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  1. I wonder when the sexual accusations with hit QVC, Dennis Bassi and even sweet Stan Herman touch the models in ways they should not.
  2. But its BS the minnons are allowed to post all sort of nonsense, but if some one says the slightest "mean" thing against any one else out you go
  3. Well all I have been banned from the QVC BB We're sorry, but you have been banned from using this site. You have been banned for the following reason: multiple unkind posts You have 2878 minutes remaining on the ban WTF give a warning - guess this is cuz some one didnt like that I told them Shawns kid's name is her business Well guess I will not shop with them for the 2878 hours
  4. Not a reason to be away from work Chauakah is a minor Jewish Holiday, a fun one but not a major one
  5. That is about the time we first got cable and I started watching QVC, I remember Clarence Reynolds very well
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