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  1. So was Benny the only one killed in the bomb attack? If the rest of the squad was dirty and he was killed to prevent him from telling, was there any collateral damage? It may have been mentioned on the show if there were other casualties but I don't watch that closely. It would seem unusual I would think to have just one person killed in a bomb attack.
  2. I was waiting to see if they would have Mary S. sing. If you are familiar with "Elf" she sings a Christmas song at the end along with everyone else, and she is ear-splittingly BAD. (She and Pierce Brosnan should do a duet - not!) I expect that's why they are picking less challenging songs for her. It's kind of funny that her singing voice is so unremarkable since she has that medical history of hearing everything in song, and actually composing some songs. Of course, I love music and love to sing at the top of my lungs, but my voice is totally cringe-worthy, so there you have it!
  3. What I think I'll miss most about this show when it's over is the gorgeous music and artwork of the intro. I could listen to that intro over and over! And the artwork is so colorful and joyous!
  4. Well hell - Monday night and no Lodge 49. Where am I going to hang out now???!
  5. What I don't understand is why the door that leads to nowhere wasn't kept LOCKED! But that would make too much sense, I guess......
  6. So if it's Dud falling out of the door at the end of the episode wouldn't he sustain a lot of damage falling flat onto his back from a height like that? Or maybe that's his deal - he can never be without some sort of disabling injury?
  7. If she is AI why did they build her with human organs? What is the point of creating an artificial life form but then giving it human organs that would go into failure if she's not upgraded? Maybe it's just so she could pass a human more readily, but she obviously has mechanical circuitry as well. Yeah, I was wondering what they would have seen if they had been able to do the MRI.
  8. bigmag

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I have ALWAYS thought Alison Tolman sounds like Ellen DeGeneres. Glad someone else thinks so too!
  9. Ya know, I know this show is pure fantasy, but I can't get past Kelsey's wardrobe. I know she's supposed to be young and hip, but if she wants to be taken seriously as a professional why would she wear a shorty-short romper to work. Sometimes I just can't with the clothes.
  10. Avery is the character played by Tyson Ritter (who also plays Jesus and Humperdoo in Preacher). All I remember about his character from last season is that he was hiding in the bushes spying on the lodge or some of the members. I don't remember where it went from there. I tend to lose the thread of logic in this series since it's so out there.
  11. The song from the commercial that you are thinking of is probably "Come Along" by Cosmo Sheldrake. It;s awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIyl9bCp6W4. I think it was an Apple commercial maybe.
  12. I'm showing my age, too. I never thought of smartphone either. I could only come up with diplomas for the smart suit. Wayne Newton WAS ghastly-looking, wasn't he? Why in the world do people do that to themselves - do they really think they're fooling us into thinking they are younger than they are? (Dolly Parton is another one who has ruined her face by turning it into a weird mask.)
  13. All I could think about at the end when Sam sees the bear outside is that Duke is ACROSS THE STREET AT HER GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE and will be walking home anytime. Hope to GOD the bear isn't roaming around then.
  14. Does it ever say anything about Debra's father? He's obviously not in the picture, and I wonder what their relationship was like. I also wonder what he did for a living, as they all seem to have a shit-ton of money. The mom lives in a pretty fancy house, and it's just hard to imagine Dumb Debra accumulating enough wealth to buy all those high dollar properties as well as having a chunk of cash on the side.
  15. So, as long as a vampire wears sunglasses he can walk around in the daylight? As far as I remember Hoover only had sunglasses and his white suit when he came to work. Shouldn't his skin have burnt? You know Cassidy is going to start smoking as soon as the sunlight reaches any part of him (unless, of course, the house mother realizes that he's telling the truth about killing the ones who've been turned and releases him). Just trying to figure out the rules for existing as a vampire, in case , ya know, I happen to turn into one.
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