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  1. I also think one of the reasons girls might be hesitant to "come out" while they are a DCC is the image the DCC is trying to project (to the male football fans) as "attainable girl next door" types.
  2. The most shocking thing about the engagement photo is Jinelle drinking champagne!
  3. Get ready for this:
  4. I heard Princess Diana had eyeliner tattooed on. I've had my eyelashed dyed (I'm a redhead, we have invisible lashes without mascara), it doesn't hurt and it lasts about 6 weeks. I cannot imagine getting a tattoo on my eyelid. (Or anywhere, for that matter... not a fan of tattoos, personally, but to each his own).
  5. That gut, I just can't.... I'm having celery for dinner.
  6. You'll be ok! Let us know how you're doing... Does this mean you won't be able to watch MBFFL for a while? Lucky!!! 😉 I've always thought Tal was fairly attractive, Todd too. They both run circles (literally and figuratively) around Buddy in that department. I'm glad he has found a cute boyfriend too!
  7. I guess life isn't so fabulous these days, hence the recycled IG pics.
  8. https://soapdirt.com/my-big-fat-fabulous-life-spoilers-whitney-thore-admits-buddy-bell-obsession/ ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: Whitney Thore Admits Buddy Bell Obsession March 26, 2019 Jessica Almeida Buddy Bell, Whitney Thore My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers reveal Whitney Thore is obsessed with Buddy Bell. She says her fixation began before he dated Heather Sykes. This reveal left everyone shocked, including Buddy himself. Buddy and Whitney have been best friends since high school. It is no secret that there is chemistry between the pair on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. However, no one expected this intense confession from Whitney Thore. My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Whitney Thore Reveals Obsession Whitney Thore has a hard time finding someone to love. It seems like she looks in all the wrong places on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. However, what she has been searching for could have been standing in front of her this whole time. Buddy Bell has been there for her through good times and bad. It would not be shocking if somewhere throughout their friendship, feelings developed between the two. My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers indicate that TLC star Whitney Thore was all about Buddy Bell. She said that before he and Heather dated she “was obsessed with Buddy first”. At one point, she could have seen her best friend as more than just a friend. Maybe her family and friends are right. Whitney and Buddy Bell should just date. Buddy Bell Unaware Of Obsession Throughout the season, Buddy Bell had some awkward moments with Whitney Thore. He accidentally kissed her while she was visiting him in Washington, D.C. He also walked in on her while she was in the shower. Now he finds out that his best friend is obsessed with him. My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers show Buddy Bell was clueless about her fixation. So, when he hears Whitney Thore confess her obsession with him, the look he has on his face expresses discomfort. Either he had no idea about her being into him or he didn’t think she would ever admit it. Especially in front of his ex-girlfriend. Love Triangle Between Friends Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell never officially dated. On My Big Fat Fabulous Life she said she was fine with Heather dating him. However, it made for an strange situation when Heather and Buddy broke up. She felt like she was caught in the middle of them — forced to pick sides. Now it seems like there might be a love triangle between them. My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers explain there may be some tension between the three friends. There is a chance that Heather found out about the kiss between Buddy and Whitney. Before Whitney admits her obsession with her Boo Bear, Heather talks about her relationship with him. She says “that’s my ex-boyfriend”. Yet, it seems like Whitney doesn’t care since she was into him first. If Heather Sykes and Whitney Thore both have feelings for Buddy, then this is a case of a love triangle. Don’t miss the season finale on TLC.
  9. Interesting choice of song, "Earthquake when you shake"....
  10. Is that her calf or forearm?
  11. I'm super low maintenance with my hair. I use a 2-in-1 S/C once or twice a week, and dry shampoo and hydrating spray in between. Partly because I don't have to look super nice for my job at an elementary school cafeteria, but also, not to strip my scalp of all the natural stuff it needs. Does my hair always look amazing? Absolutely not. But don't conflate not shampooing with not showering! I shower daily, sometimes twice (just the pits and the vag after a sweaty day at work... detachable sprayer is good for oh so many things... 😉
  12. At least she is wearing a full shirt.