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  1. Rachel A. looks so different after having a nose job. She doesn't even look like herself.
  2. I always laugh at the "girl last night" comment. In Ika's case, I think it was pretty spot on. And I like the Eastern European look! I just wish that Ika's makeover would've been more transformative. Especially when we see how polished she looks now. >> Wow! Good for her! She's a good writer, too. Eloquent. Body fat percentage is the most important figure in determining how fit a person is. Jay is absolutely correct in focusing on this. I admit, however, that the 10-12% they focused on for awhile seems too low for even an athletic young woman. I would've thought 12-15% would be ideal. And it seems they adjusted the "ideal" percentage from season to season.
  3. And Yuko had a sense of humor, too! "My cat is an American." 😄 Absolutely adorable.
  4. Yes, that bothered me too. I don't think Stephanie Heyman should've made the team.
  5. I got pretty impatient with Liz Reuter, like many girls before her, who refused to make the changes necessary to get the weight off. Did she meet with Jay? If she followed his training and nutrition advice, she would've made the team. I think Yuko was truly special. Adorable smile with those dimples! And a huge natural talent on camera, which became obvious on the calendar shoot. She got the dances well enough, and not everyone on the team needs to be a total powerhouse. One pet peeve about Judy: when the girls are rehearsing and she gives corrections while counting out. Like syncopated speech. Funny and a tad annoying! "One, two...it's hard to do...slow, six...seven, eight..."
  6. She really is. There's an elegance to her look and communication that I've liked since we first saw her. And wow, I think she's dropped 10-15 lbs since she first auditioned and she looks incredible.
  7. Had a dental procedure this morning and wanted to relax today, so I spent an embarrassing amount of time on IG. And I satisfied a longtime curiosity! I always wondered whatever happened to Kimber Baker (S02), like, did she study and become more articulate and educated? I found her on IG and it seems she certainly has. She completed her nursing degree, she’s married, and has two beautiful boys. I was so glad to see this! I love a good underdog story. https://instagram.com/kimber_hazouri?igshid=4qc69l8glup4
  8. It's Electricity by Ashley Jana: https://music.apple.com/us/album/electricity/1497482509?i=1497482510
  9. Absolutely. Danielle had a face and a smile that would light up a room. You can tell that TPTB thought so, using her image in the HD opening video at games introducing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, right before the DCC make their big entrance.
  10. Re: Jay, this. This so much. He's all about the lean and mean, and nobody gets a pass whether their uncle paid for the dance floor or not. I have so much respect for Jay. Yeah, I think Kelli and Judy must've gotten a makeup and wardrobe budget bump after season 1! 😜 What I can't get over while watching Season 1 is: - Kelli calling in girls into the office herself, rather than having a staff member bring them in. I'd think it would be more intimidating to be called into Kelli's office by one of her people. So Kelli got a wardrobe boost and a bump up in power, too. - How so few of the veterans and TCCs could barely sexy walk across the floor. - While the dancing skills may not have been as strong back then, I think the girls were more supple and their kicks were better than they were in subsequent seasons. - Everyone wearing their own practice clothes. Visually a mess. It was a very good move having them in pink and blue, respectively. Natalie Woods, I agree. Out of this world incredible. I think Kalli Fullerton had a lot of qualities Kelli has always wanted in a DCC: intelligent, educated, passionate about the DCC, clean cut. And those long legs God gave her, too.
  11. They gave her plenty of feedback and chances to correct her waddle, but she continued to dance weird and she couldn't seem to break the habit of sounding rehearsed when she spoke. She came back for Season 10 and hadn't improved, so she didn't make it past finals. She is absolutely gorgeous; I'll grant you that!
  12. I love her look and skills! And she's HD-ready. We have several Sun Devils in our family, and after so much Wildcat representation on the DCC squad year after year, I'd love to see Claire make the team. Jada is stunning. And we know how Kelli adores long legs.
  13. Point: Caroline 1GL: Caroline, Maddie, Lexie, Tess 2GL: Victoria, Daphne, Amber, Chandi I agree regarding Bridget.
  14. I totally enjoyed her IG takeover. Not only did she start out the day with no makeup (still looking pretty, all natural), she was honest and vulnerable in her responses. She allowed herself to go deeper than some of the other DCC IG takeovers ("How tall are you?" "Who's your boot buddy?" blah blah blah) Yeah, Kat's play on the fake boyfriend was totally cute and funny. ITA regarding her Christian faith. Good for her!
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