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  1. They strike me more as in-town people. Especially for the kids with friends and school. I gathered that the FBBC is quite a bit away from Austin. Am I wrong about the location? My daughter went there so I guess I could ask her.
  2. Maybe it's just me but all this talk about a key in the bunker that will open Death's library makes no sense. Death would have that reading room in another dimension, planet, galaxy, etc. Certainly not readily available to humans without his/her teleporting that person there him/herself such as Death did with Dean for their first conversation in the "reading room". Have the writers really brought the character of "Death" down to just another special person hanging around until they are needed? Wow...
  3. And to me the worst part was ignoring what Sam himself said in response to the Alpha Vamp when he asked: "Where do we monsters go when we die?" Sam said "Purgatory". He also knew that the Leviathans came from Purgatory, so that's where Dick would have gone when he died and probably took Dean and Cas with him when he disappeared in goo. And I thought Sam was supposed to be the smart one...
  4. Yeah, his first episode. We know that the writers don't interact with one another and no one oversees anything, but I'm sure he'll be forced to toe the line like Meredith Glynn had to do going forward. So sadly, this will probably be the last BAMF Dean we'll see in Supernatural. So I'm going to re-watch (the Dean part) and enjoy. Re: Dean singing well, I can't make up my mind if the new writer didn't know "Dean can't sing well" or he left it up to Jensen and Jensen said fuck it, if these writers keep changing canon, so can I and sang it like he wanted to. And it was a thing of beauty!!!
  5. Thanks for that - I didn't see the arrow. (heh)
  6. Love this. What makes me love it even more is that Jensen is wearing a flannel shirt and jeans like Dean!!! 🙂
  7. I would listen to that as well. I just wouldn't have any interest in seeing it. I'm a person who hasn't watched any animated movies with the exception of the early Disney films. Just not my thing.
  8. This is exactly what I don't want Jensen to be doing. I need to see him in all his nuances as mentioned above; not a comic drawn figure with just his voice. I wouldn't watch it - even with Jensen's voice.
  9. I love the way these guys dress. It's so individual and fun. And let's face it, they all look maaahvelous!!
  10. Finally got around to "Three Strikes", and yes, it brought me back to the times when I felt these guys were true brothers. Agree with everyone that you have their voices/actions from that time drawn perfectly. Alas, wanting all things Dean these days when we don't get them from the show, my heart belongs to "Empire". Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Brava!!!
  11. Very, very true. I also noticed that only one of the original music guys who wrote the themes and background is still there (or was last time I looked). Someone else is now doing some of that composing. Or like everything else in this show, it could be Dabb/Singer who is dictating the change of style/volume.
  12. In the early years of Creation's SPN conventions there was no TV advertising because the tickets etc. sold out very quickly as well as even the day seats. Later, as prices increased quite a bit, the sales slacked off, and they began advertising (locally I believe) for an upcoming convention. Now I see the ads each year on TNT where they show so many SPN episodes.
  13. Brought over from Super Positive thread by Sue B.: I really liked Jared and Jensen’s answer in the convention panel today about the length of the show (emphasis mine): Question: "After playing the same characters after 15 years, normally actors get into acting so they can play different characters throughout their career, what were the deciding factors saying ‘okay, we’re going to keep going with these same characters for 15 years or should we end the show earlier so we can see what other characters are out there for us." "Jared: Great question Genevieve, that’s a weird name. Ah ... speaking for myself I’ve been able to play a lot of characters of Supernatural so that’s a blessing but I got into acting to tell stories. I love stories. I love reading stories. I love watching stories. I love telling stories. I love being around a raconteur who tells stories, and he’s (Points to Jensen) a great story teller, Bob Singer is a great story teller. You have those people in your life who tell you about their weekend and you want to hear. Like this is going to be cool, I want to hear, not ‘oh, they’re droning in again about their drive. I don’t care!’ I’d watch Bill Murray read a telephone book. There the ones that can tell you a great story. Like art, you see a great painting and it tells you a story or you imagine a story, or great music. If I played Sam a Winchester my entire life, I’d die happy. Ya know? As long as he had a story to tell and he DOES have a story to tell and he’s telling that story and maybe on April 5th when Jared and Sam say good bye to each other, hopefully it’s see ya later, not goodbye, ya know? (Jensen interrupts with a faux loud sob) we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. So yeah, I’m really excited to tell the stories. I get to tell an overarching story but I get to tell a lot of smaller stories concurrently. So I’m very thrilled to have had this opportunity." "Jensen: I was talking about this a little bit earlier, and I think one of the reasons why he and I have stuck with this for as long as we have is I think there is a realization on both parts here of just how rare and unique this opportunity is. There’s not a lot of shows that get to film 327 episodes, there’s shows that ... (applause for 327) ...ah and even more rare that have 327 episodes of the same two leading characters. And, you know the the ones that do get into the triple digits and stuff tend to be more procedural type shows. You know where they’re following a formula that works, and works very well. To constantly be creating new story lines and new character arcs and new characters and all new motivations season after season after season after season and so on. I think we quickly realized we were part of something special here and that we had. We’ve heard the metaphor of lightening in a bottle and I don’t think he and I were ready to get rid of that anytime soon. And we were wanting to hang onto that as long as possible. And so we have. We’ve tried to do it justice. We’ve tried to earn this as much as we possibly can." It’s really nice to be part of a fandom where the actors genuinely like the show and share some heartfelt appreciation for the unique and complex storytelling. ************************************************************************************* The bolded parts are mine. I'm putting this here because, although I thank Sue B. for her quotes, when I read it, I was really irked by Jared's reply to the question - it's all about how he loves all the stories that Sam gets to tell. (And play, I would say) Wouldn't it be nice if Dean had a few(?) more to tell and play? The other thing that stood out to me was Jensen's answer which constantly included "he and I and we", not "I" which conveys to me that Jensen looks at their work and longevity on the show as teamwork, not specifically what he alone is there for. Jensen even compliments the creators of the stories/arcs etc. as reasons for the show going on so long. IMO it is striking how different their answers are to the same question.
  14. When they put out shit, it usually ends up in the toilet. I wish Dabb were in the bottom of it when it hits.
  15. What was this shit that I wasted forty minutes of my life on? I agree with everyone who said that it was a snoozefest. SN episode - Dean = snoozefest. I expected more from Glynn - I guess she drank the koolaid too. Or I'm also beginning to think that whoever is in charge these days is giving out a list to the writers of which lead character is to be onscreen, which past character is supposed to come back this week, and which atrocious music is to be played. That way they can piss off the longtime viewers on three levels. Fuck you, Show!!!!
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