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  1. I bought the book the other day. Bugliosi co-wrote it. The first part, which I assume was written by the co-author, is really engrossing. The second part where all the legal stuff comes in, which is obviously Bugliosi, is so verbose. I've read other books by him, and he LOVES the sound of his own voice. I'm swiping through a lot of pages at this point to get to the meat. If you love detailed explanations of legal defenses, you may enjoy his part of the book.
  2. You sound like great teachers, @Bridget and @Mrs. Hanson (who I seem to be stalking around these boards lately). The thing is, it's much easier to deal with a toddler being pissed about a cookie or a toy than it's ever going to be to try to deal with a teenager who's never been told no. Train 'em young when the consequences are much smaller and you actually have some control over them.
  3. Well, you're putting words in my mouth, but there is no point other than we're all stating our opinions.
  4. And? It's a televised baking championship for kids who supposedly are the best in the US. We've seen kids with amazing skills in the past. Some of these kids may love baking, but they're not above average in any way. Maybe they shouldn't have a baking competition for kids this young based on the tears in every friggin' episode. Otherwise, give everyone a participation trophy and move on.
  5. Some of these kids don't seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  6. I think this was the most boring Alone reunion special ever. I wonder why they didn't interview more people.
  7. It's so interesting to me that this seems to be a multi-generational thing. Maybe they're just hard-wired to breed. God knows. I was wondering about Caelen saying they could get a place for 650. I'm in Houston, and housing expenses are really reasonable, but 650 would not get you a decent place here. Maybe if you were single, but certainly not a family of three.
  8. Maybe Diego realized how bad he was looking and is playing it up for the cameras, but I really thought I saw a crack in his hard candy shell and maybe there are the beginnings of a decent man in there. I hope he was sincere for Emily and the baby's sake anyway.
  9. This is one of my favorite new shows on ID! I think it's really well done overall and has had stories I haven't heard before. Re the specific episode you mentioned, I totally agree with everything you said. Very sad and weird case. I think when his daughter tried to commit suicide, it sent him over the edge. The blurb at the end says the wife divorced him but both daughter and ex visit him in jail. I don't know how the ex lives with herself. The other DW story I had never heard of and found really fascinating was the one about Mac and Muff and the unfortunately not deserted island. I'm te
  10. I was totally confused by the timeline of last night's Dateline on the murder of Skim X founder Christopher Northam Sr.'s murder. Apparently this happened back in 2011, so it was obviously a very old rerun, but it turned up as new on my DVR. That seems to happening a lot lately! Anyway, I had heard of this case in the past, and it was actually recently covered on another ID show, but I only had half an ear on it because I knew that the son had been arrested for the murder. I wish I had paid more attention to the son's creepy ex-wife. Averill. She could not be any more of a sociopath. Good
  11. I have to admit I started the book but haven't finished it yet. I would find it very interesting if someone went through and kind of connected the dots of what Michelle was able to piece together and what turned out to be correct assumptions knowing what we know now.
  12. I would not be surprised if there's some sort of addiction issue. It takes a special kind of selfishness to screw your mom over and tell her to STFU about it. A lot of addicts are that special type of selfish.
  13. I'm out of the loop. So they're making a mini series about Michelle writing the book? Or about the book? With, like, a script and actors or a documentary style?
  14. I really hope they do a behind the scenes on that one!
  15. Unfortunately a lot of these business owners don't know they're complete idiots until they get on the show and everything goes south and their reputations are in tatters. IDK, I guess some of them deserve it, but they're already struggling and now their business is worse off than before.
  16. I was just coming here to ask how the hell Lexus has time, inclination, energy for one dude much less sneaking around with a lover when she has an infant! I guess that's the difference between having a baby in your 30s and having a baby when you're 15. And I suspect that mom is doing much of the heavy lifting with the baby. This kid is going to get knocked up again because her life hasn't really changed much since having a child, so what's another one. Her mom is the one bearing the financial, emotional, physical toll. And Shayden is right about one thing - mom needs to pull her head out of he
  17. After this season, I don't know why any business owner in their right mind would go on this show.
  18. And I'm just mean because I think it's downright annoying and feels very manipulative to me on the kids' part. One kid just scrunched up his face like he was crying. I mean, what better way to get some extra help and attention. I know, I'm going to hell.
  19. Right, but we've seen others in the new format who seemed to speed up their wedding to make it on the show. So if they were planning on getting married eventually anyway, I can see a friend getting talked into it.
  20. I really think Taiya, or whatever the hell the spelling is, got married on this show so she could ensure Chelsea would win. I mean, no wedding planning until the last minute? borrowed dress? crazy low scores? I really doubt she would have wanted some "fancy" honeymoon in Mexico. And I would really be surprised if they're all still friends at this point.
  21. And no friggin' air conditioning! I was absolutely convinced she would come in last place. Yeah, really don't like this new format.
  22. That is just a damn fine post, IvySpice, and I suddenly feel much better about watching this show.
  23. I can't decide, but I'm definitely here for the snark that's sure to follow!
  24. How old is she? She is not aging well at any rate. She's messed with her face too much.
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