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  1. Nope, not in Boston. Laws are very strict. Under age 18 can’t listen to a band or go in anywhere designated as a bar after dinner. Also can’t sit at the bar. They could go to a restaurant and order drinks but that would certainly limit their options. Just a dumb storyline all around.
  2. And it also seems like bad form to have a divorce party just as Eddie lost his other child. No one seems remotely concerned about his kid moving to Paris, especially Eddie. He was so distraught about Katherine keeping Theo from him but could care less that his daughter is moving across an ocean to be raised in a foreign country? But wait, it’s Delilah doing it, so it’s fine. How is Sophie even getting into a bar if she’s only 18? And really, her fun night out is driving around a bunch of moms? That would be a huge punishment for my 18 year old daughter. Is she ever going t
  3. How does Meredith possibly raise 3 kids on her own? Between work, dating, sleeping around, traveling, when does she ever see them? They’re way too old for daycare and there’s never any mention of a nanny. Just doesn’t seem like there was any point in giving her all these kids. And now she’s going to fly to Minnesota once a week? Also, why is every doctor on this show a single parent?
  4. I think Ryan associates his job with getting hot women. He makes a lot of $$ so women should flock to him. I think he thinks he is like a professional athlete, where average looking guys end up with wives that are 10’s. Seems like he just wants eye candy and no substance. Weird thing is that Brett is a gorgeous girl. I think if she dyed her hair back to brown and added some highlights he would find her much more attractive. He made several comments about the red hair around the wedding. It’s just too “quirky” for him. And she could have a good body if she just got a good b
  5. Johnny is just plain scary. If he was a 200 pound black or white man everyone would be clamoring for Bao to get out of there for her own safety. Since he is a wimpy looking 100 pound feminine Asian, he seems to get away with it. The look in his eyes, the look on his face, and his throbbing veins during their conversation after dinner was absolutely terrifying. He looked like something from a horror movie. I was waiting for him to flip the table over and then blame her for it. He has abuser written all over him and Bao needs to run as fast and as far as possible. I would take Jose over
  6. What did the point of having Deana and Kaitlyn there? They are awful as hosts. Did they need a little cash to buy a new tire for the van they live in? WTF was the point of Kendall coming back yet again? God is she desperate for attention! Did she really just sit in a hotel for 2 weeks so she could come back and say absolutely nothing new?
  7. Has anyone in real life ever said “you are my person”. Or “I want to find my person”. Or “you aren’t my person. Or “I came here to find my person”. I think every couple here has said it tonight. It’s so annoying! mari just always sounds like she is acting. She never actually seems relaxed and never seems to let loose at all. She just seems so old for her age…which I guess if good since Kenny is so old. And clearly it wasn’t live at first sight since he slept with someone else a week after they met!
  8. Abigail has no emotion whatsoever. I wonder if she has had work done one her face as it looks so tight. I think they both “like” each other and in real life they might have met at a bar and dated for a few months but there is no passion there to sustain this into a long distance relationship and Noah is realizing that. If he is laying next to her and saying I’m falling in love and she gives nothing in return, what will it be like when they are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. I didn’t like Noah on his season but I think he is actually a good guy. I oddly like Thomas and B
  9. What I can't stand is how they just leave the apartments all the time. On the earlier seasons, did they live in one of the spouse's apartments or have they always lived in a neutral zone? I I know they just started all living in the same building a couple seasons ago. I just wonder how much time any of them actually spend there. When they see the other spouses, they often act like they haven't seen each other in several days or weeks, which seems strange if they are all living in the same building. Also, does anyone this season have a job? We used to see them going off to work in the mor
  10. Jose and Rachel don’t have many friends. They have food for about 25 people. Jose needs to stop talking to everyone about their finances. I don’t know how any of my married friends handle their personal finances.
  11. I think Johnny thinks he is a lot hotter than he actually is. He thinks he could do a lot better than Bao. I think Bao is a bit of a nerd and he has no interest in her or anything she says. I like Myrla and Gil. He has a great attitude and they are actuallly taking it slow, figuring out finances, and getting to know each other before just hopping into bed. I also like Brett and Ryan. They both have a good attitudes about the process and seem to be giving it a real try.
  12. I really like Joe and Serena together and unlike most on this board, I actually think he seems like a lot of fun. Kendall had her chance, she needs to leave. She clearly is just looking for more followers and she seemed so rude to everyone on the beach. I don’t think she’s really there to be a contestant, I think she’ll just talk to Joe and then leave (hopefully alone). I was surprised Becca got so little air time the day after the rose ceremony, it was all about Tia. Tia seems nice but she almost seems like she is playing the role of a country bumpkin. I don’t remember her ac
  13. What’s an SJP face? I actually like Serena and Joe together, they seem pretty natural together and seem to have a similar sense of humor. I never liked Kendall at all, she always just seemed like she is looking for fame, not really a husband.
  14. They only get 2 weeks notice before the wedding. If she truly has a big job, I can easily see why she might need to do work on her honeymoon. Not everyone can drop everything for their job with 2 weeks notice. I was doing work the morning of my wedding and after my water broke for my first child. Sometimes things need to get done, and you might be the only one that can do them. Or you just need to tie up some loose ends before you can relax. I actually enjoy some of the bantering between Gil and Myrla. I think he sees her as a challenge. I don’t think they’ll last but who
  15. I really dislike Katie. I hope her and Blake live happily ever after and w enever hear from them again. I wish Greg asked her why she cared so much about him leaving when Blake was actually her F1. And also why she couldn’t tell anyone she loved them before the end of her “journey” and yet she told Blake that two days later. The only thing Katie wanted out of this is an engagement. She didn’t care who it was with. Greg humiliated her by leaving and she is going to try to destroy him because of it. She would probably do the same to Michael but she knows she will come off as evil
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