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  1. I agree with so much of this. I don't really care for this adaptation so far because the dialogue and the actions of these people are so uncharacteristic of both Austen and the era. While some of Austen's characters can be somewhat unconventional and show remarkable independence for the time, these characters really stray too far. And to be honest, I don't really like any of them---even the protagonists. Also, there are too many characters that are either different reincarnations of other Austen character stories or seen superfluous. I guess I'll see how this progress, but I'm disappointed so far.
  2. UA is a research university while ASU's focus is more on undergraduate (and maybe terminal masters) education.
  3. Exactly. Every time she said she started the show, I yelled at my t.v., "No, you didn't. Jenna Keough was the first OC housewife!!!"
  4. I agree with you about Shannon. I liked her during her first few seasons, but no more, and her fake friends do bring out the worst in her. Kelly has anger problems and can hit below the belt, but I think she is a truer friend than Tamra and Vickie would ever be because she's not a schemer like they are and who would just as soon stab you in the back as be your bff. And, I also think we would see more of Fun Shannon if she hanged out with Kelly more than those two screeching harpies.
  5. I do too. Alexis rubbed me the wrong way a lot, but I felt badly for her when the coven ganged up on her and disingenuously told her she needed an intervention (let's be honest, they didn't do that because she was their friend and they were concerned about her). I also don't think she is a mean person as some of these women are.
  6. Kelly does say some insightful things about the other women, but she is also reactive and at times irrational even when she is sober. She has anger management problems that just get worse when she drinks too much; she can be really vile and hurtful when she loses control. Yes, Emily may be more intelligent and educated than Tamra, but Tamra is both a survivor and a savvy street fighter.
  7. Well, I don't think I am better than anyone else, thank you very much. Yes, I went to USC as an undergraduate and going there prepared me well for both gradate school and post graduate work, but this doesn't define me. Shannon went to USC almost 35 years ago, so of course that's a great reference point. Not.
  8. And I'd laugh in anyone's face who says those schools are on par with USC, and national rankings say they aren't either. Is TCU even a research university? ASU barely is.
  9. She'd need a higher weighted GPA (and other stellar qualifications) to get into most UC campuses, Stanford, the Claremont Colleges, and yes, even USC. Baylor's acceptance rate is almost 40%, which says it is not a very selective university.
  10. Haha, this is so true. But the sad reality is this is because we spend so much time on the freeways and we also have to know how to navigate and know alternative routes when there is a sigalert or a traffic jam on the freeway we're on. Or we have to (really want to, not have to) know what the fastest route is even if it means changing freeways four times instead of taking a more direct, but more time consuming, route.
  11. This is a real and strange phenomenon among some girls from OC (not most Uni High girls though, haha); a lot of them go to certain southern schools (Baylor, TCU, SMU, Alabama, etc.). I asked one of my friends who has high school-aged girls why this is the case given California has some pretty good colleges and universities, so why these schools (Duke, Vanderbilt, Emory, UVA I can see, but these schools???)? She basically said the same thing...to: 1) pledge a sorority; and 2) find a husband. When I said there are plenty of California schools with very active greek lives, she said, "Most of them can't get in to these schools."
  12. I'm starting to tune out this show. When Tamra said her friend saw Gina and Matt at a restaurant and Gina was drunk, they were making out and Gina calling Matt her husband, I thought she was talking about Gina and Matt Keough; it took me a few seconds to realize it was LI Gina and her soon-to-be-ex, not the Keoughs, that were being discussed. And yes, Tamra is the rumor monger again.
  13. I'm only half watching this dumpster fire, but who the hell is talking about calling the police to charge Kelly with assault? Can you say fake story line? God, these women. I. Hate. Them. All.
  14. The Irvine campus borders Newport's Back Bay, so it's actually closer to the beach than UCLA is to Santa Monica or any of the beaches west-facing beaches. UC has had a good record at placing their campuses in prime locations, except for Davis, Riverside and Merced (a very political decision). I actually like the Davis campus a lot.
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