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  1. I can't express how little hope I have for an ending that is satisfactory for this Dean fan. When Jensen said that he wasn't comfortable with it; had to get used to it or understand it, what more do you need to know? I found it interesting that, while reading an article on the Arrow finale, the showrunner said that they changed the finale, because it didn't fit with how the main character would probably end it. Dabb, on the other hand, doesn't seem to care about anyone's view except his own. He couldn't (apparently) even give the guys the ending they had decided on and that they wanted. Fuck Dabb!!!!
  2. FlickChick

    S11.E17: Red Meat

    They did show Dean taking a handful of pills, but in the original episode, he took even more in, quite frankly, a sloppy manner trying to get them all down. That's what they eliminated, but when I caught it another time on TNT, they showed both. No, not my favorite episode either - and as I mentioned, the SuperSam scenes are a joke.
  3. FlickChick

    S11.E17: Red Meat

    On another note, I was perusing TNT this morning, and this episode came on. I laugh at the ridiculous Sam scenes, but enjoy the Dean scenes. I noticed that TNT cut out the extra doses of pills that Dean took to visit with Billie. I know I've seen that particular scene before on TNT, so I'm guessing this is in reaction to suicide themes in current times. I wonder what they'll be cutting next...
  4. FlickChick

    S12.E17: The British Invasion

    I'm so sorry to say: Welcome to the Dabb years. Good luck, because IMO, it doesn't get any better. 😞
  5. FlickChick

    Dean Winchester: aka Squirrel

    I'm curious as well. Unlike many here, I'm not a fan of the beard craze and feel that most men (Jensen included) look better with just a little scruff or clean shaven. So we'll see if the beard is to be "Jensen for awhile" or if he really prefers it. I'm hoping for the former. I think I'll like his hair any way he cuts it, but agree that if shaving is happening, let it be on the face, certainly not on the head! Very few men carry that look well.
  6. FlickChick

    Small Talk: The Impala

    @7kstar, wow, 31 years of teaching anyone is to be commended and honored. So sorry that your principal is such a disappointment to the position. If you decide to make this coming year your last, best of luck in whatever you choose to do or not do. These decisions are not easily made. Most of all, kudos to you for persevering in a sometimes (often times?) difficult profession. Good luck.
  7. My personal opinion is that at this juncture it doesn't matter which of the two brothers you think got the better/worse deal, because going forward the only character that will matter under Dabb is his personal pet - woobie, evil, soulless, "family", no wait-archangel nephil who's evil again, no wait-blind and currently dead, only to be resurrected by Death, Jack. It's enough to make me barf! Can hardly wait for the final season. 😞
  8. These guys - I love 'em! What are we gonna do without them??? 😞
  9. I'm with you 100%. But it's not just S14. The focus has been off of Dean and Sam since Dabb took over full time starting with S12. That season focused on the BMOL, Lucifer in various meatsuits, Kelly and her pregnancy with Luci's child, and Mother Mary's trauma with her poor decisions. Sam and Dean ran around wringing their hands over all the problems the other characters created and that was really sad to watch. Then S13 was the "Wayward" season where the focus was on either Jack and how he fits in the world (or for that matter - which world), Jack and Mary in the AU and their problems with Michael, or Lucifer in every possible way along with introducing the Wayward gang. How in heaven's name do you have time to focus on Dean and Sam in that mess - except, of course, again wringing their hands over everyone else's problems. S14 is nicely described above. So basically the show is NOT FOCUSED on Dean and Sam, but focused on every other character and their sidekick. So, yeah, I'm pissed about wasting those three seasons and it's why I so desperately want to see the story go BACK TO THE BROTHERS IN THE FINAL SEASON!!!!
  10. FlickChick

    Supernatural Ending

    1000 times this entire post. I hope that even the Jack!girls realize that this story of the Winchesters existed for 12 seasons before Jack was even introduced. Dean and Sam must be the focus, the heroes, and the writers have to find a way to make them the focus of the entire season. Of course Castiel and Jack will have scenes along with other various characters, but as you mentioned - not the main arc, not the main focus for Jack - we've spent too much time on his story in the two years he's been on the show already. Time for Jack to take a back seat to the two main characters: and their names are Dean and Sam Winchester!
  11. FlickChick

    Supernatural Ending

    There are many who would like your finale scenario. However, I think that any show that has had 13 (and 1/2) seasons of "Carry On My Wayward Son" with the line "there'll" be peace when you are done"as the show's season finale song, should have a show finale that fulfills that line. To me, that means showing the boys finished with hunting, finished with their lives. And then they get their final "peace" in a special place in heaven with family/friends as a reward for protecting the world from demons and monsters. Obviously, just my preferred scenario.
  12. And IMO, Jack has been given the most attention in the last two years, and for what? To please the tween twitter crowd? Hell, they'll be gone on to the next shiny new thing five seconds after the final curtain. And the rest of us? The fans that have been here for a long, long time; who get involved in the stories and characters - well, we just get a poorly written series that can't remember its own canon from one episode to the next. We get our Winchester protagonists given scraps from the overloaded Jack table and a showrunner who has absolutely, positively no business running this show. I really have extremely low expectations about the coming final season giving us the kind of story that we long-time fans deserve.
  13. Well, let's face it, he deserved so much better than writing with the current crew and IMO being told what/how to write by Dabb. So, so much better. I'm really sad that he is leaving, though.
  14. I agree. In fact if you see my post in the writer's thread, you'll see I wanted even more. 😞