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  1. I like your comments a lot, they are balanced and insightful. Do you mind to elaborate a bit more on Ronald's entitlement? Syngin, while much more likeable, also had this air about him, like "a job? yea I'll figure that out eventually I guess." Just curious.
  2. So this was one of the ads at the bottom of the thread...Ronald?
  3. Ohhhh...why did I not even think about that?
  4. Douche bags do tend to leave an unpleasant aftertaste
  5. Okay, I'm going to say this once and very clearly...Who fucking cares if Natasha is trans or not?? What difference does that make in this storyline...None! Post after post says "I think Natasha might be trans, but don't be mad at me"...um, mad for what? Because it makes no difference? Because it doesn't, so why even say it? Now if you call her Sue Ellen Mishke (sp), that's funny. If you remark on whether she's wearing an appropriate work outfit in a doctor's office (but still, remember, it's L.A., so,) that's fine. If you say she looks like Jillian Michaels or the woman from Love it or
  6. I really hope that Brandon is getting a really really horrible edit. I couldn't help but think the whole time during this segment that Julia was being extremely reasonable. She's good with moving to Richmond; not fancy but an actual city. She may even end up loving it! And she has an actual job that she wants to do, not be an influencer or model or whatever, but like a job! This asshole then talks her down, ugh, stop. Yea she's not "fluent" but she can speak passable English...like, she's fine. He's gross if this is for real
  7. Agree. I know it's been said by others on here but it bears repeating - if Stephanie were Stephen and conducting himself the same way, most of us would be disgusted at seeing him exploit these poor, young girls in poverty. She has motives, he has motives, it's transactional, period.
  8. Are you referring to sex without a condom when a condom was agreed upon, even if the sex itself is consensual? If so, it is absolutely a thing, unfortunately. The subject played a big role in the 90s movie Higher Learning, fwiw.
  9. I get where you're coming from but I really doubt it. I could be wrong but I thought Amira said that her dad is Egyptian and her mom is French. Her accent is definitely more French-sounding than Serbian-sounding. Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian accents are much more similar to a Russian accent than a French one. Also, just because her father is from Egypt doesn't mean that he and/or she is Muslim, but if they are it's highly unlikely that they would choose Serbia as a place to live voluntarily.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one that dreams about this craziness!
  11. I laughed out loud at this whole post. Chucklet...I can't!
  12. While I totally agree on Andrei/Libby, Andrei should have never basically demanded that her dad pay for this second wedding. In the beginning when he still had savings left, he acted all proud and like he wouldn't accept her dad's help for anything ever, and once that changed and he put his hand out, he shouldn't be surprised that her dad thinks he has the right to be in his business I like Andrei but he's got some weird entitlement issues he needs to work on. Oh, and Libby's brother can shut all the way up.
  13. Yes! Do they not teach basic biology or reproductive science in Nigeria? Or is it acceptable for a young man to marry an older woman and then a younger woman also in order to procreate? (Both Angela and BGL have supposedly rejected such an arrangement). Interestingly though, both Michael and Usman rely on their mothers' approval, in what is presented as a male dominated, patriarchal society...
  14. First, congratulations to you! I wonder if it could also come down to the amount of weight lost? Maybe 100-150 lbs doesn't have the same affect on skin as 200 or 300?
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