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  1. This song sounds like a wood-paneled CRT TV with the station tuned to a test pattern:
  2. I'm not saying that a gay actor can never play a straight character or vice versa. For example in The Assassination of Gianni Versace, you would never be able to tell that Darren Criss is actually straight from watching him play Andrew Cunanan. I'm just saying that this particular actor didn't convincingly play this particular role, for me. My "gaydar" went off with Jonathan Groff immediately, before I even looked him up and saw that he is gay. And so I just didn't buy him as this "womanizer" sort of character, and especially not when he put on his misogynistic perverted creep act to get the killers to open up. In another show where sexuality isn't literally one of the main themes of the show it wouldn't matter, but in this show it broke the willing suspension of disbelief for me a bit. (I'm bi BTW, so I'm definitely not trying to offend anyone here, just giving my opinion.)
  3. It actually says on Wikipedia that Blink-182 pulled out after people had already gotten there (really, it took them that long to figure out it was a disaster?) "The first flights from Miami International Airport to Exuma International Airport, operated by Swift Air and Xtra Airways, landed at 6:20 a.m. That afternoon, Blink-182 announced that it was withdrawing from the festival, stating in a Twitter post that: "We're not confident that we would have what we need to give you the quality of performances we always give our fans."" I think McFarland did on some level think he was going to pull it off. I think part of it was probably an "Emperor's New Clothes" situation, and part was an extreme power of positive thinking gone wrong situation, with just straight up delusional levels of overconfidence and narcissism. I think a normal person would not be able to understand his mindset. But basically it's like he formed sort of a cult where he brainwashed not only other people, but his own damn self. I think Delvey definitely has to be worse though. Both of them scammed investors and business contacts, but on the other hand you could say the investors and business contacts failed to do due diligence before getting involved with them. McFarland also scammed festival attendees but at least they just had one or two slightly uncomfortable days and then were left with a good story (and the people who spent their life savings on tickets were just idiots). Of course he did endanger lives by not giving people access to water or medical attention, so there's also that. However, Delvey scammed unsuspecting people who she had supposedly befriended, even depleting them of their life savings in some cases. That's like a real backstabbing, sociopathic thing to do and could ruin someone's trust in people forever. Like how can someone enjoy a luxury vacation knowing that in order to pay for it, they're about to trash the finances of an unsuspecting person who trusted and cared about them? I just cannot understand that.
  4. Guess who's back...back again.... https://adage.com/article/digital/fyre-festivals-ja-rule-wants-do-your-taxes/2227201
  5. Yeah in the first episode when Donatella was upset that people were going to dig up dirt on Versace after he died my husband was like "Why? Did he do anything illegal?" I was like "No, she means like the open relationship and being gay and stuff." And he was like "Why would anyone care about that?" I was like "Back then they did. Now nobody would give a fuck." Interesting blog I found: https://andrew-phillip-cunanan.blogspot.com/ (Warning some NSFW/NSFL content) Has a lot of information on the case that I haven't seen anywhere else, including photos of Cunanan in his teens and 20s, photos of his victims, postmortem photos, and most interestingly, a bunch of postcards he sent to David Madsen while traveling in 1995/1996. You can really see how intelligent and knowledgeable he was from his writing. Makes it even sadder that he chose this path when he had a lot of talents. TBH I think people underestimate how much his drug use most likely played into this. People who knew him said he was clearly unraveling and his drug use was spiraling out of control in the months leading up to it, and that he even exhibited psychotic symptoms at times as a result. He likely had psychopathic tendencies from birth (he never cried as a baby which could indicate a less reactive amygdala) and narcissistic/sociopathic tendencies instilled from upbringing, obviously. But I think the drug use is likely what pushed it over the edge from a guy who was pretty dysfunctional and involved in criminal activities, but was not really a menace to society, to a deranged spree killer. Didn't want to scare the gay community?? You know what's scary, when the police don't try to catch a murderer on the loose! What a dumb reason. I was really mad when I saw the scene where he pawns the coin and she looks over to the bulletin board and the Wanted flyer is not there...how hard is it to make some mfing copies?! Wow, I had no idea their relationship was so strained in real life. I'm not sure I believe that. Maybe the guy thinks it was Cunanan but how many years prior was this? How would he really remember the face of someone he met briefly once? A lot of people look like each other. Was about to say the same thing about the uncanny parallels between the situations.
  6. I loved this episode! It was so wholesome and heartwarming. Lonnie is one of my favorite people who has ever been on this show. (And he definitely has the nicest looking home by far of anyone who has been on the show.) I loved the scene where he gets a bunch of clothes for John, makes John try on the Hawaiian shirt and he actually likes it. LOL. I liked that Dr. Now is giving family diet plans now. Fans have been saying for years that it's odd and counterproductive that the rest of the family remains obese while the 600-lb person is on the diet. I couldn't believe their mom reacted that way! Does she WANT them to die, or...? And she definitely didn't look like she was about to starve to death anytime soon....Hopefully when she listened to them at the end, that is a trend that will continue in the future. And hopefully her acceptance of her mistakes includes the conversion therapy 😞
  7. Unblended dots of concealer aside (she was doing a demonstration)...is this makeup look supposed to actually be attractive?! And if so, to whom? Is it just me, or is the "before" look way better? Mid-1990s on the left, mid-1980s on the right....
  8. This weekend I made the somewhat concerning discovery that I am now a fan of black metal. LOL.
  9. Yes, in real life BTK was able to abstain from killing additional victims for long periods of time by instead acting out the sexual fantasies on himself. Then for some reason in 2004 he started sending threatening BTK letters to newspapers again, and was caught via the metadata on a floppy disk (LOL). What the actual hell?!
  10. His parents were violent towards each other. Witnessing violence can have similar effects to experiencing violence. (Dr. Gary Slutkin has some very interesting research about this topic.) His alcoholism from a young age also likely affected his brain development. Also: "Jeffrey Dahmer’s father, Lionel, says that his son was sexually abused by a neighborhood boy when he was 8 years old, about the time the family moved here." https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1991-08-11-mn-635-story.html I also think sometimes the truth is not even known. Ted Bundy claimed he had a perfect loving childhood. But his grandfather was known to be extremely violent and abusive towards literally everyone in his life and there were even rumors that Ted Bundy's grandfather was his dad (as in raped and impregnated his own daughter). It seems unlikely Ted Bundy was spared from the abuse or was unaffected by witnessing his grandfather abuse women throughout his life. But he never would have admitted to it. But yes, even 40 years after behavioral analysis was developed, we have a lot to learn.
  11. Reactive Attachment Disorder, IMO. TBH though, I just did not buy him as a straight character, which sort of made the show less believable to me. (The actor is gay.) Agreed so much. Many experts believe that most violence can be prevented with the proper tools and interventions. Most people aren't born destined to kill. Maybe a tiny minority of people who end up killing. The "moral panic" type of thing isn't going to get us anywhere with violence prevention. We have to meet people where they're at to turn them away from antisocial behaviors. He gained a lot of weight over the years in prison. Not everyone who kills is a psychopath. In fact I think most of them aren't. Psychopathy refers to a specific neurological condition. There's also sociopathy which is caused more by environment/abuse than genetics, where the person isn't born with antisocial tendencies but develops them as a result of trauma. There are personality disorders which are along the same lines. There are psychotic killers who kill as a result of their delusions or hallucinations. Even mood disorders can increase the risk of violence -- depression increases the risk of violence by threefold according to studies. There are brain injuries...SO many killers had a history of brain injuries. It's a massive oversimplification and inaccurate to say all killers are psychopaths. And yes, many psychopaths (probably the majority) are pro-social and never harm anyone because they have no desire to. The Macdonald Triad has actually been discredited over the years. The triad is more a sign of an abused child than of a future killer.
  12. Hahaha I didn't notice that! My husband actually got kind of mad that they didn't discuss P=NP, I have to tell him about that!
  13. Thanks to everyone's favorite 6'9" sociopath, I've started referring to this series as "Neckfucker." Also sidenote, did you guys know Ed Kemper has narrated hundreds of books on tape for the blind? Like damn, what did the blind do to deserve that? Here's him narrating Flowers In The Attic of all things: Anyway I really have enjoyed this show. I have an interest in true crime and psychopathology, and it's really fascinating to see how all these theories got developed in the first place. I've learned a lot that I can apply to cases I'm interested in. Also I can't believe the term "serial killer" didn't exist until the late 70s. I think it was more to show the difficulty of having the power and influence that comes with developing these theories. They're trying to create a model that predicts a potential risk of future criminal behavior, but did he get it right? Did he just trigger the guy into escalating his behavior by causing him to lose hope in life? It's sort of a damned if you do, damned if you don't and you don't know what the results will be, especially when something like this is in its infancy. Even now in 2019 there are STILL people stuck in the 70s way of thinking though! Like that criminals are "born evil" and there's nothing that can be done to predict or prevent it. I've literally encountered people with these views in true crime discussion groups. It's ridiculous. I also was very confused by the cheating storyline. So she's obviously cheating, she sees that he caught her and runs out to talk to him as he leaves, and then they just...never talk about it? What?
  14. The show didn't go into this for some reason (probably too complicated for a comedy show) but really the only way it would be possible is if the AI had proved that P=NP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P_versus_NP_problem) I guess that's what TVTropes would call a "Genius Bonus" (my husband being the one who told me about this while we were watching the episode...and then gave a very long explanation of P vs. NP and its implications afterwards LOL.) However in real life there's a good deal of evidence pointing to P!=NP.
  15. I guarantee that was far from the first time they heard her say it. Source: had an abusive mom who regretted having kids, heard that kind of stuff from her starting when I was preschool age. 100% agreed.
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