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  1. tomsmom

    S01.E01: Kash with a K

    Wow that was just....bad.
  2. tomsmom

    S07.E13: Here's Where We Get Off

    Omg a doll!!! Lmao 🤦🏻‍♀️ So she wasn’t really pregnant...Duh! I swear I was so confused! That’s why I love this site! Thanks ❤️
  3. tomsmom

    S07.E13: Here's Where We Get Off

    Two things: 1. One of the kids with Pornstache was Daya’s daughter but who was the other? 2. Did Fig have the abortion? If so then why try and adopt?
  4. tomsmom

    S02.E07: I Want To Know

    Ugh I hope they put this show out if it’s misery.
  5. tomsmom

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    I have to keep reminding myself that it’s been a year since Perry died. Move the eff on.
  6. tomsmom

    S03.E02: Mary and Martha

    Lol! Yes the Martha was a high school chemistry teacher.
  7. tomsmom

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Nah. Too much Tyrion walking, speechifying and wait....rearranging furniture??? Still got mad love for you show but....Nah.
  8. tomsmom

    S15.E21: Good Shepherd

    Omfg that was painful! “You must be Owen” ”Nope. Owen is back in Seattle. This is my colleague Dr. Lincoln.” The. End. Jesus!
  9. tomsmom

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    This show has really turned for me. The Pearson’s are insufferable! Kevin kicking out Madison and no one standing up for her???? Pathetic.
  10. tomsmom

    S09.E14: Found

    Omg so Liam complains about them not respecting his black culture and they “borrow” an obviously mentally disabled black guy to take care of Frank??? Fuck this show.
  11. tomsmom

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    So you can’t afford a decent babysitter? A) Isn’t Deja like 14 B) Doesn’t Rebecca live near them? C) Oh but you CAN afford a last minute plane ticket across the country. The best part was when Toby called and Kevin said to Kate “Tell him you have a meeting with Soderbergh” Now that was funny!
  12. tomsmom


    This show is bullshit. I’ve never been on food stamps I know it only covers FOOD.
  13. tomsmom

    S15.E14: I Want a New Drug

    The Hell Jackson??? You’re a freakin millionaire! You gave him camping gear??? You couldn’t put that poor man in a cheap hotel till he’s off the waiting list??? God I hate this show sometimes.🙄
  14. tomsmom

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    This may be an unpopular opinion but....meh. Chidi can’t be around Simone but he expects Elenor to be around him???? Harsh! So now we have to watch them find their way back to each other again???? Like I said....meh.