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  1. MissScarlett

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    I enjoyed that interview thoroughly! I especially love Terence Howard's explanation of how different people communicate. Very thought-provoking.
  2. MissScarlett

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    I am sad that next season will be the last for the show. Empire has become one of my favorite shows. I love the cast, writing and music. This sucks. :(
  3. MissScarlett

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    Dee, I see what you are saying here. Things like this should not be taken into consideration when someone else has an attack. However, it seems like it does somewhat. For example, I was on a Reddit forum recently where there was talk of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Men would tell their stories of being wrongfully accused of sexual harassment and rape. Not knowing these men personally, other men chimed in as being sympathetic and wholeheartedly believed that these accused-men were innocent without having both sides of the stories. As a result, their consensus was that they would never hire women because of the potential of being falsely accused of rape and sexual harassment. As if false accusations are the norm. Not even taking into consideration that this stuff DOES happen and happens more often than people want to even admit. #MeToo and #TimesUp just shed light on this and made it feel safer for people to admit. Jussie's indictment casts a bit of a shadow, even though it shouldn't.
  4. MissScarlett

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    I am new to this Empire forum and a huge fan of the show. Jamal is one of my most favorite characters on the show. I am so sad that Jussie felt he needed to do this for whatever reason and like everyone else, the question on my mind is "why"? Was it a political activist move? Did he do it to put himself in the spotlight? On one hand i'm mad because it has the potential to cast a shadow on REAL homophobic, racist, and politically motivated hate-attacks. As a country trying to right the wrongs, we don't need that. Jussie is hugely talented in my opinion and I have followed him and the other members of the Smollett family since Mighty Ducks and On Our Own. This whole thing is so sad and ridiculous.
  5. MissScarlett

    S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 of this series! If Beck could have continued her facade for a bit longer, she might have been able to make it out alive. Everyone assumes that Candace was killed but what if she wasn't and took off to Europe as Joe said? He probably kept social media tabs on her and was able to find her easily when she changed her last name. It seems like she went into hiding and maybe came back to expose him. Let's say Beck and Joe's break-up was permanent and that they never got back together. He'd have no reason to kill her but he would keep tabs on her, while still dating Karen. He only killed Beck because she found out about him and couldn't accept him as a result (and rightly so) or so it seemed. During the season, there were these weird moments where Joe seemed oddly accepting of his fate with Beck. I can't tell if he would have continued with his obsession until he found someone else or if the obsession would have played itself to lend to Beck's death anyway. Most of the characters were not very likable in a traditional good-guy versus bad-guy kind of way. They were all pretty flawed. I'd say that Peach was most similar to Joe and had some sociopathic tendencies herself. Which, is why she and Joe didn't like one another. It was a "takes one to know one" kind of scenario. Their scenes together were the most fascinating, imo. My heart broke for Paco. He's exposed to and is part of these terrible and horrible events, which are likely formative to who he becomes in later years.
  6. MissScarlett

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    If this spoiler is true and it seems that it is... I can't say that it surprises me that Michael's character will be killed off. The narrator had been dropping some ominous hints since season 1 that this would eventually happen. The surprise factor for me is that it is going to happen this season. They could have killed Michael off at the end of last season and then we would have this season to recover. However, by keeping Michael alive and now killing him off later on in the season means that they only kept him alive for the fans of Michael and Jane so that she could lose her virginity by him. Now as for the character of Michael, truly there isn't too many other things they could do with him that wouldn't involve breaking him and Jane up. Still, what about Jane's cousin and Rafael? They haven't even wrapped that storyline up yet. So, the 4-year time jump seems a little awkward to me. If that is what the writers intend to do.
  7. MissScarlett

    S21.E01: Season 21 Premiere

    An entertaining first night as always! I don't follow this show loyally and usually only tune in when a lead seems interesting. Ben Higgins and Brad 2.0 have been my favorite Bachelor seasons so far. I didn't watch Chris Soules season because I really really wanted Ari from Emily's season to be crowned The Bachelor. Is it just me or does both Chris and Sean seem asshole-ish? Josephine reminds me of Jacqueline (sp?) from Ben Flapjack's season. What was up with the red dress overload? Was that producer-driven? Dumb dumb dumb, if so. Rachel, Taylor, Vanessa & Raven are my favorite contestants thus far. Poor Taylor should have opened with something different than telling him that her friends think he sucks. NIck actually comes off slightly douche to me. However, he has sweet moments and I think he is a romantic at heart, so i'm pretty stoked for this season. I don't get the Villain edit he received in season's past. Though my first encounter with him was on Kaitlyn's season, not Andi's. Liz is totally "wrong reasons" girl (though in reality, aren't they all?). I was surprised she got a rose and wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't last but another week or two. Looks like we are in for a fairly good season!
  8. MissScarlett

    S03.E04: San Junipero

    Snow, those were my thoughts too. I actually enjoy the British-based episodes more. Probably because of my love of history and different eras in time but I really enjoyed this one! They made it easy to depict the different decades. I kind of felt like both girls were doing a little exploration and finding who they were. Kelly had 49+ years with her husband but her life with Yorkie had only just begun. When the older version of Kelly said "Well alright then" at the end, I knew she had made her decision. The idea that you can choose your afterlife is interesting to say the least! Not the first time this show has dealt with the concept of consciousness. I can honestly say that I don't know if I would have picked San Junipero if my deceased family and friends weren't there to greet me.
  9. MissScarlett

    S07.E08: Hearts Still Beating

    Bwahahahaha! You just won the internet
  10. Their bullet maker is gone but Eugene gave Rick the blueprints
  11. Great ending here!! Finally! Now they need to start building an army! Exciting times ahead...
  12. That was a great scene between Rick and Michonne!
  13. I don't know about you guys but I'm ready for Rick to start biting out throats again.
  14. Omg did not see that coming!
  15. Oh shit. Eugene is going to give himself up for Rosita.