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  1. Seriously? That's their excuse in all of this? The Me Too Movement? Because Melendez was Brown's supervisor? Please tell me I misunderstood this, and this is not the case because that's SO ludicrous. So just because something that is looked down upon, illegal, immoral etc. then it shouldn't be written about? Are we really that fucking sensitive? Impressionable? Offended? Murder isn't acceptable, yet we see it all over our screen. Racism isn't acceptable by any stretch of the means, yet we see it on our screens as a part of shows and movies all the time. I could go on but you get what I am saying here. Bottom line, saying they had to kill of a character because of the Me Too movement is a big fat cop-out. Not to mention there were several other avenues they could have taken had they found it so damn inappropriate and offensive. I find bitches offensive, yet Leah is still alive. *shrugs*
  2. It was certainly a series finale as far as I'm concerned. One of the best written budding romances I've seen grace my screen was obliterated. Not only that but the most interesting dynamic and stellar character development. Killing off Melendez was FUCKED UP. I feel like throwin shit. I was not watching the show because of Shaun's pussy whipped ass. Done done and DONE is RIGHT. Ps- I literally just finished watching so I am a little bitter. When cooler heads prevail I'll contribute in an eloquent manner. For now, I'm going to be mad as hell. 🙂
  3. Joanie and her family live in Texas . So yes, quite far.
  4. For those of you who have said it feels like a whole new show. I completely agree. I felt like I was watching sci-fi but I will say, this is the part that interests me most, I am bummed we only get 5 minutes per episode. But it seems to be moving fast, and definitely in the direction that some had speculated (her finding out the truth about her mother). So just so I have this right, it seems there are some serious issues with the coastlines in the future? If anyone is educated on the matter and terminology I happily accept a little learnin'. Flooding was mentioned several times, and it appears that resources are depleted. Joanie seemed to throw shade at her boss for having a baby of her own instead of adopting the kids that are already available and sucking up oxygen. PS- I love all of the futuristic ideas, even as silly as they are, I find it interesting, the Naughty Potty had me LOLing. One more thing on this episode- We all know this is the last season, that being said, why would we now need Janelle's POV? It just seems too little too late and instead of "wrapping" things up, they're throwing more "new" material at us. Plus I can't seem to take the ex-husband seriously, I still see him as the campy detective from Grimm.
  5. I feel like the truth lies somewhere in the middle when they show the 2 perspectives and the POV of the respective character is greatly exaggerated. I'm sure he washed a dish, picked up a small amount but he certainly didnt slave for hours on end for no reason expect to be "helpful". Noah has never been shown to be that selfless. My guess is, he sees Vic dying as an opportunity to slide right in and win her back. That would make sense.
  6. Anna Paquins debut, and onscreen for all of what? 5 minutes?....and 4 1/2 of them featured her in the nude. Shocker. I've probably seen that girls tits more than Vampire Bill.
  7. No matter how much they choose to fuck with us, Red (James Spader's Red) is her father, as we've all suspected from episode 1. Because come on, no one does all of this for some grade school crush and their kid. Right?!?!?! At least make it make sense beyond the pact of a couple of kindergarteners. That would be the most anticlimactic shit ending I could think of.
  8. Thank you for this. I wondered the same thing. Apparantly all the good doc did was alter his vocal chords and give him a snazzy hat. Oi.
  9. So wait, Lizzie confessed that it was her who turned him in? Did I miss something? Or did she do it all cryptic like everything else in this show? Join the club. At least Ilya looked just like a young James Spader, that made it easier to follow along. ;)
  10. So many things to say. I'll keep them brief and to the point Wendy being a bad ass cracking the proverbial wipe with the "we are going to have a seminar" but cant admit she literally cracks a whip on her husbands ass? Come on. Its 2019 and the Wendy I know has no shame, as there is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Yes her sex life was put on blast but bitch puleeeeez you're married to a politician. What did you expect?! Dont act all shocked and awed just OWN IT. Damn how I wish she would have accepted Tay-Tay's invitation but I get why she didnt. I know Wendy may have been tiring of the S&M but she wasnt being the excellent direct communicator that she was in the beginning of the series. Her lame attempts at giving Chuck a hint are futile, I love Wendy, but I am barely seeing Wendy I know and love this season. Since when does she run out of a room crying? For ANY reason?? Did we ACTUALLY see Wags having a purpose or some kind of knowledge in the industry? Shocker! Loving the Taylor and Daddy thing. It's as if this is the shows way of addressing the elephant in the room and I find it refreshing. Can I ask a legit question....when Taylor refers to themself why do they say "I" instead of "we". Just polishing up on my PC, wanting to be informed! Lastly, riddle me this Batman.....why is Damian Lewis such a panty dropper? Not my typical type for sure and it's not the Bobby bad-ass millionaire persona this goes back to Homeland (aka Crazy Carrie-Pants as the hubby and I dubbed it because we could never remember the name). He was especially hot this epi so I thought I'd throw it out there. Loved the Russians reference to Axe Body Spray. But dont even get me started on how quickly and neatly they tied a bow on that one. The end. Wow. That was so not as brief as I had intended. 🙂 I think he wanted her to punish him. She has been hiding out. Plus he always wants to please Daddy. I am not shocked at all.
  11. Um...soooooo....where they goin? And really? "weigh station"? Isn't that like......for trucks? Color me naive but I'm hella confused. What IS HAPPENING? lol Maybe his ears popped. Hehehe
  12. I am going with paper mache. For sure.
  13. I hope this reignites the bad-ass in Carol. I'm pretty much done with this domesticated watered down version. It is FAR worse than the cookie baking vest wearing version of OG Alexandria, because at least we all knew that was a facade. Someone hand her some clippers and a knife and let her show Alpha who is really top dog.
  14. I didn't particular have any feels for Tara one way or another but as a character who has been on the show for so long we just sent her out bulk style with the likes of Brett Butler and The Prince of Petulance? With no back story no less? I am sorry I am not counting that piss poor rendition Siddiq gave us. Something is not right there. What happened with the king? Surely we are going to get more details???....., if not then I am taking my ball and going home. Are we to believe that this was all because they "stole" Alpha's daughter so as retaliation she decided to take out a bunch of randos along with the entire Scooby gang? Geesh. That reminds me of when I was younger and I would playfully punch my brother in the arm and his (over)reaction would be to dislocate mine.
  15. I fucking adore this show. Maybe it's the pre-teen TNG vibes from years ago stirring up a certain familiarity and warmth, but I cannot get enough. Really, to the point I'm peeved I have to wait 3 weeks for the next one! If I wasnt so tired I would elaborate on why I loved this epi but all of you fine folks have done a stellar job so it saved me some typing. One thing I will say- Dont shoot, but it was a relief that Isaac was offscreen. I was overloaded a bit. I know it takes a special kind of person to love and appreciate every episode, I am certainly that person. I am over critical and annoyed with a lot of shows, roller coaster ups and downs. But Orville never disappoints me and I am so thrilled this series ended up back on our screens. Gonna chew on this episode a bit and chime in tomorrow when my gas tank is a bit fuller.
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