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  1. GarrICK - "It's broughten us closer together." 🤣🤣🤣 How did this idiot ever get one woman, let alone two?
  2. I bet Roberta cries, because she's lain with a wretch. 😆
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 I love this analogy more than Garrick loves Large Wife.
  4. Yes, the whole thing is just weird, on so many levels. The most interesting part of it for me is trying to figure out who is pulling the shenanigans and why, because I'm not buying any of it. I'd still rather watch their segments than all the other dirt bags on this show, but none of this seems genuine to me. Kimberley has several sisters and loves that kind of vibe? Okay, but that's a HUGE leap to polygamy. Lots of women enjoy their relationships with sisters or friends without sharing a man. Not to mention, you'd be moving to Utah, far away from your sisters, Kimberley. Kimber
  5. I agree - If they weren't polygamists, no one would put them on a show. Too normal, too nice. So many people on these shows try so hard to be bizarre that I enjoy watching some boring, though!
  6. In my entire 60 years I have never heard the word 'embetter', thought she made it up, but nope, googled it and it really is a word! But then again, I have never been a Queen to any man, so she just knows way more than I do. Those pants, there just are are no bloody words for them! Interesting! I looked it up on Dictionary.com and it told me it was not a word. It also suggested "maybe you mean EMBITTER" which I thought was really more appropriate! I guess Dictionary.com has failed me.
  7. Eh...to each his own I guess, but in my opinion none of these things are bad. Pharmacists earn a very nice living, and it's honest work. Farming is honest work as well, and without farming, no one in the cities will have anything to eat. Playing a musical instrument seems like a nice hobby to me. It takes brains, practice, and patience. I like Colton. I think he's the only interesting, intelligent man on this show, and is definitely the only one I'd want to have a conversation with. I don't look down on farming at all, and I would love to pick his brain about every detail o
  8. I agree, and that was me that mentioned it last week. It's all a bit too much. Those of us who live in rural area, small towns, etc, do not wear the same clothes we might wear do to work around the farm to a "date", such as it is. Also those clothes are not necessarily plaid, way too tight, and ugly. I also agree that she's playing up the whole thing again this week with the way she acted about the Thai food. For pete's sake - this is not some crazy exotic thing she's had no opportunity to try before. Full disclosure, I DO have a ball cap I wear when I bale hay, but it is STYLIN', y
  9. For me, with each episode I'm finding a different one to be "the worst"...it depends on who has annoyed me most at the time. This episode did not show the Snowdens - if I have to see them, I'm usually thinking they are the worst. Insipidian makes me want to puke and seems like "the worst" the instant he appears on my screen, I find him extremely punchable. His majesty the king of nothing makes me sick the way he chases and tries to control very young women, Garrick makes me want to lock him in a porta-potty, tip it over, and light it on fire every time I see his dumb ass...I mean, they are all
  10. Well no one....in their RIGHT mind. 😉 Which is why he was on date with someone who was just enjoying her screen time, is not the least bit interested in him, and I think was enjoying trolling him. "The psychic said pretty much the opposite of what I was thinking." "What if I want multiple husbands?" 😆 You go, Alex!! Other than wannabe actresses who will go on a date with him to get on the show, all he has is his little bubbleheaded handmaiden, who we can probably all agree is not in her right mind. When they were having their glass of wine at that lovely, curbside table in the rocks,
  11. First of all, loved your whole post, laughed my ass off several times! But this in particular stood out to me, because it really pissed me off as well. This asshole has a million ways to blame everyone except himself for why this situation isn't hunky-dory. In past episodes, he has said it's a failing on Dannnnnnnielle's part - it couldn't possibly be because of his own actions. And now, Mr. Religious is pointing the finger directly at God!!! It's God's fault - because He hasn't delivered her from the jealousy yet. Even way back in the first episode, he is boo-hooing to Dannnnielle'
  12. 😆 Naturally stupid and stoned look a lot alike, I think! Yep. He always has his mouth hanging open, and looks like an absolute fool. Then he speaks, and proves himself to be an absolute fool. I agree. Now that he is back home in Colorado, Garlic is just as interested and affectionate with his kids as he was when he was in Mexico - in other words, not at all! I was waiting to see if anything would be different with Dannielle once they were home...nope. Still doesn't touch her, hold her hand, or have a single nice thing to say to her. The only things he has to say to he
  13. What the hell kind of halter top is Garlic wearing? 😆
  14. Insipidian is disappointed that Alexandra wants to continue dating multiple guys. Yeah, that's totally understandable, because it's not like YOU want to be with multiple people, is it....
  15. Mr King Man doesn't think Emily knows what she wants. I think Emily seems to know EXACTLY what she wants....and she just schooled you, and made you look like an asshole, your majesty.
  16. Brainiac Vanessa is looking for someone to "embetter" her. 🙄 Emily seems to be interested in Vanessa and not the King. Personally, I think it was those rockin' pants Vanessa was wearing when she brought those drinks out to the garage last week....
  17. Looks that way. I'd be okay with that being PERMANENT.
  18. I've been getting a kick out of that as well. While I always enjoy someone who isn't afraid to poke fun of themselves, it's probably particularly refreshing on this show that is SO full of pretentious assholes like Sidian and Dmitri....and "King" whoever. 🙄 Colton doesn't have a pretentious or arrogant bone in his body. I'm sad that he and Tami both believe so strongly that their faith DEMANDS that they live polygamy...I honestly think that without it, they would've been happy living a normal, quiet, boring monogamous life with just each other. They seem like a real "couple" to me -
  19. I had to pause my TV and then catch my breath from laughing so hard at her horrific pants. Those HAVE to be LuLaRags. Someone please tell me she bought those from Meri Brown!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  20. I agree. She has a square head, like SpongeRobyn of Sister Wives. 😆 I'll show myself out....
  21. I agree, and I think they know this. I don't believe the Winders are actually looking for a third wife right now. Colton has let it slip several times that this isn't an ideal time to be adding a new person to the mix, and first it was Sophie who seemed to be pushing for a new wife, then it morphed into Tami being the one who was more into it....nah, I'm not buying it. No one is keeping their story straight. Since the show is about adding a wife, they have to pretend to be looking, but I don't believe this storyline. In the previews for next week, it shows them explaining to Kimberle
  22. OH yes!!!! With Vacuousa sitting there on the bed in her toddler-sized shirt, with her muffin top spilling out all over the place, straightening up his shirt and getting ready to place it on him....they are so precious and special. Next time I need to jump-start a vomit, I will try thinking of these two Mensa members.
  23. Do you mean AlexAAAAAHHHHHndra? If so I could not agree more, that first video call they showed was her with a tent in the background and I thought "Uh oh, girlfriend is willing to date these two losers because she's hoping to crash on their couch for a few weeks!" Ha ha, probably not, but she does give off sort of a "I live in a van down by the river" vibe. 😆 They probably talked about the aerodynamics of her van, so they think they discussed physics. (I'm kidding, I know no one has actually established that AlexAAAAAHHHndra lives in her VAHHHHHHN.) Who in the world be
  24. 🤣 I was just going to post about this...Ashley and Dimwit said it like it was such a horrible thing! She dared to go in her room and close the door! Um.....so? She also probably sometimes wanted to eat what she felt like eating, without you monitoring every morsel of food that went into her mouth, you weirdos. And maybe, just maybe, a single person moving into a home where she is suddenly surrounded by five children would like a quiet moment to herself once in awhile. Not everyone needs constant togetherness when they're in a relationship. Many couples do not watch the same tv s
  25. Everything about the Winders' segment with Kimberley reeked of producer-driven horse shit to me. I live in a rural area - I am no farmer, admittedly, but I do plenty of rural-type things. My brother has an acreage with horses and I am there a lot - I drive tractors, bale hay, do all sorts of things with the horses, etc. HOWEVER - I do not own a single plaid shirt, nor would I ever in a million years wear anything like that on what is essentially a first date. I hesitate to throw shade at Kimberley because this felt TLC-driven to me. I think she was basically "costumed". (I guess I co
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