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  1. That house of Meri’s is fucking ridiculous. Fuck this show.
  2. Just watched the first ep on Hulu! I loved it!
  3. The biggest shocker to me was the “Missing” poster of Henry Deaver in the gas station! Now I’m dying for season 3! Pop was not Ace. Ace was his nephew. Annie’s last name is Wilkes. The Angel was the “kid” the warden had locked up in season 1.
  4. Holy hell, that green screen? Yikes 😳
  5. No way Tami’s family would just let Lip take the baby home to that shithole without a fight. Plus didn’t Lip help Fiona raise the kids? Why are they making him so helpless?
  6. 1. No way would Mitch be let in the building. 2. Alex couldn’t wait to see him until after her party???? 3. Wth am I paying $5 to watch this? 🤦🏻‍♀️
  7. As much as I love Steve Carell I think Jon Hamm would have been a better fit.
  8. This show has become so predictable and boring. Next week adventures of Deja and Teen Dad 🙄
  9. Ok how about.... Toby: I have a bad back and need to sit at a table. Instead of the lobster bisque bullshit. Dumbass.
  10. tomsmom

    S01.E02: 177 Minutes

    Can the kids go climbing with Dad cuz I can’t take one more “Daughters!!!” Seriously, who does that?
  11. Good God that was boring. I can’t think of one thing that happened. Oh wait, Tess got a haircut. 🙄
  12. Well we wanted more Joanie. Zzzzz
  13. Figured out The blind guy was Jack right away and I could care less about the family of Deja’s boyfriend or Kevin’s messed up new girlfriend. What a waste of an hour.
  14. Ohhhh nice catch! 👏🏼 Jeremy Strong just breaks my heart as Kendall!
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