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  1. I really like the addition of Charm LaDonna this season, both for her choreography and for her critique. She also appears to genuinely enjoy and appreciate the girls' dancing when they're rocking her choreography. Lauren's a cutie--I really hope she strengthens up and comes back next year. So much potential. Bret reacts to her cut just like she dances: wooden, choppy, unemotional. I mean, I don't like the Malena/Nina Moch breakdowns either. Both extremes are uncomfortable to watch. The more I see and hear Madeline S., the more I like her. Tall, classic beauty--and intelligence. She's got the whole package. I think Alexandra has gotten veneers or something on her upper teeth since the last time she auditioned. Not sure why girls with perfectly healthy teeth think veneers are a good idea. They end up looking like dentures half the time. Taylor's legs go on for.ev.ver. She's got a great look. Shaina is, as Denise said, a "stunner." There's something lame about her hair color though. It's like an orangey creamsicle color. I can't wait for makeovers!
  2. Same! Only I thought it was an ad for feminine products (“It’s always with me—in my purse!”).
  3. It was Lauren. ITA regarding host families. Great idea! I agree re: apartment leases too. I kept thinking at the end of this episode, So Gina Marie is like, “Ok, anyone want to take on the 3 weeks that’s left of my month-to-month lease??” Other thoughts on this episode: I found the ancestry.com stuff to be kind of cringe worthy. The sub text goes something like, Well, my Irish Grandpa nailed Grandma who was from Trinidad, and... Chandi continues to be one of my favorites. She’s gentle on the ears, gentle on the eyes. I like how she wears yellow to everything. Like it’s her brand. Smart! I liked getting to see the TCCs learn the jump splits. It’s such a technical thing and it looks so hard to do. I always like seeing/hearing the instruction. I felt bad for Kat. But why are all of her housing situations falling through? Wasn’t she invited to stay at someone’s place in Ep. 2 or 3? Didn’t the girl say to Kat she could stay there as long as she needed? Oh, Travis Wall, you will never be the point girl—Kelli hates tattoos.
  4. I was wondering about that! It sounded so creepy.
  5. Brandi Kilby. When they straightened her hair, she became a totally different girl. Wow!
  6. Brianna, from Delaware. She was strikingly beautiful. Loved her look and her personality. I seem to remember her saying she would take two years off and try out for DCC again, which would’ve been this year. But I didn’t see her. Anyone know why she didn’t try out as planned? More on this episode: Lisa is great. She may not be a glamour girl but she has a lot of punch and she works very, very hard. Good for her! Oh no, another Dead Relative Backstory. MTT producers, please stop beating the dead horse. So to speak. Victoria has seemed to rein herself in this season and it’s good to see. She seems more put together overall. Meredith… I think it must be Xanax or something. She’s delayed in her speech, she is delayed in her movements. Moving in to new, updated apartments, new lamps, new sheets, new beds...sheesh. The TCCs this season appear to have a lot of money from their families or something. It seems like a shift from seasons past. There’s nothing wrong with having money. But if you want the all-around golden girl you’ve got to make sure that the DCC does not become some sort of club only for the very wealthy. Chandi—still one of my favorites. Darling, precise in her movements, consistent. Not overly sexy but I think that’s a good thing. A team full of Kalyssas would change DCC into something else. Amanda has an interesting look. I call it “pretty punk.” Kind of like a Debbie Harry. Once in a while though she can look almost walleyed. Madeline S.—I’m rooting for her. The humble legacy.
  7. YES. Caroline has grown on me so much. She’s a powerhouse, has strong dance technique, she’s beautiful. All around all-American girl. I’d lighten her lipstick color to soften her a bit. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing. Caroline for point. She’s the real deal.
  8. Totally agree. I really like Lily this season. I hope she makes it to the makeover episode of training camp. I think she needs 1) her hair smoothed out and 2) really good quality makeup foundation. I think she could be a total knockout waiting to happen.
  9. I miss Kitty Carter. Last year was the outlier for me. Other than that, I have enjoyed watching her every year. Outspoken, colorful, direct, and downright hilarious to watch. (“Cathyyy, that move went out in the 70s.”) Kristi Scales continues to be one of my favorite judges during the audition process. I don’t always agree with what she says, but I think her comments are honest and she provides a unique POV. She’s refreshing. I think Bret has moments of cute, but something with the way she purses her lips when she speaks bothers me. I’m glad they didn’t take Katy into training camp. If they cut Gabby for the belly flab, it would’ve been wrong for them to take Katy. I think it’s tough to judge the solos from the tv screen since we can’t hear the real music they were using. Example: without knowing what she was dancing to, I can’t tell if VK was randomly flailing about during her routine or whether there was some musicality there. I’m sure it’s a licensing issue, but still. Christina bombed the interview question about the star. I’m not even a Texan and I could’ve answered that. C’mon. Charlotte looks softer this year. Her hair was too shaggy last season and it made her look harsh. This year, she looks much better. Victoria’s interview answer about who would she cut (Kelli, Judy, or Charlotte) was clever. Well played, VK. Malena always seems on edge to me. She’s a beautiful girl, but it’s uncomfortable to watch. Kat should’ve had a better routine than that. And a better costume. I’m still Team Kat though. I like Rachel W., but I will say I think she’s put on a few pounds and they've gone straight to her legs. She looks a little thick to me from the waist down. Charm is a good addition to the judges panel this season! Like her a lot. Amanda’s solo was strong, sharp, and a little sexy. Was that a Flashdance/80s costume routine Lily was doing? I’d love to know what song she danced to. I’m impressed with Kristen this year. She looks more polished, feminine, put together. Poor Malena’s tag was sticking out. Madeline S. Oh em gosh. Kicks for days. Good dance technique. She’s real, not made up. Love her! Ok... Why are almost all the dancers in tights and bare feet these days? Maybe I’m just anti-germy, but ew. Put some dance shoes on. Please.
  10. Former: Abigail Klein Recent: Jenna Jackson (she was the last real DCC superstar, IMO) Current: Lexie Smith
  11. I finally got to watch the first episode. New opening song: two thumbs DOWN. Sounds like the theme from "Dance Moms." Only not as good. Kat! LOVE her. I'd seen her in photos on Instagram during auditions, and I could tell months ago that she was gorgeous. But to see her in action! She's really beautiful. Wouldn't she rock the uniform! Amanda, another favorite. Lots of pop. Crisp. She reminds me a little of the actress Amanda Seyfried. Loved, loved the sweet backstory about her brother. That said... Gina. I liked her too, but especially for the fact that she didn't have a Dead Relative backstory. Refreshing. DCC Lacey was her inspiration. Well, good! Lacey made Judy cry when she retired. Clearly Lacey inspires a few people! Lily bored me last year. I thought of her as the poor man's Jordan Chanley only without Jordan's heart and bubbly personality. But this season, I admit, I found sassy-salty Lily quite interesting. Please, keep the cameras on her! And please keep her talking. Kelli looks fantastic. I do see that she's slimmed down these past few years. You go, woman. I've seen comments on here about not liking Julia's look, and I have to agree. To be more specific, and I hate to say this, but she looks to me like a man in drag. Also, her legs aren't very long by DCC standards. TPTB have chosen shorter legged girls for the squad before (Tara, Loni), but I just don't like the look. I still think Meredith has a thick middle. Kind of rectangular shaped. Not my favorite look, but she is interesting to watch in terms of her facial beauty and dance skills. Keyna, wow, she's in great shape. I couldn't tell by her dancing though if she'd have the stamina or flexibility to pull off the DCC style. Chandi, so pretty. Beautiful eyes! Would love to learn a little more about her. Lisa, the one they called "adorable." YES. Loved her. Victoria. Ugh. No. I hated the fall out of the turn. I heard Kitty Carter in the back of my head saying, "Don't do s**t you can't do." You know, I would be impressed with Victoria if she were to do hip hop or something totally different than her current shtick. Something to show that she's good at her craft, and not a one-trick pony. (No horse comments, please!) I can't wait for next week! Semifinals are my favorite round.
  12. I always liked Natalie on DCC MTT, because she was such an incredible interview. Conversation for her seems easy and natural. After seeing this interview, I like her even more! She's got a humble, self-effacing quality to her, too, which makes her even more likable ("I barely made the team," etc.). Thanks, Scorpio, for posting this!
  13. Well, this season is over. I purchased from Amazon and didn't mess with iTunes this time! Episode 13 was better than I expected. The HD visuals of the pyrotechnics and music as the DCC made their entrance was exciting. I mean, I've seen that now a dozen+ times over the years, and this time I was like, "Wow. Here they are." Charlotte looked strange. Is it the shaggy haircut? Or has she had (more) work done on her face? I think she's attractive the way she is naturally, so the difference kind of freaked me out. Kelli looks fanfreakingtastic this season! I wasn't sad to see Lily go. I don't particularly like her look, I don't like her hair, or her style of speaking, and then her dancing was kind of blah. So yes, pare down that squad and cut her, absolutely. I wasn't sad to see Malena go either, all though I certainly felt some sympathy for her being cut the last night. I will say that watching her cut gave me the major uncomfortables Eek. Contrast her reaction to Tara's! So different. The "No, no, no, no, no, no, please, no, no, no, don't say it..." Eeeyikes. That said, Malena is beautiful and would rock the uniform. Who knows? Maybe she'll come back after hitting those prep classes hard. And she needs to learn to smile on that field! The Brennan/Kelli hug in the tunnel was a touching moment. And Lauren pouncing on Brennan with glee was precious. Poor Jalyn! That looked painful. She was a good sport though, took it in stride. She seems to be a good sport in general. I would love to see Cianna's hair blown out. I thin that would be a stunning look for her. Poor Yuko! Hope she recovers fully and quickly. Briana is fantastic. Wish we'd heard and seen more of her this season. Ashleeeeee! I've liked her for awhile and she just keeps getting better and better. And her shoulders! Strong and gorgeous. And she's absolutely right that it's the hard work that gets you there. Bridget's reaction, "My team, my team!" Loved it. Caroline had one moment in the tunnel when she was hot. Most of the time she doesn't strike me as that attractive. I loved seeing when they called their parents with the good news. Did y'all notice the song titles behind Kelli on the white board? Seasons ago, we used to know exactly what songs they danced to. "When I Grow Up," "Glamorous," etc. Now it's harder to know that because of licensing issues or whatever. So it was great to see some of those song titles this season! Lacey was so cute as an 18 year old! And Kashara. She's one of a kind. She will be missed.
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