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  1. So here i am, settled in the chair with my cup of coffee and puzzle and i hear 'the View is LIVE'! Oh cool what a pleasant surprise...oh wait....lol Theyre debating the back to school issue and MM has her hackles up taking everything Joy says about the Repubs personally and theyre fighting.
  2. Yeah its like the lottery. Each state has their own rule as to whether a name is disclosed. Each state is different. Did anyone see the ep on Weds? Was it new or just a rerun? Did they talk about the find? I can catch it onDemand but if it was the same ep, nah seen it 5xs lol
  3. Do you know who the guests were? Thats the only way i know
  4. Im just hoping it will lighten up a bit after the election. Not be so stressful.. then the next big phase will have to possibly delay it a few days. All
  5. I was catching up on her posts. Girl is living her Life!! and thats what you should be doing Ana! But still i do miss you, maybe pop in once in awhile.
  6. Hahahahah thats hysterical!l. Love It! Thanks for the links, the video is the best. The way she delivers. Everything is just perfection
  7. Thats what I've been kind of thinking too. Hmmm that doesnt look right. Oh well, moving on... i dont think the crib issue is really about a freakn crib. I think she is just lamenting being preggers in the time of co vid. She can't go out shopping, cant go to the movies, cant this and cant that. Cant stroll the sidewalk at dusk window shopping...cant. and i think shes projected all those feelings into the freakn crib
  8. Aaah ok. Well thats a shame. She has been so involved, with GMA too. She deserves an award. I dont think she wanted to leave and go to the 'new show' and now shes kind of in limbo except for the occasional co host duties.
  9. Ive checked out a few. I like them. And i like how they stream 4-6 shows at once. Those eps are pretty old i believe, i dont think anymore eps will be made.
  10. What about Sara -h Haines? She was there for several seasons before being yanked forwhateverthatshowwas
  11. Blah. Now Im getting repeats of repeats. Blaaaaaaaaah
  12. Heheh i do seem to do that well. (Confusion). I was commenting on MM addressing everyone with their formal title and how annoyingly awkward it is.. The only problem is i hooked it on the wrong post. Sorry @Kayz Opinion. A double! Im looking for the 220pm post. I see a 3 20pm. Is that it?
  13. Oik! That dress was SPECTACULAR! And michelle was so funny 'can you step it up a bit'
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