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  1. I thought the bouquet was ugly and it was just so disproportionate the Bao’a size. It was overwhelming her. Seems like both of them are OCD so I think their biggest fights will be about how to fold the towels and color code the linen closet. I think Bao looked very disappointed at the altar. I knew she was going to know him as they kept bringing that up beforehand. And I don’t think a list of 30 people she did not want to be matched with is very long. I would have 30 people just from work alone that I would have no desire to marry. They seemed to get along well after the ceremony but I
  2. Has she ever spoke to Brandon? Has he ever spoke on the show? I do like this group of guys. Their response to Connor leaving was really cute. They seemed to have accepted Blake pretty quickly. They just seem like good guys.
  3. Is Connor in an 80’s boy band? I can’t get over the way he dresses. These wedding dates are just so stupid. Who wants wedding photos of a fake wedding?
  4. Unfortunately I don’t think Greg is “the one”. No one wants to date or be married to someone that they think has “resting sad face”. I think his shyness has gone from being “cute” to Katie to just being kind of boring. Too bad, as he seems like a great guy. Ukelele guy needs to start buttoning up his shirts. Does he teach HS math dressed like that?
  5. Love Greg and Michael A. Why the hell did Hunter get the rose?
  6. Blake’s a wildlife manager (whatever that is?) but has never ridden a horse? And is terrified of horses? If they are going to bring in these has-beens why don’t they bring theM in on night one? Katie’s outfits are awful. It’s like she has no stylist. I love a casual look but her flannels don’t even fit her well.
  7. HeNs all about consent but the he’s totally grabbing her ass as they are dancing. I think that roll in the hay may have gone way past just making out. Loved Greg and Connor snuggling on the couch.
  8. Why is Katherine’s head shaved?
  9. I don’t think anything Katherine does could ever be as bad as all of the awful things Eddie has done. I think she has every right to not want Eddie near Theo right now. He is not a good role model for Theo. He is not safe to be around. I have a close family member who is a drug addict and I am so thankful that he does not have children as I would not want his kids subjected to that lifestyle. Theo is the most annoying kid on TV and Katherine and Eddie are not good parents. They indulge his every whim and act like he is 7 not 11. Although I do know some people with only child
  10. Tess acted like a total brat and Beth totally indulged her. Being gay does not mean you can be a spoiled little bitch all the time. But Beth also indulges Randall all the time so she is used to it. Isn’t Deja in 9th grade? And her boyfriend is a senior with a kid? No offense but how does he balance a kid, a full time girlfriend, an internship, multiple extra curriculars and awesome grades? Just makes no sense and it’s the reason so many kids in real life they can easily get into Harvard. What happened to Rebecca having Alzheimer’s? She mentioned it tonight but in the la
  11. Clara taking the personality test was the funniest thing I’ve seen on this show all season. I love how she just lives life and it drives Ryan crazy!
  12. Do these girls know when they are going to be filming? They always look sweaty and unkempt during these conversations. Clara was wearing a Halloween pumpkin sweatshirt. Haley looked like she hadn’t showered when they got the couple’s retreat. They’ve only been with these guys for a month ( and they’re on National TV) and they always look a mess.
  13. Again, he has NOTHING to say. Most uncomfortable pause in bachelor history. So now he is dramatically sighing to make it look like he’s too upset to talk.
  14. I hate how she let him off so easily! He didn’t give her any “closure”. He continued to say absolutely nothing. He gave absolutely no reason why he would not meet with her. I just continue to dislike him more and more. And why is his beard so sparkly?
  15. She is pouring her heart out to him and crying and he just randomly says “I’ll walk you to the car”. He couldn’t get rid of her quick enough after he had her in bed. I thought he was an okay guy before but now I don’t. What a jerk.
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