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  1. Hahahahah thats hysterical!l. Love It! Thanks for the links, the video is the best. The way she delivers. Everything is just perfection
  2. Thats what I've been kind of thinking too. Hmmm that doesnt look right. Oh well, moving on... i dont think the crib issue is really about a freakn crib. I think she is just lamenting been preggers in the time of co vid. She can't go out shopping, cant go to the movies, cant this and cant that. Cant stroll the sidewalk at dusk window shopping...cant. and i think shes assigned all those feelings into the CD. enjoy!
  3. Aaah ok. Well thats a shame. She has been so involved, with GMA too. She deserves an award. I dont think she wanted to leave and go to the 'new show' and now shes kind of in limbo except for the occasional co host duties.
  4. Ive checked out a few. I like them. And i like how they stream 4-6 shows at once. Those eps are pretty old i believe, i dont think anymore eps will be made.
  5. What about Sara -h Haines? She was there for several seasons before being yanked forwhateverthatshowwas
  6. Blah. Now Im getting repeats of repeats. Blaaaaaaaaah
  7. Heheh i do seem to do that well. (Confusion). I was commenting on MM addressing everyone with their formal title and how annoyingly awkward it is.. The only problem is i hooked it on the wrong post. Sorry @Kayz Opinion. A double! Im looking for the 220pm post. I see a 3 20pm. Is that it?
  8. Oik! That dress was SPECTACULAR! And michelle was so funny 'can you step it up a bit'
  9. And they could always take the charitable way. After doing the bit, each cohost can pick their fav libraries and donate that packet of books. It would be a tax write off for somebody. And the library is all for the better!
  10. Ive always been very vocal about how much that annoys me. Calling the guests by formal titles. It just comes out sounding so weird. She never did that before. Wonder why now its an issue that she does it. BUT, there are exceptions and Dr Biden is definitely one. I would never address her otherwise. Dr Jen Ashton from GMA is another. Religious leaders like the Pope. Those kinds of things. Hmm maybe shes projecting that she wants to be addressed as Mrs whateverhislastnameis. Lol
  11. IDk. Im kind of meh so far on the season. S12 was so good, this is kind of anticlimactic . Seems like they should be switched and S12 be the all star version. Oh well. Seems like Jaida, Im sorry, Shea for the win. I jest?
  12. What was the thermostat line by Jujubee? I must have missed it, though not surprised as Im having volume issues. Team Juj all the way!
  13. So very well said! Totally agree. Sick of all of it. I do admit it too, i ran into the groc store on the spur of the moment and forgot to grab my mask. Didnt even realize until mostly done. Which put a pep in my step for sure. They were nice though. Coulda been ugly.
  14. oh the memories....yeah i never much played kicking it. It was more like pick it up and turn it in for a nickel lol. (oh and the other thing we used it for, spin the bottle or truth or dare) Deleted sorry wrg forum. The rest above is legit
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