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  1. rumidha

    The Bachelor in the Media

    This was a /fascinating/ read: Variety - Brunching and Bitching About The Bachelor With Bekah M. and Kendall
  2. rumidha

    Say Yes To The Dress

    It was either the black dress/heart bride or the Pnina manager, (don't remember which and it may not have been either!) but when the bride came out of her dressing room and was facing away from the mirror/pedestal they have in those hallways, a bunch of people were oohing and ahhing, and Shay was one of them. He was in a loose blue sweater, so still considerably more casual than what the consultants generally wear. All that to say, Shay is apparently still at Kleinfeld, but off the show.
  3. rumidha

    Continued Adventures: The Fanfic Thread

    I've lost track of a fic from a few years ago. It was a fairly lengthy, at least 40K+, Charming family focused fic set at the end of Season 1. I don't remember much else about it, but the one defining detail I do have is that Snowing had called a meeting of their council at Granny's. Snow was asking Gepetto whether he had found Pinocchio yet and the truth about the wardrobe comes out. Snow absolutely loses it at Gepetto, Blue, and Archie, and Emma is watching all this happen. Please tell me someone recognizes this! I tried to find it on ff.net but my internet skills have failed me.
  4. Buzzfeed had an article this morning called 51 TV Writers Reveal Their Favorite Thing They’ve Ever Written. Eddie and Adam are 31 and 32. I've included it below for people who don't want to have to scroll, or are not in the mood for a picture of ridiculously adorable 10 year old Henry.
  5. rumidha

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Cosmo has a gallery of "23 Most Naked Looks From Bridal Fashion Week." I call foul because a) Pnina is nowhere on this list and b) half these dresses are still more tasteful than the highlights of the stripper fairy oeuvre.
  6. rumidha

    S04.E10: Fall

    I'm not sure if I misinterpreted the end of the last episode, did the ribbons activating mean that Elsa and Emma could no longer use their magic and that DQ had blocked it, or that their magic got more powerful, or what? That was the first thing I thought when Elsa brought up blasting down the cave wall, that she wasn't supposed to have her magic.
  7. Wow, so much nostalgia going through this thread. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the whole real life vs reel life thing. I think the fear of being called on in class is universal, Shondaland classroom or no. I liked the little detail of there already being a decent amount of reading on the first day itself. From 4.04, yes, it's ridiculous that everybody is walking around with hard copies of the most uselessly big outlines I've ever seen. Re. the competitiveness, I've actually seen/heard of both. My school, or rather, my section specifically, we were all nice to each other, there was never this agenda of trying to screw over other students. The other sections didn't really have that camaraderie. There was an urban legend about another school in the area that people were slitting pages out of library books so that other students wouldn't be able to access that info. Also, I will say this about Annalise's classroom. With the exception of how many students it fits (200 instead of the up to 100 I had), my lecture halls looked exactly like that. There certainly wasn't enough table space for everything you needed, so your laptop would go on the table itself and your casebook would be propped up in your lap. The rest of this (1Ls really don't work at all, Annalise playing fast and loose with ethics and evidence rules, the really intense personal space violations with Annalise and Wes, EVERYTHING ELSE, oy) have been well covered by everyone else. This show is so very, very ridiculous, but I can't imagine not watching.
  8. rumidha

    The Cast in Other Lands/Roles

    My mom and I are rewatching Lagaan for the umpteenth time (India's 2002 entry to the Oscars for the non-Bollywood watchers among us). Rachel Shelley has a pretty big role in this, and when I was telling my mom that she's in OUAT, she asked what Rachel Shelley's role was. To say "She was married to Rumplestiltskin but left him for Captain Hook. Then later on, Rumplestiltskin killed her and Captain Hook spent 300 years trying to avenge her death," to someone who has only the faintest idea of what OUAT is about was very strange. (Also, hi! Longtime TWOP lurker, and now here lurker. Couldn't resist bringing up Rachel Shelley's Bollywood history, though.)