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  1. Wish they would take the show back to its original format. Such a shame, with all the amazing actors that the showrunners ran this show into the ground. Had so much potential, im still holding on to hope that they will renew it, but its unlikely. Intrested to see where hannah's new beginning will take her. Hopefully she will be kicking ass like in the Nikita days. Pretty good plot twist with Hannahs firing. I suspected something was weird the way she smiled at kirkman at the end. two more episodes till the finale. Maybe they'll save the show in two weeks?
  2. Well I think this episode undoubtedly confirmed frosty Audrey is evil. Obviously Maggie Q is not getting booted off, and the only way for her to come back is if she was right about frost. So I’m sure it will be revealed Hannah saved the day again. But seriously, Kirkman couldn’t have at least heard her side of the story, after all he’s done for the country??? It did break my heart a little bit when she said everyone I care about is gone, and she didn’t list chuck. People on this form who keep saying chuck is a prime suspect for the hacker are right, he would be in a prime spot for that. But that would be very disappointing to me, so I’m gonna decide to turn a blind eye to that. The emily and Aaron scene was long overdue, obviously there building up to doing stuff in the finale. Nice to see any resemblance of season 1 again. I may have the unpopular opinion, but I really wish this show would continue for a 3rd season and it would get a better show runner. So sad how they took it in such a different direction from what it was meant to be.
  3. A lot of people always say Hannah gets in the way and they want more of the White House stuff. Does anyone else feel the opposite? I love the Hannah scenes as much or more than the whitehouse stuff
  4. Hopefully Alex’s death will be a start on a new conspiracy by the end of the season and Maggie will be following a solid good conspiracy again. We can only hope
  5. The point of the episode is, they don’t think that far into it, the Mother was taking his word at face value and Emily was trying to convince her to look deeper into it
  6. Brit was guilty, got caught, and wanted to die. He commuted suicide on that bridge. He’s not stupid, he knew the second he reached his hand into his pocket she had no choice but to kill him. He could have easily went to jail by putting his hands behind his head. I hope chuck gets a chance now, but every time chuck tries to have a moment Hannah friendzones him. why does everybody hate the children so much? Yea there not great to be main characters or anything but that preview of penny broke my heart Killing and replacing Alex will either be the demise of or the saving grace of this show.
  7. Welcome back, Designated Survivor. I’ll admit, I couldn’t stand the First Lady as much as anyone else. But seeing Keifers reaction after their victory? My heart absolutely broke. I’m glad she left by her own choice to work on another show. As always, Maggie Q is a beyond phenomal actor no matter what she is doing. The scene between her and chuck was so heartwarming, I really hope they become a thing eventually, they have been setting the stage for it since season one. Yes the whole thing with Damian was predictable but then he’s,,, ALIVE? How did he survive that fall?? What is he gonna do now?? I guess all these questions will have to be answered after the break. Hurry up February 28th. One criticism is: I don’t like how they tend to portray liberals as the livesaving heros and people who are religious as bad. I have never heard of a religion that would not do that.
  8. All I can say is: I hope next episode Is as good as it looks in the preview. Damn. The letters were kinda interesting-except the bees one. But the same issue we have had all season- so much sh!t for a single hour. Cant wait to see how they knock Alex off next episode. Loved that kirkman finally laid down the law with his pain in the ass wife. I though they were laying the groundwork for the ending of Seth and Emily's thing and the rekindling of her an Aarons, but like always, nothing on DS is as it seems. For the love of god, stop kissing Seth, Emily. Its like watching brother and sister kiss. It was bad enough the first time, but twice? Really? I'm convinced these writers are not right in the head. Stop whining like a little girl and man up Seth. Hands down the best part of this episode was the last two minutes when Hannah found out who was truly by her side. She owes Chuck big time. You could see the anger on her face after that call, Damian better watch his back. Cannot wait for next week. I hope they don't make us wait 3 months again for it to come back-that was torturous.
  9. Im glad other people saw my concern too: Could that of possibly have been Aaron with Hannah? Damn, this should be interesting. Although it would make sense for it to be Damian, (came back from overseas, happy to see eachother, etc:) it did look eerily like Aaron, or maybe even Chuck? Mike was being such an ass to Hannah. Not cool. Don't mess with Hannah. Glad they worked it out in the end though. THIS was the designated survivor I missed this whole season. Intense, action packed, awesome. Jack is BACK baby. Slightly rolled my eyes at the drama at the white house though, especially with Seth. Bring back the old Seth, not this whiney drama causing a-hole that thinks he should be with Emily. "Your dating your boss," What the hell was that all about?? Also why were Kendra and Em dressed exactly the same with the same hair? They need a blonde on this show. Everyone looks the same Really liked this episode. Hope the next two are even better
  10. I actually liked seeing Leo again, Tanner was the best he’s been all season imo (and the thing with his girlfriend was interesting (not saying he should be a main cast member or anything, just thought he was good last night) glad president moss wasn’t actually involved. I wasn’t expecting that ending. Again just too many storylines moving too fast, wish they would stop that The most interesting thing is seeing the First Lady dig herself deeper and deeper into a hole. Feeling like she’s somehow been connected to this all along and just playing dumb. Would make for a good plot twist if she did Like other people have pointed out Im waiting for Chuck to loose it on Damian The Hannah and Damian scene..? That came out of nowhere; I don’t know if there’s real chemistry between them. Give chuck a shot and send Damian back where he came from cant wait for next weeks episode
  11. Chuck and Damian are the two helping Hannah on this show-Those are the current names of their characters
  12. Agree 100%. I actually don't mind Kendra because unlike Lyor she hasen't invaded on the original cast, but I wonder why they didn't get someone who looked a little different from Emily
  13. It was more of a friends kiss. Not like the Emily Aaron kiss or the Hannah and Damian kiss made up of pure sexual tension. This was more just like Emily needed a man who cared about her in that moment and Seth was it. Hopefully she was just at a low point and now the writers can stop making her like Seth and put her back with who we all know she truly belongs with. I have a feeling it’s all just a distraction and Aaron will come back into her life hopefully by the end of the season
  14. I actually really enjoyed this episode. It really does suck seeing Emily and Aaron with virtually no connection anymore. It dosen't seem right. Everyone was flipping out over Em and Seth's kiss, and it was weird but I think it was definitely more of a friend kiss, completely different than per say her and Aaron or Hannah and Damian. Still weird though. Bring back Aaron. Also I agree the scene with her dad had horrendous writing. The whole thing with the MOTFL is interesting. cant wait to see if she's involved with the conspirators. I cant tell if I like Hannah working on her own or with a partner. I don't dislike Damian, I just don't know if she needs a partner. Don't make us wait 2 weeks ABC
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