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  1. bigmag

    Better Things

    All I could think about at the end when Sam sees the bear outside is that Duke is ACROSS THE STREET AT HER GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE and will be walking home anytime. Hope to GOD the bear isn't roaming around then.
  2. bigmag

    S01.E04: Shrapnel

    Does it ever say anything about Debra's father? He's obviously not in the picture, and I wonder what their relationship was like. I also wonder what he did for a living, as they all seem to have a shit-ton of money. The mom lives in a pretty fancy house, and it's just hard to imagine Dumb Debra accumulating enough wealth to buy all those high dollar properties as well as having a chunk of cash on the side.
  3. bigmag

    S03.E09 Schwanzkopf

    So, as long as a vampire wears sunglasses he can walk around in the daylight? As far as I remember Hoover only had sunglasses and his white suit when he came to work. Shouldn't his skin have burnt? You know Cassidy is going to start smoking as soon as the sunlight reaches any part of him (unless, of course, the house mother realizes that he's telling the truth about killing the ones who've been turned and releases him). Just trying to figure out the rules for existing as a vampire, in case , ya know, I happen to turn into one.
  4. bigmag

    Making It

    How did the guy that just covered the inner tubes not get eliminated? They weren't very crafty and they certainly weren't at all comfortable for seating.
  5. bigmag

    Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

    I also wondered about Raquel's mother and daughter. Before she knew that her boyfriend was the Professor and they were talking about going away she said they would have to take her mother and daughter and he agreed. But in the end when she went to look for him it appeared that she was alone. More romantic that way, I guess, but kind of an inconsistency. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this series.
  6. bigmag

    Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

    How did you decide that? I know that they knew each other outside of the heist because of the private conversation at the table at the manor where they used names, and I know one (Berlin, I think) referred to the other (the Professor) as "little brother" at the end. That could have been just a term of affection but I assume it was literal. But I would have guessed they had the same father since this was executed as a tribute to the Professor's father, rather than the same mother. Did I miss that somewhere? Do you think the hostages all got their cut of the $$ a year later?
  7. bigmag

    S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    I can't get past how much Blanca looks and sounds like Cher. I like the character, but it's distracting to me because I keep thinking she's a Cher imitator.
  8. bigmag


    I think it's great how they keep showing Patrick, and Nina's continued grieving. So many shows kill off a character, they have a funeral, and then it's back to life as usual. This show really shows what it's like to lose a partner, and how the loss continues to affect and inform everything you do. I love this show, although I have cried so much!
  9. bigmag

    S11.E24: The Bow Tie Asymmetry

    And where was Meemaw? Can't believe Sheldon's beloved Grandma would miss his nuptials.
  10. bigmag

    Good Girls

    Surely that gun isn't loaded. I don't think Rio would take a chance that Beth might shoot him. I think she'll aim at him and pull the trigger and nothing will happen. Also, how did Mary Pat know to go to Beth when she found Boomer's recording device? Did she just assume he was trying to get info on the dealings that the women had?
  11. bigmag

    Hap And Leonard

    So how long was Florida in that car trunk? She was already in there before Hap & Leonard first went to Groveville. I don't know how much time passed during the series but there was time for them to get beat up, go back home, and heal up pretty well. Surely that was at least a week or two. How did she survive in the trunk all that time? This season was REALLY hard to watch, but I sure do love those guys!
  12. I did not even realize Drew was also the semi-dopey police officer on Search Party, until I read it here. I think you mean the police officer on Stranger Things, right? You meant on Stranger Things, right? (Sorry about the double post - didn't use quote option for first reply)
  13. bigmag


    I thought I was pretty ridiculous that the sheriff couldn't see that big honking set of metal keys for the jail cell that were lying in the middle of his desk, but with a quick glance at the mail or newspaper on his desk he came up with "Ward" for the prisoner's last name.