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  1. Me either. I even zoomed in. It really doesn’t look like him. Wow.
  2. Molly, is that you? I don't judge Molly for not being attracted to Jon. I judge her for being a fake, phony, liar who never gave him or the marriage a real chance and just strung him along to try to make herself look better. The therapist may not have been strictly professional in the way she handled that confrontation, but no truly professional therapist would appear on this sham of a show, so who cares? I'm thrilled Molly and her awful attitude was exposed on camera. She can back pedal and make excuses, but it's pretty clear how she acted and then lied with a straight face. I
  3. Yeah, the logic that they were expendable because they saw a big white machine they didn't even know was a time machine at all, and that their discoveries could just be done by someone else is far more ridiculous than Lucy killing someone when backed into a corner. She killed a soldier we aren't even sure survived in the original timeline. I'm not saying she thought it all the way through, but I'm genuinely shocked so many people are judging Lucy so harshly. I'm just saying, if we're going to suggest that killing either or both Curie women would have been more logical, I'd like to
  4. So far, it seems like Goran is having fun on Twitter. He's really interacting with fans and he just seems happy to have the show back. It put a smile on my face to see him enjoying the fan comments. As for ship wars, I've seen it get very ugly with other shows. However, unless the show deliberately fans the fights (a la The 100, for example), or plays up ambiguity or a love triangle, hopefully it will be ok. I was late to join the fandom last season, but unless I've missed something the only real "fights" I've seen are on tumblr, and they're relatively mild. Besides, who can hate Gor
  5. First, it's absolutely right that NBC is trying, but I don't think they really know how to promote it effectively. I've seen more commercials for it than I did last season, but that's not saying much. I don't watch NBC very often, normally. As for Emma, she used to work for Mason Industries. She was a former pilot in their program (Rufus knew her, he thought she died in one of the accidents with the time machine). She was described as "hiding" in the past presumably to avoid Rittenhouse until Flynn went back during the Jesse James episode to recruit her to his cause. She was a bit of a do
  6. Ha, well, it may be a small bit of good news to know most shippers I know have settled on Lyatt over Wucy. Though I don't love either of those names. I really like them together, I ship them, but I don't need or want it to take over the show. Kiss here or there, relieved reunion hugs like in the World's Columbian Exposition episode, a bit of angst thrown in, I'm good. A relationship is supposed to just thread through the show. Like Rufus and Jiya. I don't want it to take away from the history jump from week to week. Trust me, real shippers can take tiny scraps and run with it. Someti
  7. I don't like Brandi, but I felt some sympathy that she didn't get to see her kids. When I saw Andy, I guessed the "no kids on TV" clause must extend to all TV and not just Bravo productions. My husband was very upset they didn't put Omarosa up as a replacement nominee. He's not wrong. I suspect producer shenanigans. I'm confident they want to keep her for as long as possible. As for Shannon, I don't have an issue with targeting and nominating her. She played way too hard at the beginning of the game. I just think it's sad and childish the way they seemed to exclude and isolate her on
  8. This is the first thing that came to mind! Unbelievable. I shouldn't laugh, but seriously, that woman is nothing but a drama queen. Perhaps she should wear a helmet and goggles for any future competitions if she is cleared to compete following her dramatic, debilitating HOH "injury".
  9. After the cast was announced, I was very skeptical of how this season would play out, but I am very surprised how hard this cast is playing right out of the blocks. I'm torn on the flip/Omarosa blindside. I find James really smug and annoying (wtf has he even done?) and selfishly, I really REALLY wanted him gone. Yet, I'm happy that the house flipped on O. I was willing to give her a chance. Hoping to see a kinder, funnier side of Omarosa. Then, she acted like Shannon winning the POV turned it into a team decision. Eff that noise. I'm glad Shannon went her own way and then proceeded to fl
  10. This "on camera Ryan" was never more clear than in that scene after they chose the apartment and they had a little smooch. He looked straight at the producer just off to the side of the camera like "I'm totally nailing this husband thing. Nailing it! Get it? Heh." Ugh. The romantic in me wants this impending disaster to work FOR Jaclyn, to help her heal. Give her something positive to help her move forward.... But, damn Ryan is so clueless. He wasn't wrong to ask if she's ready for a new relationship. Sadly, he was a total idiot about the way he discussed her grief. Her reaction to the bo
  11. Bwahaha, stunt condom. Let's hope so. The strategic placement among the discarded flowers was just odd... And really gross. I'm really surprised they went for it. Ryan just seems so.. ridiculously eager. Jaclyn doesn't seem like the type to be swept away by the situation, but crazier things have happened. I don't see a ton of chemistry there, but apparently they disagree. I'm curious to see where this goes. I see more sparks between Molly and Jonathan, but something is holding her back. Will she warm up and relax?
  12. I'm thrilled Ben won. I don't love the producer shenanigans, but their fingerprints were all over the season, not just on this final twist. I didn't love Ben for most of the season, but I'm thrilled he won. Chrissy was incredibly unlikeable throughout the season, treated people horribly unless she had a use for them, and was smug once she finally had the numbers in her favor to freeze Ben out. I agree the final "advantage" was not a real advantage, but I can see why they want to shake up the final few tribal councils to keep the players on their toes after 30+ seasons. It did not skew in Ben'
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