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  1. I agree. There's no way I can work in the yard when it's sunny. 'And thanks for the comment on my screen name LOL...I don't know how much elan I really have, and the name is stolen from a passage in one of Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" books, but it's always nice to have someone enjoy it 😁' ... I saw this on another thread and thought it would be better to reply over here. I love that book! I almost used "Ford Prefect" but felt like I might have to explain it. 😄
  2. I just went over to their blog and looked. That's a terrible picture. Worse yet, she's barefoot and pregnant. All the little girls are barefoot too. What it is with fundies and barefooted girls?
  3. I actually like this top - but not for $63.99. That's more than double what I think it's worth.
  4. And never will. Steve needs to keep them at home to take care of him and Teri. Who is going to cook and clean and empty their bedpans later if Sarah, Anna, and Mary are allowed to marry and leave? He might let Mary eventually leave but Sarah and Anna are there for the rest of his life. I loathe Steve Maxwell.
  5. I hope Doodlebug is here and she can tell you exactly what to do. In case she's not - I did the same thing a few years ago. It hurt quite a bit and the toe and part of the foot had a deep purple bruise for a few days. I did the ice, elevation, and Ibuprofen for a few days and then I taped the toe to the one next to it for a couple of weeks. I broke a popsicle stick in half and covered it with adhesive tape and used that as a splint between the toes. It seems to have healed fine. I didn't go to the ER because this was during Christmas. I was stupidly kicking what I thought was an emp
  6. This has also been mentioned on the Foxella website several times. There's a fair amount of gossip online about Derick's general sleaziness. I'm not sure about the truth of it but he doesn't seem to last very long anywhere. We'll just have to see if he manages to stay in law school.
  7. I really relate to this. I've enjoyed my grandchildren so much. I now routinely tell them that I love them each just the way they are and that there's never anything they could do or say that would make me stop loving them. I say that to my grown children too. I think we could all stand to have a bit more unconditional love. (Not that I ever got that from my parents but, never mind, that's a story for another day...)
  8. This is probably nitpicky but on the Dillard blog Jill writes about her grandma and grandpa and uses "g'ma" and "g'pa". Seems lazy. Also, I'm a grandma and I'd prefer not to have an apostrophe in my title. She says that her grandpa was a kid at heart and her grandma had to keep him in line. Wow, Jill. Really thoughtful and respectful there. 😑 (When God-botherers come to my door, I just smile and say, "Thank you but I am a confirmed Druid." The look of confusion as I close the door is lovely.)
  9. I've been following her for quite some time and I've never seen her tease out a pregnancy announcement. Usually she makes a video as soon as the pee stick shows a positive. I'm just hopeful that it's a courtship this time. Poor little Janessa has enough strikes against her without being pushed aside already.
  10. I found this both silly and creepy. Did Gothard and his crew think they could build up a "Christian" paramilitary? Of course, it's mostly a moneymaker for IBLP. The first course is 9 weeks and costs $3,950. There are two other courses they can take for "emergency response training" and they're $4,760 (10 weeks) and $3,635 (11 weeks). If Jim Boob really wants to punish any of the boys by sending them away for longer - like he did Josiah - it hurts his wallet. I recall seeing a teenage Josh with a shaved head but it might have been done without going to ALERT.
  11. The minute I read this I thought, "I bet that's exactly what Jim Bob will do." He's all about getting more viewers and a filmed funeral would do it. I agree with everyone that I'm glad she went quickly. And I'm a bit curious that there aren't more pictures of her with Jim Bob. After all, she taught him a lot about real estate and helped JB and J'chelle raise all those kids - not to mention being a laundry slave for years. Where exactly was she living? I know they moved her into the cabin in back and then later gave that to Joe and Kendra. I've read she was in the guest house.
  12. Jill has a new Facebook post up. She's reposting something from Ken Hamm about the Ark Encounter now being lit up at night with rainbow colors to "reclaim the rainbow", I guess from us heathens that think it's okay for gays to use. Hamm reminds us that the rainbow was God's promise not to send another flood and that next time we will all perish by fire. Yay.... I think Jilly took down the Kaylee video because it was picking up negative comments. She's also been teasing that the courting bench may soon get some use. I'm going against the tide here and saying that I think it might be K
  13. I've always thought that it's because JB has an adult baby face - round shape, chubby cheeks, oblivious expression. In my old baby photos, I look like JB too.
  14. I think Jill will post a comment bait question like, "Have any of you moms ever colored your hair at home? What did you use?" Then she'll post photos that Izzy took of her new magenta locks - she will be squinting into the sun - and we will see Sam playing with the dye bottle somewhere in the background. Finally, they'll be eating in the car again and Izzy will be in the back seat holding his bag of trash. Clueless Jill will post the photo. Sorry. Just realized I was posting this on the Jinger topic. As for me, I like the blonde dye job. I like anything she does that might piss off J
  15. She's storing the kids' "Go Go Yogurts" in the pocket of the back seat? Ewwwww... (Incidentally, I enlarged the photo to make sure I knew what the squeeze packs were. Warning: That pic only gets more disgusting if you enlarge it.)
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