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  1. it does feel different, not as light. ive always liked this show, even tho i dont ever watch WWE. but after last season im not sure ill keep watching. i havent really ever been a huge fan of any of the ladies, like oh shes my fav. but i miss paige and foxxys banter, in the way back seasons. the manufatured drama is to much. nia saying some fake lines about her not liking carmella was real fake. if the show is about empowering the girls why pit them against each other, i guess its to keep the drama for the fights seem kinda real?
  2. But no mention at all about the fact she has a child... where is Lizas daughter go ?
  3. loving this show so far. i loved it year ago too. excited its back. i do remember before, couldnt they skip on watching the bonfire video ? but now they dont have a choice ?
  4. THIS. I liked the dresses but yes, or maybe Mormon, not that its a bad thing, but very conservative. I use Billie. I like it and they have great customer service. the site is very easy to adjust what you want. they send you a small sticky magnet for your razor as well. so it will last longer in the shower. totally agree, so dated. if you compare angel to billie, billie is way more forward.
  5. i wish i had that binder. i have no need for a binder, but i would carry that thing everywhere!
  6. omg alot of the people on this show seem helpless. but i cant with these people. i dont know that i can make it through the whole episode. this husband....
  7. The actress who plays Ashley the "drama queen". Shes from hellraiser right? I think her real name is ashley too
  8. that kid was the worst. i wonder sometimes how a child becomes that way, it creeps me out. i have a 3 year old and if he becomes a used car salesman at 9. idk i love mine so maybe i wouldnt care so much LOL. i thought the same thing about the lock, no way drivers will be into this. and im sure it will fail with the scan all the time OR the box wont fit in the lock box and its left out anyway. i use glass straws at home. they work great and you can see when they need to be cleaned vs the metal ones. i use a little bristle brush to clean them out. i use them with green smoothies,
  9. i totally agree was going to say the same. we need to see we dont need straws. i actually use metal and glass straws at home. no biggies, but need to wash them. when im out i dont carry them because i dont want a wet straw in my bag and its a pain to wash them when not at home. i live in the portland metro area so most places i go dont give you straws anyway with a drink. unless its starbucks. its a problem for sure, but i think we just need to not use as much straws. also i listened to a pice on NPR, in regards to starbucks not giving them out. i guess alot of advocate groups for the disabled
  10. i think it could be as simple as they just want to end it and dont love each other anymore. plus he lives in another city. they have grown apart. she probably wants a real partner.
  11. i do think its pretty funny they needed TWO girls to fill Farrahs spot.
  12. and they will next season to * eye roll * i miss the old family drama that felt real. when they all went to AZ. with rosie and rich. gold ole days
  13. i think this show is mostly scripted. i have love and admire what people in the WWE type fields do. they are entertainers first. so i think obvious this show is mostly made up drama. the acting skills they do have they show here. but its all for fun so i watch. something about Paige is different to me. maybe she gained a couple pounds? but her face is different, her lips have some filler i think. but maybe with less working out she gained weight. NOT a judgement just an observation. i doubt we will hear about her relationship, which would be some real drama. might be legal stuff involved
  14. https://www.bravotv.co.nz/shows/real-housewives-new-jersey/videos/your-first-look-at-rhonj-season-9/
  15. https://www.bravotv.co.nz/shows/real-housewives-new-jersey/videos/your-first-look-at-rhonj-season-9/
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