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  1. Any chance anyone has the tryout video they can share? I wasn’t quick enough to download when it was first posted.
  2. What an awful picture! From L-R: thiccccck, pregnant from the tulle upwards, knockoff Ariel the mermaid Barbie doll circa 1991, Drake’s long lost twin sister, and ... pleading the 5th on Kat’s hair. They are all so beautiful in other pictures (and in real life) but yikes to this picture.
  3. I don’t disagree that I’d want my name cleared, but how many times has that video made the rounds that tell people to not talk to the police and lawyer up if you’re innocent? His behavior was crappy - yes. But I don’t blame his parents for being nervous that the police would just pin the murder on their son and call it a day and telling him to lay low.
  4. DITTO. And Tara being sent home before VK in S13. I still seethe about that one.
  5. I probably was t paying close enough attention. Who are the Wildcats (that La’Darius is cheering for)? and how the heck can Jerry cheer for Louisville and Navarro?
  6. Super interesting how Monica handled the situation with Lexi in “Cheer” versus how Kelli handled a similar situation with Heather.
  7. Yes, I’m “judging” her (hate that word bc it has negative connotations) and making my own conclusions, based on what’s shown on the show and other DCC-controlled social media (DCC official IG/FB). As for the insinuation that VK is getting a raw deal with editing, well, the CMT team can only work with what you give them.
  8. Not fair to paint this board with a broad brush. TK made a rude comment but it did not color my opinion of VK.... any opinion I hold of VK is due to VK’s own actions as shown on the show.
  9. Blonde Taylor looks like she’s dancing thru a dirty air conditioning screen .. sluggish and slow AF
  10. Lunacat

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Haven’t watched the episode yet, but have they addressed what happens when the 36 are picked for game day? Depending on who sits out, can’t that really screw with formations and groups and then you’re asking rookies or 2nd year vets to adapt on the fly (since some of your senior most vets have locked spots in the triangle). Seems like asking an all star to fill in is going to be easier since they’re used to quickly picking up spacing, formation changes, etc. Why wouldn’t you set up your rookies for success for keeping their spots consistent whenever possible? and nothing for nothing, but why this arrangement NOW and not in previous years?
  11. Have we ever seen the end of year banquet on the show the following season? I don’t think we have. Mark my words, Auntie Kelli will make sure Milkshake Kalina will win ROY, and we will see it on camera. 🙄
  12. God, those outfits in the clip are HORRIBLE.
  13. Lunacat

    S14.E04: Overwhelmed

    Gina Marie’s eyes are V distracting for me, she is the one I’m surprised they brought into tc.
  14. Check out the podcast, “I Want The Real” (season 1, episode 3) - Milan talks about her days on the team and why she left. Interesting stuff!
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