candid Reality section, but in truth it is following the soap opera style which is characterized by a permanent cast, a continuing story, emphasis on dialogue instead of action, a slower-than-life pace, and a consistently sentimental or melodramatic treatment. They are all just playing roles. None of them are good at acting. I can’t get emotiona
  24. Im not sure I’d watch an entire episode regarding Jazz being “penetrated”. I thank everything holy she hasn’t pimped herself out already like OctoMom did after her fame started waning. Who knows, though, if the Kardashian’s can build an empire over a “leaked” sex tape… TLC is making good on their promise to be THE Preeminent Circus Sideshow Event of anything broadcast television with “ I Am Shauna Rae” which leaves me wondering whatever happened to the conjoined twins?
  25. Sander’s acting stinks. I kept getting this feeling I was watching a college-project PSA aimed at elementary school kids on what is and is not appropriate when interacting with a trans woman or trans man. Or potentially maybe thinking about dating one. Turning this show into “I am Sander” is really jumping the shark.
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