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  1. So this wasn't the most action-oriented episode but I thought it was good. Rue finally came out to Ali with what was weighing on her. True thoughts and feelings were shared. Very therapeutic overall. I wasn't sure if Rue was really living with Jules or if that was like a dream sequence. Only because when she was talking with Ali, she avoided Jules' "I miss you" message. Man, Zendaya is such a good actress. I very much look forward to watching Season 2.
  2. Agreed! I've been enjoying the build-up so far. Aya Cash does such a great job at playing a morally crappy character. I enjoy watching Stormfront! We're going to see Homelander either bend the knee or team up with her to rule The Seven, I bet. This episode made it quite clear that The Seven aren't united on any front at this point, other than in the public eye. I'd like to think that there is potential for Starlight and Queen Maeve to create a new team. Speaking of...my heart goes out to Maeve. Not only was she outed on TV, now she has to worry about the safety of her love interest
  3. The finale was kind of meh but it does set us up for next season. I believe a lot of what Midge said could be PR-spun as stars being super particular about their public appearance, expected diva behavior, and so forth. The ruby slippers comment definitely put the nail in the coffin imo. The audience could very clearly draw the line from the ruby slippers to the old "friend of Dorothy" reference, which I believe was a known / popular phrase around the time of Mrs. Maisel. Still, I loved the energy between Shy and Midge. Ugh, I'll miss seeing Shy, Reggie and the gang next season. I'm hoping
  4. Akshay is kind of a mystery. We know he loves his mom. I didn't see much passion in him as a person. Even with his cousin, though he came alive a bit more around her, he was still very mechanical. I didn't get love vibes between the two of them so much as she was excited to be on camera. That girl is a force and I love it. He doesn't seem to be on board with marriage at all. He basically left the work up to his mom, who told him that she would pick someone for him if he didn't make the choice himself. It seemed like his life at college was very mundane as well. He buried himself in books
  5. He's bubbly, which I love! My impression is that he's determined to be the opposite of what his father is/was. Also, i'm sure some of what we saw could have been compensation to overcome some self-conscious feelings over his family history. This in addition to being hyper aware that he is on camera. I wondered throughout his story if this was his idea or his family's idea. To me, he seemed like an individual who would go for a love marriage. Who knows, maybe he's always yearned for something more traditional. His mom seemed very sweet.
  6. That was my thought as well! I felt similar vibes from Akshay.
  7. YES! I loved Japril as a couple more for the potential and the chemistry than the actual storylines. They were never really in sync. He'd say black, she'd say blue. Before her wedding she asked Jackson to give her a reason not to get married. He stayed silent. Then, on the wedding day, he stood up and declared his love for her. After that, it was good for a hot second until they lost baby Samuel. Then, it was back to the same black/blue/opposite pages. Both are accomplished surgeons and able to communicate with their patients very well but with each other, there always seems to be a communicat
  8. I feel like this makes me old but the amount of sex and sexual violence they've shown between "teenagers" in the first two episodes makes me feel deeply uncomfortable. Yeah, I know it happens but geezus... I don't need to be hammered over the head with it every other scene. It's overkill and detracts from the story in my opinion. It's almost scene-chewing at this point. I think Zendaya is doing an incredible job in this. Her father's cancer diagnosis was the thread that unraveled her. I almost feel like the writers didn't need the extra step of the OCD diagnosis to show how neurodivergent
  9. It feels a bit like a different show, doesn't it? Their success was kind of hard to watch, in that all of the characters felt very far apart in terms of their relationships. Everyone kind of "drifted". Pied Piper becomes the typical corporate structure. It made me sad, actually. Bighead never joins the group. He continues to be off on his own wacky adventure, this time with Jin Yang. These guys are basically being used as a prop so that Jared can find the next "Richard Hendricks" to nurture. I'm curious to see where all of this leads. They are exploring not only the darker side
  10. I was a little disappointed in the beginning that they weren't doing a true reboot. I was hoping for a BH90210 morph's into the new Melrose Place kind of thing. I like the current storylines and it seems like each of the "heightened" cast members are playing a cross between themselves and their character on the show. Even the storylines are hitting cross-domain between reality and television. Ex: Jason moving in with Gabby temporarily after leaving his wife? That's something I could picture Brandon and Andrea doing. Jennie bitching about Shannen but welcoming her back into the fold and T
  11. I enjoyed that interview thoroughly! I especially love Terence Howard's explanation of how different people communicate. Very thought-provoking.
  12. I am sad that next season will be the last for the show. Empire has become one of my favorite shows. I love the cast, writing and music. This sucks. :(
  13. Dee, I see what you are saying here. Things like this should not be taken into consideration when someone else has an attack. However, it seems like it does somewhat. For example, I was on a Reddit forum recently where there was talk of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Men would tell their stories of being wrongfully accused of sexual harassment and rape. Not knowing these men personally, other men chimed in as being sympathetic and wholeheartedly believed that these accused-men were innocent without having both sides of the stories. As a result, their consensus was that they would never hir
  14. I am new to this Empire forum and a huge fan of the show. Jamal is one of my most favorite characters on the show. I am so sad that Jussie felt he needed to do this for whatever reason and like everyone else, the question on my mind is "why"? Was it a political activist move? Did he do it to put himself in the spotlight? On one hand i'm mad because it has the potential to cast a shadow on REAL homophobic, racist, and politically motivated hate-attacks. As a country trying to right the wrongs, we don't need that. Jussie is hugely talented in my opinion and I have followed him and the
  15. I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 of this series! If Beck could have continued her facade for a bit longer, she might have been able to make it out alive. Everyone assumes that Candace was killed but what if she wasn't and took off to Europe as Joe said? He probably kept social media tabs on her and was able to find her easily when she changed her last name. It seems like she went into hiding and maybe came back to expose him. Let's say Beck and Joe's break-up was permanent and that they never got back together. He'd have no reason to kill her but he would keep tabs on her, while
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