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  1. Yeah, all this time and that goober, Blankenship, never mentions the mysterious depression in the ground that is just a stone's throw away from the house. I would laugh my living ass off if they decide to knock down the house and start digging under it. That would make this whole show worthwhile.
  2. Well, that settles it. There is only one definitive way to see what's in all those holes and chambers. They are going to have to drain the ocean. It's the only way to be sure.
  3. Another season. What a hoot. Did you see the size of that digger they are bringing in next episode? If they dig a big enough hole, and they hit a sinkhole, maybe the whole island will fall into it and turn inside out. Then the treasure could be right there on the surface. Problem solved. Seriously, I was rolling my eyes when they spotted that hunk of "stuff" inside the pipe that had broken free and, they theorize, fallen down the narrow shaft and hit bottom in the treasure chamber. Everyone is beside themselves with excitement that they may have a sample of the floor of the chambe
  4. gaPeach, I think they were talking about residual radiation in a lot of those places, and not necessarily bits of the substance itself. However, I wasn't sure whether the teapot had actual bits, or what. It was confusing and they really should have been more specific. They said that the last time the Russian guy who handled the stuff was seen publicly, he had lost all his hair. For me, this was a strong indicator that he probably died soon after that sighting. Yeah, any time they showed anyone sitting at a table and consuming anything, I thought *uh-oh*.
  5. The dog that barks at butterflies - what happened to him? I sure hope he went with Charlie.
  6. Even though the wife got 40 years, she probably won't do all of them - 25 years, maybe. Unfortunately, that's the way the justice system usually works. I can't shake the idea that these murders were not the first murders this guy (and his wife) have committed. In the case we saw here, the victims were probably more prominent, and more easily tied to this guy. But there could be others who angered him over the years, and he dealt with them, but no one else ever knew about his connection to them.
  7. Yes, also wondered about the dog. I think she said she was walking the dog that day. It made me think of the time Pres. George W. Bush choked on a pretzel while watching TV alone in the White House residence. His dogs were with him but never made a sound while he was struggling. Afterward, Laura Bush said something like, "Well, they are watchdogs. They watched." Some of those big dogs are so calm they just take a "huh?" attitude toward anything. This case was so horrifying because of what you said, JudyObscure, it made you question how you can trust anyone. How could you begin to fi
  8. My gut feeling about the guy was that he was guilty as hell. Was it proven beyond a reasonable doubt? I don't know because I don't think we were shown enough of the testimony, cross-examination, and re-direct on this to guess. My dh and I thought the guy had a really good lawyer. Still, possibly against my own scruples regarding legalities, I'm glad the guy got nailed.
  9. It's amazing how invested, and how keyed-up, this show can get you.
  10. henripootel: Yes, my dh and I have been yelling about coffer dams since this series started. I would have thought that one of the first things they would do would have been to get a boat out there and take readings underwater to see if there were remains of some kind of coffer dams. How else could anyone have created any kind of flood tunnel? Their thinking process, and the order in which they do things on the show, seem nonsensical. In this latest episode they mentioned that, in the past, the last time Dan had gone down into the hole, the sides above him had started to collapse and
  11. Yes, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's fiction book "Riptide" has a very interesting take on the treasure and why it wasn't meant to be found. I agree with you about the color of the dye. They kept stressing that it was non-toxic and I wondered if the chemical makeup of it limited the choice of colors it could be. I have no clue about that. Also agree that it may not have been concentrated enough.
  12. Okay, so on this last go-round the dye didn't come out. (Maybe it came out in the middle of the night - hee hee) So, if there really were deliberate flood tunnels, and there really were a treasure, what are the various scenarios that would explain why the dye didn't come out?
  13. Well, Jax had quite the busy day, didn't he? And it was still very light and bright out when he embraced the semi. I hope T.O. knows how to do accounting because we know the guys are desperately in need of someone to take Bobby's place on doing the books. Thank goodness we got one last look at the inside of Gemma's office at Teller-Morrow. That absolutely hideous black and white couch we have seen and loathed a million times, the unpainted walls, the messy bunch of papers tacked to the wall without benefit of a bulletin board to back them up. And this was the lair of a woman who kep
  14. Even though it seemed inevitable at that point, Unser's death was still shocking. I laughed out loud when Gemma and Jax went on talking as if nothing had happened. Wonder if Unser's ghostly heart broke when he saw that Gemma didn't make anything of his death at all. For a couple of seconds in the garden scene when Jax took aim but started to cry, I thought he couldn't do it, and maybe he wouldn't have if Gemma didn't start giving him that pep talk. "It's time." "It's who we are." It's hard to believe that supremely selfish Gemma would encourage him to shoot. Nevertheless, I'm glad he
  15. If she is as scatterbrained as she seemed to be, maybe her son could have planned the whole thing out for her and told her exactly what to do and what to say to the police, and, meanwhile he sets up a solid alibi for himself. But she was just too dippy to do everything right. Unfortunately, that doesn't explain what happened to the weapon.
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