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  1. Do I ever remember that one! Along with "An Unlocked Window" it has to be one of the creepiest episodes ever aired.
  2. Thanks for your honest input, @PearlClutcher. I'm beginning to "harden" up about it all. Her family has not contacted me either.
  3. I don't really know much about her daughter in North Carolina. We've never met. My friend has a son in Ohio but I hardly think she is travelling from the Atlantic coast to the Midwest in these weather conditions. The voicemail thing is the most jarring. I just don't know what to think. I hadn't thought of that, even though I watch more crime shows than is good for me. In my heart of hearts I know she is okay (don't ask me why, I don't think I'm a delusional personality) but still it's worrying. This did happen in a manner of speaking once before, where my friend took a vacati
  4. Thanks so much, @Alte Frau. The mystery seems to be deepening as I found her SIL's business card, called his cell phone, left a message but have not received a reply. So you were a Bronxite too! How wonderful! Always interested in anyone or anything to do with my home borough! I'm from 190th and Aqueduct Avenue. We weren't that far from Webster if I recall correctly but my memory is not what it once was. I went to P.S. 86 elementary school and Walton High. I'm rattled, @Fishy but as far as I know she's been relatively healthy. I know she's been under extreme stress with the d
  5. I've got the heat on in South Florida. Not only freezing the old caboose off, but my best friend who lives near me in Boynton Beach has been MIA since the middle of October. Told me back then she was going on vacation to visit her daughter in North Carolina for about two weeks and I haven't heard a word since. We always exchange birthday and holiday greetings but nothing from her end. Beginning to get nervous. We always respect each other's privacy but now I feel a pressing need to find out just exactly what's going on. So I called her number. There was a dial tone, but then I
  6. I had a 93 year old man pinch me in the laundry room three weeks ago.
  7. I think I got it, thanks! You're doing better than me.
  8. @Booney, I'm not able to include my name because my survey answers are included in your quote box. I'm hopeless!
  9. Sorry, @Booney, these are obviously mine and I couldn't delete your name. How do I fix this? I am so embarrassingly tech-less.
  10. This is so true. Two of Shawn's favorite sayings that she's posted are "Well-behaved women don't make history" and another one I can't quote exactly but it has "being ridiculous is better than being boring" as part of the complete phrase.
  11. Tells us her brother just had a birthday and outs his age on national television. "He turned 53" Not too long ago some host (I forget who) "joked" that if a person wanted to keep a secret, not to confide in Shawn Killinger because in essence she would blab it to the world.
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