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  1. Thank you! I was coming to ask/comment the same thing. It is very irritating. The patient has already said what they wanted and now we have to sit through an hour of the staff relating their sad stories to try and persuade the patient to see things their way and do what they want instead. NO! A person knows their body, the one they've had THEIR ENTIRE LIFE, better than a doctor they've met five minutes ago. Stop browbeating your patients and just listen to their needs! I've stopped watching so many other medical shows because of this (or like New Amsterdam they become too preachy).
  2. So...they just gonna forget the video showing Annika with Bella when she was supposedly kidnapped? Hakeem warned her to stop coming after the family or else they would send her to prison and there is no mention of that at all when she shows up at the door again? Ok...
  3. Agreed. This show is just worthless. I kept watching hoping it would get better but turns out I was just wasting my time. Oh well, not anymore. I won't be watching next season. RIP Al.
  4. Dvldj

    S05.E18: Ghosts

    Jay was being protective of Upton because of her history with Booth. He warned him not to touch her in such an intimate way while searching for a wire because of the past rape attempt. And as he'd mentioned to Voight, he wasn't sure her head was clear for the case. So when Booth got handsy again he was prepared to step in and keep her from reliving that moment.
  5. Dvldj

    S05.E18: Ghosts

    Meh. Anyone think Hank would really step up if push came to shove? The episode was slow which seems to have become the norm. Case was ok. Guess we got to see a little about Upton's background but nothing too revealing other than she too enjoys office romances. Also, why is Upton's only expression halfway between a smirk? Her serious face, her resting face, her scared face, her bluffing face all half smirks that just can't be taken seriously.
  6. "These things have a way of working themselves out," says Jasper as he stares right at Robert. Guessing the flashback at the beginning (aside from showing his early affection for Eleanor) was to remind us that Jasper is a conman at heart and like the old saying goes: "You can't con a con." Jasper knows Robert set him up like I said in my last comment on the season premiere. I've never been into Jasper's character but, I can't wait to see where this goes (mainly because this will pit more people against Robert. It'll be fun watching him battle enemies on all sides). I also like that he didn't p
  7. Sadly, he no longer has that stash. He mentioned to Al that he put it all into a trust for his grand baby when the body of Justin's killer was found (in the likelihood he gets arrested). That was why he was unable to help Al with his defense attorney fee. I'm thinking he is somehow going to use that against Al. I know they've each taken their share but the whole thing just seemed a bit shady to me in that moment.
  8. Well, it seems Frank's not the only sociopath on this show, doesn't it, Laurel? They've been hinting at this for a little while now; the idea that we don't really know Laurel as well as we think we do. First Dominic said it to Frank as he pummeled him to death. Then her father hinted at it to Annalise. And now we're seeing first hand that there is a possibility that the apple didn't fall far from the tree and she might just be capable of harming her own mother. Having nightmares about the argument and then later showing signs of a struggle? Hmm... Michaela is on another level of evil. Wha
  9. I barely watched this episode. It was painfully boring. I even missed the son of the alderman being killed because I was half-ass watching it. Sadly, this show is not what it used to be and I'm finding it harder and harder to tune in. Man! When they called him out in the first part of the show I got super excited like "Ah man! An Olinsky-driven episode!" only to have those hopes dashed with a supposed murder charge/investigation against him (UGH!) I'm in accord with everyone in saying there is no way Voight is going to step in front of this bullet for Al even though he'd not be i
  10. Man! My ears were bleeding by the end of that. It was absolutely horrid! I'm kinda over this whole Maze thing. Her character has become so useless and laughable I just want it to end for her. The woman apologized and she's still acting like a 12-yo. She couldn't admit her feelings and now her emotions are all over the place. For a demon who supposedly doesn't care, she's certainly not acting like it. That would make sense and be a little more understandable as to why Maze is acting the way she does. However, I also kinda hope that's not the case as I like Linda and Maze's frien
  11. Kinda predicted that ending when I hope Liam knows what he's getting himself into. Robert is really conniving. Should make for a great season though. Can't wait to see how Cyrus molds his nephew. Also, I love how he got into Helena's head about becoming a dowager. Ugh and PLEASE, Wilhelmina, I need you to see the light! This is not someone you want to be married to.
  12. Dvldj

    S05.E14: Anthem

    Right. Forgot Kim's sister was raped and not raped then murdered (for some reason I was thinking she was also killed). But when I said Antonio lost his kids what I mean is he didn't get custody of them. The last we heard about custody was that the wife had full custody and had taken the kids off with her to be with her rich boyfriend (and was subsequently neglecting them) so that is what I was going off of. I know we've recently seen the kids but there was no mention of what, if any, changes to custody occurred. The character is not one of my favorites either but they need a "bad guy"
  13. Dvldj

    S05.E14: Anthem

    This episode was a bit boring and very preachy. I know Dick Wolf likes his ripped from the headlines story but, in my opinion this one was not executed in the best way. Best part was when Hank and Danny started shooting. It kinda seemed like Hank was about to get some ammo on Danny with the way he was firing. I was expecting the perp to have dropped his weapon and for Danny to continue shooting so he would owe Hank who would help him get out from under it but nope. It ended up being a clean shoot. And once again family is lost. None of these characters get to protect their loved one
  14. Voight was bound to make a mistake but, one that easily traceable? I remember he went to his friends at the bar to help track down his son's killer, he should have also just had them take him out so he had no connection to the murder/cover up. I understand why that was never going to happen, he needed to look into the man's eyes as he took his last breath but, it would have been smarter which I expect of Voight. The way he ignored the calls, I figured he was trying to put work to the side so he could enjoy his time with Marcella at the bar, But then to see him doing it the next morning
  15. Just got finished with the series so far and ok...it started well enough. First season was great and addicting but, the second season seemed to really be about exploring the I guess "drama" side of the group. A lot of secrets and back biting and unnecessary lying. The series seems good and I will definitely watch the next season if there is one mostly because I have a lot of questions and I want answers. I kinda didn't expect Violet's death (but it was neat). Grover being reunited with his Dad was expected considering his and Barrett's discovery just earlier that night about "Project Wednesday
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