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  1. Curious Question : What is everyone's favorite opening / intro of NYPD Blue? Mine are 1,3,9, and 10
  2. Well hopefully they decide to do program in the primetime again like before.
  3. Maybe perhaps not showing it during the Graveyard shift might've helped with those ratings? IDK Didn't TNT used to re-air NYPD Blue in the mornings?
  4. I recently read a comment on YouTube from someone stating Season 8 wasn't the best. It made me think to ask you all what was your least favorite season of Blue in your opinion and why?
  5. Promo for next week featuring Kim Delaney https://www.soapoperadigest.com/videos/exclusive-first-look-at-next-weeks-gh-promo/
  6. I wish the show would have invested n Serena and Christina as adults on this show. But of course they rather focus on Sasha and Willow....
  7. Who knew Tristian Rogers became the new unofficial PR rep of the show?! 🤣🤣🤣
  8. I'm curious as to people's thoughts on characters who were underrated.
  9. One of my favorite scenes!!!
  10. Of course Lucille has to be paired with the first Black male also from the Caribbean too. I rolled my eyes and expressed my disbelief that they were laying it on thick about the two of them having to be together. especially, when they mentioned he preaches part time too since she is a woman of faith too. I'm like why couldn't this guy just been from Poplar, or at least England? I don't think a bunch of commonalties between two people make a interesting couple on television. But I will hold out on judgment before we see more of them on screen. Speaking of forcing people together ...
  11. A fan has uploaded dailies of episodes of Charmed from seasons 2-7 Here's Some ...
  12. First time positing under this forum! Positives Fiona deciding that it was time for her to leave the Gallagher household and more importantly the South Side with her head on her shoulder. Carl going back to military school and quitting Captain Bob's (Sidenote: His boss not sexually harassing him any further Thank God) Liam basically telling his family that they're garbage. Fiona and Vee get a scene in I don't know how long? Frank and Fiona's underplayed goodbye scene. And a appearance made by Ian! A Gallagher Party Negatives Like
  13. I did laugh when Bradley Whitford and Nicole Sullivan were making out on the bar at the end of episode. Was it just me or was Bradley being drunk sounded like a mix between Barney from The Simpsons and Bobcat Goldtwhait ?
  14. Of the 8 Seasons of Charmed which are your favorite and least favorite openings?
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