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  1. No, Holly didn't post a pic of herself in that nightclub. She posted a pic of herself and Jenna right before going into a Kendrick Lamar concert, but that WAS the same night she and Jenna went to the over 21 club and were spotted by a K & J spy.
  2. I think it makes more sense to think of Judy as the Head of Choreography rather than Head Choreographer. She's the department head. She oversees and approves all the dances/dancing and makes sure it's in line with the DCC brand.
  3. She looks about three feet tall here! Good God who are they paying to take these photos? Based on their instagram accounts, the girls themselves could take better pictures.
  4. Hang your head!? Hell to the NO! You need to take those suckers outside and do sexy hips in your front yard! Other, regular, boring people might wonder about your sanity if you do, but you never know. Maybe one of us fanatics lives nearby and will come squeeing over to join your triangle!
  5. I don't necessarily agree, but I'm glad you went there! ;-D
  6. I admit I've never even heard of an unwritten warning, so you might be right, but Kelli certainly seemed to expect Kaitlin to produce a piece of paper. Kaitlin said "He gave me a warning," and Kelli responded with "Do you have it with you?" But then again I live in a Chicago suburb and can't imagine any police officer that would follow someone to their home and not write it up.
  7. I think Jenna learned EXACTLY the lesson the organization wanted her to learn from that fiasco: If you're going to break our rarely-enforced rules, DON'T be dumb enough to get caught.
  8. My impression of that whole scene is that Kaitlin was lying through her teeth. She said the cop followed her home and gave her a warning, but when K & J asked to see it, she said she didn't get a written warning, the cop just told her not to do it again. That's why Kaitlin = side eye.
  9. This 100%. I'm sure that's also why they dropped the rule that a DCC must have a full time job or a be a full time student. They've realized that, as the quality of dance improves, the more time the girls must devote to it in order to stay on the team. I'd bet most of these girls are getting significant financial help from mom and dad.
  10. I guess I wasn't clear. You said that "without integrity and ethics, Holly's super awesome dance skills are just that." I was just pointing out that none of her potential employers in Hollywood are going to care about her integrity or ethics. They will care that she's an incredible technician and entertainer (which she is), that she's beautiful (check to that one too), and that she shows up prepared and on time (easily verified by watching any MTT episode). To suggest her career is doomed because she she slept with a player and drank while under age is just silly, IMHO.
  11. Those 14 cheerleaders didn't actually resign, they just threatened to (in 1989, IIRC). Jerry reassured them that everything would stay the same and everybody went back to work.
  12. I think there's an important word left out of the bolded statement above. I think neither Jerry nor Charlotte are very charitable to anyone who could damage the family business with unacceptable PUBLIC behavior. Great posts BTW, I'm enjoying the back and forth.
  13. Point taken. But I was right about the Kardashians! :-)
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