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  1. RedRobin

    S14.09 The Newest Star

    Just finished watching Manny get eliminated so I came over here to see who won. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this season & needless to say I deleted my DVR without seeing the "co-winner" announcement.
  2. RedRobin

    S06.E12: History in the Making

    HATED the twist! I agree, I think they didn't want to eliminate someone (Fabio maybe?) so they concocted this stupid add on challenge. In my opinion, if it hasn't already, this episode just made Project Runway All Stars officially jump the shark.
  3. RedRobin

    S17.E12: Five Is the New Black

    OK lets see if I can get this straight, Milly being confident in his ability equals a "crappy" attitude (but it's OK for Nick & lazy ass Josh)?? Elise garners the "insufferable" tag (but again, it's OK for Michelle & Dana)?? Not saying that Elise was not arrogant as all get out, but she was no less a pain than the group of "mean girls" that encompassed her team. The entire red team acted like a bunch of spoiled brats who subscribed to "groupthink". They are two of the more talented chefs, but from the beginning they were constantly told that they don't belong in the competition, why would they want to play nice with this entitled group of people??
  4. RedRobin

    S17.E11: Trying to Pasta Test

    I cannot believe that so many folks think that Elise is the weakest chef on this red team. Is she an ass? Yes, but for the most part, she is more talented than most of the chefs on both teams. If you haven't noticed, most chefs are notorious for being complete jerks and difficult to get along with. I mean when HK first started, Ramsey himself was often criticized for being a rude jerk, so why would you think that he would deviate when hiring someone to work for him and run his restaurant? Just because you don't like her, doesn't mean that the remaining chefs are any more talented than she is. Michelle (the whiner) is total CRAP and I cannot believe that she's still standing.
  5. RedRobin

    S15.E04: Little Tools, Big Challenge

    This is a perfect example of what Tyler should have done and I'm sure he would've faired quite successful. I too liked him up until his snarky remark, but oh well, that's how the biscuit crumbles.
  6. RedRobin

    Chopped 2017: That Dish Was Just Offal

    From the article: Hiep Thi Le, who escaped Vietnam on a fishing boat when she was about 9 and a dozen years later became an unlikely movie star when she was cast as the central figure in Oliver Stone’s 1993 film “Heaven and Earth,” died on Tuesday in Los Angeles. She was 46. The cause was stomach cancer, her friend Quentin Lee said.
  7. RedRobin

    Top Chef Junior

    It comes on Friday nights on the Universal Kids channel. Last night was a repeat, episode 9 "Un-bee-lievable". I hope it will pick back up next year.
  8. RedRobin

    Top Chef Junior

    This week's observations: Happy with the final 4 but still sad that Fuller is gone. Henry looks/acts like the he could be the youngest of the Voltaggio brothers. 'tis all...
  9. RedRobin

    Top Chef Junior

    Found this show one night & was so happy to be able to get my Top Chef "fix"! My faves so far are: Fuller, Jasmine, Fuller, Rahanna and Fuller (not sure if you can tell that I really like FULLER)!!! I must say, his "butter burger" was spot on and I will never make a burger without a pat of butter again! I agree, that save jar is horrible. It's already disappointing when the kids get eliminated, so I don't know why they feel the need to add the extra drama.