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  1. I wasn't going to even respond to you, but since you felt the need to discuss this further in this thread, I will. I prefer Dean as a character and Jensen as a actor and as such, see him as the star of the show, always have, always will. You obviously prefer Sam/Jared and that's fine. I said nothing about Sam's role on the show, so that is your interpretation of what I posted, not what was stated in the post. And I didn't appreciate your criticism of my brief post stating my view. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate a criticism of a post of yours praising Sam/Jared.
  2. Yeah, maybe Dean should have given the Purge speech back to Sam.
  3. Well, we DeanGirls know he was always the star of the show. Unfortunately, the writers in the later seasons never got the memo. 😒
  4. Please tell me that this Jensen is NOT what I have to look forward to in The Boys. 🙁
  5. Unfortunately, Jensen (or Jared) had no control over that finale. We all deserved a mind blowing masterpiece! I'll bet both guys learned something about producer's credit/influence because of this fiasco.
  6. I'm so very happy that Jensen got to take Baby home with him! And there's no doubt in my mind, that if he didn't have that written into his contract, he would not have gotten the car. 👿
  7. Ah! Sorry for my misinterpretation. I'm glad to hear you still enjoy the series (and especially Dean) in its better times.🙂
  8. That's too bad @DeeDee79. I have not reacted that way because I believe that's exactly what Badd was hoping would be the result of his decimation of the show. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I agree, in my mind I view the end of S11 as a satisfactory ending sans BitchBrit. I wouldn't even mind Dean getting Mary back if she continued to act as she did in her first two episodes. But I still relish watching the earlier, and much better episodes in order to see Jensen's phenomenal portrayal of my favorite character of all time - Dean Fucking Winchester.
  9. On a totally different note, I just read that Sebastian Roche (Balthazar) will be playing the new sheriff on "Big Sky" when it returns on April 13.
  10. I do. And I had no idea about the connection until you mentioned it. But yes, I see it now. A little more weight on Judd. 😉
  11. He has exceptional range. He can hit the highs and lows with great clarity. Is there anything he can't do???? 😉
  12. I wonder if Jensen needed more than one costume to be made and if they've been filming around that. In the photo above, he looks very different from more recent pics of his hair/beard so he took that photo with the truck at a very different time or he has a very different look now. Take your pick. But one way or the other, it's over a month since they started filming, so I can't believe he hasn't started his parts yet.
  13. I was reading some fan-fiction and had a thought - can you imagine if we got to watch Dean Winchester on HBO, Amazon, etc.? What a glorious thing that would be. There we could witness the gritty, hard existence of Dean's life. See his fear and depression in full color so to speak, hear his true cries of despair, enjoy his fun excursions to the fullest. In many ways, I feel like we would see a harder, time-worn Dean, probably more realistic in many ways, than the character we've watched for so many years. I know not everyone would like this version of Dean, but Jensen would have knocked it out
  14. I cannot believe there will ever be such an iconic character on our screens again. Series don't go on as long as fifteen years, and they certainly won't have an actor/character as well-played as Jensen/Dean were. What's really sad to me going forward is that I'll compare every other character to Dean and be disappointed in what I see. I really, really miss Dean.
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