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  1. I really loved this show. I'll probably go back and watch it again, which I never do except for very few shows. I think the reason I loved it is because it was mainly about cheering. My problem with shows like Dance Moms and the like is that it's a terribly interesting topic -- these kids who are so focused and driven from such a young age -- but inevitably TPTB think all we want is drama, drama, drama. It was so awesome to just be in their world and see what their lives are like on a daily basis. I felt like the personal stories were chosen because there were "sob story" elements that ar
  2. If you have AT&T, there's five episodes of Cheerleader Generation on their Watch TV app.
  3. Re the Kimberly Mays story, I would be really curious to know what the Mays thought when their ill child was suddenly healed. How was that explained to them? That's the part that makes me wonder if they were aware of the switch.
  4. I started watching this on Hulu. The third episode hasn't shown up yet. Does anyone know the time in between when it airs on FN and then Hulu?
  5. I was so wishing they would have asked Mark this question. And what kind of narcissist sets this train wreck in motion and then shamelessly appears on a national TV show to hawk his impending book? And what the hell is a writing coach or whoever that lady was? Is that the new term for "ghost writer"? Seems like they were just trying to generate publisher interest. Yuck.
  6. I thought the same thing. It was so awkward without it and one of the best parts of the song. I though Katy Perry was wondering too because when they cut to her, she had a look on her face like, "Did they mess up?"
  7. To me, that's sort of the method behind the madness. If they can't handle the sleep deprivation and stress at this point when they're relatively fresh and rested, then they probably won't make it for the long haul. I think Idol is as much a mental competition as it is a singing competition.
  8. I cannot imagine that child wasn't killed fairly soon after she was taken. The most likely scenario to me is that a local pedophile or one on vacation spotted Maddie and stalked her. It wouldn't take long to figure out the pattern of the kids being left alone. He swooped in and snatched her, did what he intended, and then killed her. I'm sorry to be so grim, but it would be incredibly easy to get rid of a 3-year-old's body. Even if she was taken with no intention of killing her, with the worldwide coverage the case gained, she would either have to be in a basement somewhere or killed pret
  9. Oh, gawd, y'all, I did it! I made it through five episodes of the Katy Perry show and the search to find the best singers among trauma survivors. Anyone remember the old TWOP where you had to read the last 15 pages of a thread before posting in it? That's what watching the auditions is like. You just slog on through so you know the basics. Unfortunately, like many others, I can't quit this show, but I do think if there's another season, I will just skip the auditions and pick up during Hollywood Week. I really will not have missed a thing, and I think I'll enjoy the show a lot more.
  10. Thanks for replying. I guess my question wasn't clear. Did they explain voting and how the final winner would be picked? I don't recall that coming up, and I thought maybe that was cut out of the Hulu version, but I could have been distracted for sure and missed it.
  11. I admit I haven't read all the responses, but I watched this on Hulu, and I was curious how the winner was chosen from the final 3. I don't recall seeing anything about that in the Hulu version. I know during the regular shows the audience voted and then the panel had the final say, but that didn't seem to be the case here.
  12. Anyone watching Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix? I got rid of my cable, so I haven't been here much. Hope we can discuss Netflix shows.
  13. I've resisted Netflix for ages. Don't know why. Old dog/new trick. Anyway, one thing I've noticed about binge-watching shows is that some things become very annoying and repetitive. I guess that's why they have a "skip intro" option. I wish I could skip all the coming to the door, greeting each other stuff. It feels like it takes up way too much of the show.
  14. Have to agree with this. Just this morning, I threw out a dress my daughter has had for a few years and is just worn out. It is so "her," and there are a lot of memories attached to it, but do I really need to keep it in my attic in a box for the next 50 years? No. So thanking it for its service and its memories made tossing it much easier.
  15. Well, now I feel kind of bad because after poking around on Rachel Friend's Instagram, it appears one of her children is special needs, which makes the being overwhelmed with two kids make more sense. I don't think they addressed that in the episode. I didn't catch it if they did. Maybe they should have. Wonder if she's depressed.
  16. I've watched a few more episodes, and I have to agree with a previous poster who said the main issue with this show is that it's mostly about people I really don't care to get to know so well. I wanted to hear about Marie Kondo and her techniques. And the three visits with their three separate greetings is just twee and annoying after a while. Cut to the chase.
  17. Because in the parenting Olympics, if you breast feed, baby wear, and co-sleep, you've won. Just wait until their hormones kick in, babe. (No disrespect to anyone who does those things, but you just know she's "that mom" that out-moms all the moms)
  18. I miss that show too! But my annoyance with the mom on the first episode is making sense now because I could not stand those sisters. I liked the dad though.
  19. Working 50 to 60 hours a week. What the hell was she doing? She's a SAHM with two kids and has to hire someone to do laundry? And, yes, I was a SAHM with two kids who was not the greatest housekeeper, but damn, girl, buck up and do the basics for your family. Because you know she has a housekeeper as well. If your kids are running you that ragged, you need to start teaching them how to play independently. ETA: @MoreCoffeePlease, I hope you don't think my vitriol was geared towards you. That mom just really bugged me, and I had to vent.
  20. I thought the Lake Erie series was pretty interesting and well-done. Not a lot of the "gotcha" bullshit where they build something up and then it turns out to be nothing. I think one thing the newscaster woman said at the end resonated - this is a case many are not familiar with, and something like talking about the little horsehead earrings the killer kept as a trophy could lead to something. Maybe the killer has passed on and someone came across the earrings and wondered why this person would have them, or maybe old newspaper clippings about the crime were kept by the killer and someone saw
  21. No, you're not. This is my new pet peeve. Not just with Marcus but with marketing in general. Didn't Marcus even say he wasn't that interested in the business but with helping the kids? If that's the case, surely there's a better way to help youth than to prop up the failing business of a woman who doesn't know the value of a dollar.
  22. I didn't understand this episode at all. The only way it makes sense to me is if the show has shifted focus and now Marcus just comes in and gives clueless people a boost and the money he puts in is actually put in by the show and doesn't come out of his pocket. There was no product, no process or people that were remotely compelling. And Marcus didn't want anything to do with the brick and mortar. He just wanted the online business, for which they didn't even own the domain name and he was able to buy. What?
  23. I just watched Shattered last night. That was crazy from beginning to end. I didn't catch where these people lived, but, damn, that was a scary neighborhood. And the mom must have had some serious savior complex to think dating a guy who's still in jail is a good idea. I totally call BS on her not knowing about the abuse of her daughter. A child doesn't get punched in the face by a grown man, bleed profusely, and not have some visible signs of it. I'm wondering what happened when she showed up to school like that.
  24. I'm a low-tech kind of gal. I just put some foil over the top - lol
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