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  1. Nifer

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    You summed up why I thought today was so good! I was totally expecting Ryan to kidnap Lulu and then we'd have weeks of her trapped somewhere why he taunted her. But I was genuinely shocked when I saw he stabbed her and then went blind! This is so much more fun than what I thought it'd be...
  2. Nifer

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I really enjoyed today's episode! I used to read all the spoilers but since I've stopped doing that, these twists make the show much more fun.
  3. Mia makes zero sense and that makes the character AWFUL! I like the actress, but it's hard to root for the character because I am at a loss for her motivations.
  4. I created an account just to say this: I HATE CHANTEL AND HER WHOLE IGNORANT FAMILY!!!!!! Phew, that felt good.