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  1. Re, "Oh my hell," I've always heard, "Oh my heck" from my LDS friends, so Janelle was really letting the profanities fly there - twice - lol
  2. I could totally relate to Kody's "quirky" remark about Dayton. My daughter is high-functioning autistic, and when she was first diagnosed, they told us if we had come in a few years earlier, she wouldn't have even been diagnosed as being on the spectrum because the parameters were different. She would have just been one of those kids that are quirky and march to the beat of their own drummer. The title of this episode brings out the 12-year-old boy in me. That's what we always say when someone farts, so "Meri drops a bomb" - hee! And I think Kody is transformed by that ponytail.
  3. My daughter has been watching "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" on repeat this week. Lindsay was really a cute girl and had the most exquisite skin. It was so smooth. She doesn't even look like she has pores. I wonder if she could get her looks back if she laid off the injectables and started living a healthy lifestyle. I mean, she's 27 or so, right? She could be even more beautiful now, in a womanly way, than she was as a teen, if she had any sense.
  4. Yes, I thought abortion too. Anyway, I was really surprised that the last episode was filmed so recently. Made me wonder if Linds had a huge fit and they were trying to do some image rehab. She did more in last night's episodes than all season long. Re the list of sex partners, I don't know whether she's telling the truth or not, but it's the 4th step (not the 5th or 8th) where you do an inventory of your resentments, fears, and sex conduct/harms. It just suggests to me that she is not currently working a 12-step program if she can't even remember which step is which.
  5. I was glad they used the save on Sam just because I think it's a travesty that CJ is still there. I like the guy personally, but Sam is a much better singer.
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