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  1. On the quarantine diet! Breakfast: A smoothie -- Vega One protein + greens chocolate plant-based protein powder; powdered milk; chia powder; cocoa powder; peanut butter; frozen raspberries; water. Then I put some Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted whole grain cereal in it as well, so it was more of a smoothie bowl. Lunch: Whole grain crackers and a can of sardines in olive oil. Snack: Some dates and unsweetened chocolate chips, and a mug of English breakfast tea. Dinner: Sort of a stew -- lentils, brown rice, olive oil, frozen spinach, frozen butternut squash, nutritional yeast, rosemary
  2. I'm surprised you guys liked this format. I felt unsettled by it. Like, the pauses for laughter with no laughter happening, especially. I never realized before how much the studio audience adds to the show.
  3. Good article I found on what precautions to take, for those who have questions: https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2020/03/coronavirus-what-does-social-distancing-mean/607927/
  4. There is definitely some risk involved, especially as we don't know how long droplets with the virus can stay in the air, or what the risk of infection is from those. But the vast majority of cases were spread by prolonged close contact, like being in the same room as an infected person for hours. A situation where you stay six feet away from people and avoid touching things is likely low-risk. Today we went to the beach. The boardwalk had a surprising amount of people, but we stayed away from people and were mostly on the beach itself where people were far apart from each other. The viru
  5. That guy is trash and I hope he faces criminal charges and they make an example of him. I have...something. Itchy throat, stuffed/runny nose, occasional sneezing and coughing, seems to be worse when indoors. But COVID-19 doesn't have those symptoms. It might be allergies or a cold. Doesn't change my current policy of avoiding people and staying 6 feet away from them at all times. I usually stay home but for me the hardest part is not going out on the weekend. My husband and I pretty much always go out to eat and to an activity on the weekend. We can still go to parks though so
  6. I get that, but a) Why is it toilet paper in particular? People haven't been talking as much about food shortages. And why are they buying so much of it? A lot of people have way more than a two-week supply. b) I've been following this since January and nobody in quarantine, in any country, to my knowledge, has reported running out of toilet paper or anything else. To the contrary, they have all said supplies are not a concern. People are still allowed to go to the store or get things delivered (either from the government or delivery services). People did panic shop leading up to qua
  7. The FCC has been allowing those disturbing Charmin commercials for decades. They'll allow whatever QVC comes up with LOL. The toilet paper thing is hilarious to me. Why toilet paper?? Can someone, like, explicate this phenomenon? It's like the consumerist behavior is so ingrained in them that the only possible response they can have to any crisis is to buy a bunch of stuff. Even though in this case, it actually makes the problem worse because they're putting themselves in close proximity to other people, which is how the virus spreads. And like...China and Italy had NO problem wit
  8. LOL! And then when it gets totally apocalyptic, do product presentations while welded into their homes. If they can divert a supply of N95s and hand sanitizer that "fell off the back of a truck" somewhere, that's their 2020 profits settled.
  9. It's not about the mortality rate per se. It's about the number of hospital beds, and specifically ventilators, vs. the number of people who need them. And of course if too many people need ventilators, some people aren't going to get them, and the death rate will go up from that 0.5% (that's what it is in South Korea right now BTW, not 1.5%). Keep in mind that the number of cases also goes up exponentially, not linearly. Research shows without quarantines, the number of cases roughly doubles in about six days. That means if we have 10K cases one day, we have 20K six days later, then 40K,
  10. Used to post on here. I never have bought anything from QVC but it's good background noise for working, and I'm also a chronic insomniac and it's good for putting one to sleep. And of course, filled with unintentionally hilarious/cringe content as we all know. Anyway I got away from putting it on in the background the past several months. It just wasn't having the desired nootropic and/or soporific effects anymore for whatever reason. This is by far the nicest forum I've ever been on though (this sub-forum and the forum in general). I have been on here for over two years and never even ha
  11. We can still go for walks outside! I had a very nice walk for over an hour today. Very good for the ol' sanity. I'm pretty happy with my foresight on this whole thing. Panic bought over two weeks ago before anyone else had even started, and got my husband to panic buy for his mom and her pet bird. Got husband to start working from home on Friday (rest of the office followed suit this week). Moved our large furniture into storage on Monday in anticipation of our move. Got various errands taken care of like taxes, doctor/dentist appointments, haircut, getting our old couch removed. Scaled d
  12. Exactly!! It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't. At least we have the benefit of seeing what happened to other countries who didn't quarantine early enough but even that doesn't seem to convince a lot of people. People have no idea the amount of disasters that are averted on a daily basis just by people working hard behind the scenes. Same with my MIL. She normally goes to a senior center four days a week and, while I'm not sure if they've actually cancelled yet, she has stopped going to avoid getting coronavirus. We live in the same building as her and my husband visits he
  13. The vast majority of cases spread from close, prolonged contact with infected people, ie. family members, friends, coworkers, parties, cruise ships. A much smaller proportion spread from infected surfaces. Or so I've read. So washing hands wouldn't have really stopped it. However, I already hated people who obsessively travel before this (especially with how bad it is for the planet) and now I hate them even more 🙂 The government definitely messed up with testing. However, with multiple points of entry of the virus before we even knew it was an issue (cases dated back to at least ear
  14. The R0 for both viruses is around the same (approximately 3). What that means is one person with it will, on average, infect three other people under normal conditions. In order for the number of cases to start going down, the R0 has to get below 1 (ie. each infected person on average infects less than one other person). Since the virus is unlikely to change its level of virulence, it comes pretty much entirely down to change in behavior, ie. quarantines. These viruses spread with exponential growth. Without quarantines and social distancing, the number of new COVID-19 cases doubles
  15. So, now that: *Italy is going the way of China in terms of quarantines; *My landlord sent a non-response to my question of what happens if we have to overstay our lease due to quarantines. It just said "we will comply with all CDC guidelines," and since the CDC doesn't, to my knowledge, say anything about this situation, I interpreted it as "we will fuck you over on rent unless we are legally forbidden from doing so"; *Case numbers keep going up in the NYC area and it seems like quarantines are imminent. We have decided that it's too risky to wait until early April to move
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