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    S14.E13: Game Day

    @ShellyB who have been the alternates to sit out of gameday performances so far?
  2. That was the cringiest episode of MTT that I can recall. Bring back Vivian and her stupid poems. I can see why Lisa made the team, hardly any of the others could formulate a coherent response to a question.
  3. I'm so jealous of everyone who gets to watch season 1 and 2. I have most of the other seasons (and have watched them to death) but it would be nice to see them in non-grainy versions.
  4. Kristin Hager was cut her second year at tryouts for weight gain but re-auditioned in Season 3 and made the team again. Not sure what happened after that. Jenna Brooks was also cut her second year at tryouts for weight gain. She re-auditioned pretty recently but didn't make training camp. Your stats for Kamillah and Morgan are correct.
  5. Erghh I hate this move, it looks good on no one. There's another one they do that I think looks awful on everyone but it is slipping my mind at the moment. Edit: I remembered! It's when they hold their hand to collar bone with the elbow pointed outwards and push the pom down to their pelvis. You're all welcome for my super technical dance terminology. #jamiewhatisachaine
  6. Sorry, I'm just catching up now but do you know where this long clip is?
  7. Jalyn 2018: If you're going to take tips from anybody, it would be Jinelle Jalyn 2019: They know we can do those double turns I have a hunch as to why Jalyn didn't make show group. #justiceforjalyn 😉 Other notes: Ashley's solo was awesome, I want to see all of Hannah's. The clips we saw were straight fire. Amber's also looked great and I want to see all of it. MORE SOLOS PLEASE! Maddie's solo was okay but I thought the other woman (Jamilla?) who did hip hop was so. much. better. I wanted to see more of that. I really like Katy, she seemed like a total sweetheart and would interact with fans well. I like that Charm stood up for her. I also like Madeline and Bret, not happy either of them didn't make it. Kristin looked awesome on the field. Go Kristin! I think Lily is really stressed about making this team (just more quietly than others). Gabby's cut was heartbreaking, I teared up.
  8. How on earth can I watch season 1 and 2, and the two hour special?
  9. Maddie, Amy and LEXIE at the front? Good grief, the second years (and Gina and Heather) were robbed. I'd take any combo of Bridget, Amber, Hannah, Jalyn, Caroline, Ashlee, Gina and Heather over them.
  10. My preferences for cuts are VK and Christina, although I detest when they drag a vet into training camp and then cut them. If they cut Savvy so VK can make the team, I will be seething. I think people are reading way too much into Lily's facial expressions. She was looking down for a second in the clip before the dance party and didn't sound natural in a really forced conversation. She does need to eat a sandwich and maybe try a darker shade of blonde. For Kat and VK (and Kashara/Jenn K etc.), it's not like they get to choose how often they're referenced in the show. The editors decide that. I feel like the second any vet gets slightly more screen time, they go from being a favourite to being disliked. Lacey was obviously one of Judy's all time faves. I remember Kelli said that Judy was really shy when she became a cheerleader, and I can see that in Lacey too. I found it a bit jarring that she was the only retiring vet that got a tribute from TPTB.
  11. I like her better without the huge veneers
  12. I'm also still salty about LSU Kat being cut from a couple of years ago. That girl could dance so much better than most of the ones that actually made the team (*cough* Christina, Savannah, Tara, Lexie, Alexis *cough*). I think I need a lozenge, that was a big cough 😉
  13. I like Charm as a judge. Kat is obviously amazing. My favourite returners are Kristin and Lily. I feel like Lily has a little bit of an edge about being cut on the final night of last year, which I enjoy. I don't think we got much of a feel for her personality last year. I like Amanda and think Gina is good. I think those are all the names I picked up. Not a fan of Malena or VK. The judges are way too soft on her. I always enjoy the next two rounds of auditions more than this one. I'm not a huge fan of the open audition having it's own episode. I would like an hour long episode for the first two rounds, and either a long episode or two episodes dedicated to the round against the vets. I want to see more of the solos!!! Alternatively, they could keep the current format and upload all the solos on the site as individual clips. They film them all anyway.
  14. I think you misinterpreted the phrases in that sentence. I read it as: "I'm sooo sexayyyy" face was on full display during her solo, followed by her top coming right off, the year she was cut.
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