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  1. I only watch this show sporadically, so I don't know if this has been discussed, but is Lauren imitating Michelle's breathy voice? Is that really how she speaks all the time? All the kissing after the vows was so awkward and felt staged. When they came down the steps, staged kiss, pick up bride and run (?!) down the aisle. Can't find car, kiss. Get in car, super awkward kiss. It felt like when you're at the reception and people clank their glasses so the bride and groom will kiss. It felt like someone else was saying it was time to kiss.
  2. I'll have to give it a go. It's been stacking up on my DVR. I think because of the title and the Kardashian element, I thought it would be one of those ID cheese fests and was waiting until I had nothing else to watch - lol
  3. On this forum it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the appearance of any person of any age. If that offends anyone, stay out of the Outdaughtered thread, believe me. Also, it's against forum rules for anyone to call you out on it.
  4. @Lizzing, I wondered the same thing about the conversation between the mom and kid in the interrogation room. Unless she requested they shut it off? And I'm still not clear on the motive. I just truly hate it when the detectives get all up in a suspect's space when questioning. I'd be like, "Fuck you, I want a lawyer," the minute that shit started.
  5. Adam is so vain, and a cheating scandal wouldn't surprise me at all.
  6. Is Hallmark Mysteries true crime or fiction?
  7. I really like Kelly, but I have a feeling she's one of those people I can only take in small doses.
  8. Yes, this was just delightful after the disappointing Kids cycle. I thought the challenges were great and was really impressed with several of the contestants' skill levels. I just want to see interesting challenges with great bakes, not ridiculous twists and meltdowns.
  9. She's always saying, "If they do this, I'll take it personal(ly). If they do that, I'll take it personal(ly)." Yet anything she does, no one is supposed to take personally.
  10. Taylor was Laura's best friend's boyfriend, right? And they were sleeping with each other behind her back? It was kind of rich seeing Laura's father lecturing Taylor about integrity. Maybe he needs to have that conversation with Laura. And don't even get me started on women who are soooo surprised when the guy who was cheating with them cheats on them.
  11. It really was juvenile of Megan to say she wasn't concerned about Jenny's fall and thought it was funny. Good Lord, woman, even if you're that immature, learn how to hide it better.
  12. I think Chloe's mom is furious with Chloe but feels like she can't take it out on her so she takes it out on Max, but it leaks out in her passive/aggressive behavior towards Chloe anyway.
  13. I'm a very spiritual person, but does it ever occur to these people that maybe God's will was for them to have no biological kids?
  14. I thought she looked uncomfortable, and I was trying to figure out what the deal was. Never heard of a sweat bee before.
  15. At this point, I don't really have much sympathy for McKayla's grandparents. What's that saying? If you don't raise your kids, you'll be raising your grandkids. I guess you can include great grandkids in that too.
  16. I'm definitely more of a fan of the "who dunnit" type shows. I think that was part of my disappointment with "The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers." I get tired of hanging in there with these series, and then nothing is resolved at the end. The teasers that never pan out are not very satisfying.
  17. I feel like I must be watching a different show. I don't get all the dislike for a 2-year-old. I know Hazel gets more screen time because of the physical issues she's dealt with, but I don't see why she or her parents should be dinged for that. It's a TV show. It's something different for the show other than screaming toddlers. And I don't have a problem with Dale having a special bond with Hazel. I think whoever he had a bond with, it would be covered because Dale is fun, unlike Adam. It seems to me that the other family members have their favorites as well. Many times I've heard the cou
  18. When Brittney came up with Justin's name, I wonder why they didn't just show his picture to the mom to identify. Or maybe they did, but I don't think they mentioned that.
  19. I'm pro-choice, but I really felt like Diego and Emilie looked genuinely upset when remembering the incident, so I'm wondering how it all went down.
  20. I didn't understand why the cell phone records were just coming to light now. Wouldn't the police have checked all that originally?
  21. I think that's the younger generation's version of shorts and T or sweatpants. That seems to be the uniform around here. It doesn't really have anything to do with yoga or exercising.
  22. Did we ever find out if Laura's baby was actually born on Anna's birthday or just induced? Because if so, they get to share their special days from here on out.
  23. That's how I feel too. The online business was doing well and growing, and they needed to get out of the house, so they found this space that also had a store front and thought, "Why not?"
  24. And hopefully all the behind-the-scenes meltdowns are being captured for next season. I don't know much about management, but I think Kristen is trying to be a friend and a boss, and it's not working real well.
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