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  1. No, Mark Snow did the music for "Smallville" for several seasons - the same guy who did "The X-Files" music too. Love his style! Aside: He's now doing it for "Blue Bloods".
  2. I watched "Smallville" from the first day all the way until the end in S10. I enjoyed it very much and hope you do as well. The only "spoiler" I'm going to say is that I thought they did a better job than Supernatural has done in its later seasons.
  3. I find it much better to ignore politics from every source - whether it's one of the guys, so-called spokespersons, twitter, etc, etc, etc.. That way I don't have to agree or disagree with them and they don't have to worry about me.
  4. Congrats! And I agree that you chose a very good time to say goodbye. Enjoy your retirement and stay safe!
  5. Absolutely not! If we all are going to miss this fantastic character, just imagine how Jensen must feel closing the book on fifteen years of creating this iconic character. What a gift Jensen has given to all of us - and to future generations who come upon this show and begin watching it.
  6. Thanks for the vids guys!! I have to say, I know that Jensen is a master of facial expressions and body language, but I loved Danneel's version of this vid more than the original. Looks like our writers should have given her more to work with in her role as Jo. Loved the vid!
  7. Loved it! Thanks @ahrtee and DEEDEE for the rec. Sometimes I wonder how these boys survived all their years together. πŸ˜‰
  8. I answered honestly (yes, I knew which answers would assure me of Dean) and got Cas! Loved the description of my dates with him. πŸ™‚ Not a bad choice (as a second, of course), because I've always liked Cas.
  9. That was such a great episode! One of the few this season, IMO. Yes, thanks @starfishka , I really enjoyed the article. I'm so glad that Jensen and Christian had an opportunity to have some fun together.
  10. I remember when Jensen went on the Bonnie Hunt talk show to promote "My Bloody Valentine" and the silly girl who was also on asked him if he curled his eyelashes. He didn't even know how to react to that. Finally just said "no".
  11. Obviously JMO, but I think things will begin opening up in June. So I think that filming (only three weeks, right) will be done by the end of July; production after that. It's my hope that we will be able to see the last seven episodes in the fall, ending before the Christmas holiday. We'll see. Like you said, nothing is guaranteed, but I do believe they will try to move heaven and earth (heh) to get this series done.
  12. That little girl has him wrapped around HER fingers. 😍
  13. This is probably one of the reasons it takes eight days to film one episode. πŸ™‚
  14. This reminds me that I have all the title cards from S1-S15 except THIS 14th SEASON as wallpapers for my computer rotating as screensavers. I was so incensed by this premiere, this travesty and waste of a potentially fabulous character, that I wouldn't put the"Michael's wings" title card as a daily reminder of the asshole that is Dabb.
  15. Actually, I believe that Kripke's version of the S5 finale was that both brothers would save the world together by overcoming their respective archangels and diving into the cage together. When the series was renewed, Kripke and Gamble had to change the scenario to enable the show to continue. So, I think Kripke would write a series finale to include both brothers. JMO.
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