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  1. As a former long time WM employee, I hate WM and refused to shop there after I quit. Ive got to say though, I started using their grocery pick up during the pandemic and I love it. I’ll use that as long as it’s offered.
  2. I’m impressed with the progress that both Jill and Derrick have made in their lives. I’m cheering them on. But I won’t become a true believer in Derrick until he gets a job and keeps it.
  3. You would think having a family the size of Jill's that it wouldn't be a problem for Dreck to take the only vehicle and go. Between that many siblings, inlaws, and her parents there should be plenty of help with the boys as well as rides anywhere she needs to go.
  4. Jill's hair looks greasy and her dress is too long. She looks like a throwback to their frumper days. It's a pet peeve of mine when women don't hem their too long maxi dresses and let them drag the ground.
  5. What is wrong with these people? They talk as if they are thinking about sex 24/7 and must have an accountability partner at all times to keep them from giving in. This does not make the "unsaved" want what they have. It makes them laugh at them. The way they focus on sex all the time is not normal.
  6. No, we believe in birth control. I had my tubes tied after #4. I was an only and wanted a large family.
  7. I glad that Dweeb has sense enough at least to recognize that they do not need another child.
  8. Local lady here had quads years ago, no drugs. Two sets of identical twins, 1 of girls and 1 of boys.the four of them looked identical.
  9. I wonder where the fundies like JillR get the idea to pile on so much make up and that Biblically it is ok. The fundies around here that wear the long dresses and have the long hair wear no make up at all. I've never seen any of the overly made up ones in person.
  10. Poor little Sofia looks like one of those ghoul children in a horror movie.
  11. Can JillR not see how sickly and underfed her children look? Is she not worried that someone in the many churches they grift from might take notice and suspect they are not being fed?
  12. Somebody please feed that poor child and get her outdoors in some fresh air and sunshine.
  13. That bed takes a crib mattress. It's too short and narrow for a 4 year old..
  14. It's good to see Jessa's kids wearing normal toddler swim clothes.
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