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  1. Yep. I call those "Nina Moch crocodile tears." So heartwarming. These are the kinds of stories I want to see. I like Taylor even more now, seeing how she nurtures a relationship with her Grandpa and how she wisely doesn't get too settled into her apartment until the final squad has been announced. I wasn't sad to see Julia leave. I was never a fan of her look or of her short legs, or of her media mistakes, or of her general attitude. Moving on. Is it just me, or are there more injuries/fainting spells this year than in the past? It seems like the girls are put under more strain nowadays. I bet it's a factor having the Star located all the way out in Frisco, plus the huge growth of the DFW area and the traffic problems it's created. Victoria is well spoken this season and she looks great. Good for her!
  2. Maybe there are other individual DCC photos elsewhere at the stadium they didn’t show on the tour? I was happy Abigail’s photo was so prominently positioned. She’s my all-time favorite DCC. Exceptionally beautiful, but a special girl in other ways too.
  3. I was thinking about that too. “Shaina” is a Hebrew name (it means “beautiful”—quite fitting for her). I wonder if she’s Jewish? Anyone know anything about this helicopter crash? How tragic.
  4. I have no words. Kidding. Of course I have words. Madeline S. is so composed, so mature. I’m completely impressed with how she carries herself. Enough with the guest (non-DCC) choreographers. It’s like total overload. With the sole exception of Charm LaDonna, none of them do anything close to the DCC style and it seems like such a pointless waste of time. What, is the Cowboys organization going to have the DCC taking the Billie Eilish “seduce your dad type” choreography on the road? No, I don’t think so. Save it for the other TV shows, please. Stop putting the girls—and the MTT fans—through this every week.
  5. Remember what Kash said: “You can trust her.” The point of the triangle is a strong dancer and a leader in every sense of the word. Caroline is the best of the pack. Oh, and I loved the reaction of everyone when Caroline made show group. She has major squad support. Yaay Ashley and Rachel for making show group this year! Such good spunk and energy. Rachel W.—beautiful. Exactly what Kelli said. Madeline S. (upon seeing her makeover): “Well, hello, sunshine.” Adorable. And self affirming. I love it. Chandi is still my favorite TCC so far. There’s nothing to dislike about her!
  6. I’ve missed Kashara, good to have her back to teach the girls. She’s a one of a kind. AND she picked my girl Caroline for point! YES!
  7. I really like the addition of Charm LaDonna this season, both for her choreography and for her critique. She also appears to genuinely enjoy and appreciate the girls' dancing when they're rocking her choreography. Lauren's a cutie--I really hope she strengthens up and comes back next year. So much potential. Bret reacts to her cut just like she dances: wooden, choppy, unemotional. I mean, I don't like the Malena/Nina Moch breakdowns either. Both extremes are uncomfortable to watch. The more I see and hear Madeline S., the more I like her. Tall, classic beauty--and intelligence. She's got the whole package. I think Alexandra has gotten veneers or something on her upper teeth since the last time she auditioned. Not sure why girls with perfectly healthy teeth think veneers are a good idea. They end up looking like dentures half the time. Taylor's legs go on for.ev.ver. She's got a great look. Shaina is, as Denise said, a "stunner." There's something lame about her hair color though. It's like an orangey creamsicle color. I can't wait for makeovers!
  8. Same! Only I thought it was an ad for feminine products (“It’s always with me—in my purse!”).
  9. It was Lauren. ITA regarding host families. Great idea! I agree re: apartment leases too. I kept thinking at the end of this episode, So Gina Marie is like, “Ok, anyone want to take on the 3 weeks that’s left of my month-to-month lease??” Other thoughts on this episode: I found the ancestry.com stuff to be kind of cringe worthy. The sub text goes something like, Well, my Irish Grandpa nailed Grandma who was from Trinidad, and... Chandi continues to be one of my favorites. She’s gentle on the ears, gentle on the eyes. I like how she wears yellow to everything. Like it’s her brand. Smart! I liked getting to see the TCCs learn the jump splits. It’s such a technical thing and it looks so hard to do. I always like seeing/hearing the instruction. I felt bad for Kat. But why are all of her housing situations falling through? Wasn’t she invited to stay at someone’s place in Ep. 2 or 3? Didn’t the girl say to Kat she could stay there as long as she needed? Oh, Travis Wall, you will never be the point girl—Kelli hates tattoos.
  10. I was wondering about that! It sounded so creepy.
  11. Brandi Kilby. When they straightened her hair, she became a totally different girl. Wow!
  12. Brianna, from Delaware. She was strikingly beautiful. Loved her look and her personality. I seem to remember her saying she would take two years off and try out for DCC again, which would’ve been this year. But I didn’t see her. Anyone know why she didn’t try out as planned? More on this episode: Lisa is great. She may not be a glamour girl but she has a lot of punch and she works very, very hard. Good for her! Oh no, another Dead Relative Backstory. MTT producers, please stop beating the dead horse. So to speak. Victoria has seemed to rein herself in this season and it’s good to see. She seems more put together overall. Meredith… I think it must be Xanax or something. She’s delayed in her speech, she is delayed in her movements. Moving in to new, updated apartments, new lamps, new sheets, new beds...sheesh. The TCCs this season appear to have a lot of money from their families or something. It seems like a shift from seasons past. There’s nothing wrong with having money. But if you want the all-around golden girl you’ve got to make sure that the DCC does not become some sort of club only for the very wealthy. Chandi—still one of my favorites. Darling, precise in her movements, consistent. Not overly sexy but I think that’s a good thing. A team full of Kalyssas would change DCC into something else. Amanda has an interesting look. I call it “pretty punk.” Kind of like a Debbie Harry. Once in a while though she can look almost walleyed. Madeline S.—I’m rooting for her. The humble legacy.
  13. YES. Caroline has grown on me so much. She’s a powerhouse, has strong dance technique, she’s beautiful. All around all-American girl. I’d lighten her lipstick color to soften her a bit. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing. Caroline for point. She’s the real deal.
  14. Totally agree. I really like Lily this season. I hope she makes it to the makeover episode of training camp. I think she needs 1) her hair smoothed out and 2) really good quality makeup foundation. I think she could be a total knockout waiting to happen.
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