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  1. I would be happy to never see Antonia on my TV again. I've never liked her and I'm glad she didn't win. I think Amanda's ok but I find her kind of boring to watch 🤷🏽 I didn't watch Brooke's Top Chef so I didn't have a strong opinion, but she's clearly very talented. I actually like Maneet. And those chef jackets were amazing! Though I think she cheated making chicken tikka masala - how could anything have been more delicious? I do hope there's a second season. This show was really fun.
  2. I love Francisco. I liked him in his first audition and I still like him. Super talented, good looking, seems sweet and humble - I think he'll go far. Robert Taylor III, I think he is? Was very good, as was the bluesy guy with the blond dreads (eta: oh! That's Jovin!) Of the women, I thought Julia Gargano was good, I like Sophia Wackerman, especially her speaking voice, but best of the night for me was the woman with long, blond, wavy hair whose name I can't remember. I think she wore a sunflower dress? Or pants? at her audition. Her voice reminds me of Adele. It is NOT Hannah Prestridge. I think she sang soul. ETA: found her on AI Youtube! Shannon Gibbons. Poor Doug the sanitation worker. He was so bad. In way over his head. I felt bad for him.
  3. Liam is SO cute! I don't care for banana splits, but his cakes and ice cream looked good. The thought of a pancake and bacon cake has got me drooling over here. I'm glad Naima won this week.
  4. Homemade pop tarts are delicious. It's basically pie crust with a jammy filling. That would be fun!
  5. Did anyone watch this week's challenge with a potato stamp? Are they out of ideas? Duff and Valerie dislike fondant, then they ask all the kids to make sugar cookies (the world's most boring cookie) covered in either fondant, modeling chocolate (also, yuck, it seems?), or edible paper (flavorless but weird on the tongue). Who would want to eat those? I thought Avner and Morgan really did the best last night. I'm not crazy about Reggie, who seems to have no sense of humor. I think Naima is adorable, so 🤷🏻
  6. Oh, cry me a river, Bill Cosby. I don't give two sh*ts about your feelings. Regarding the show (please don't stone me!), I thought Eddie was enthusiastic and fun, but I am a little too young to have seen his original run (I'm 37, so I'm not a baby), and kind of wish it hadn't been such a rehash of old characters. I especially didn't get Gumby. Yes, I have seen the actual Gumby Claymation show. Lizzo seemed THRILLED to be there and holy moly, what a talent. I adore her and her message.
  7. Christmas cookies are not just decorated sugar cookies and gingerbread, Food Network! When I was a kid, my mom used to make probably ten different types of cookies at Christmas. It would be really interesting to see what other families have at Christmas, not just watch people "flood" with "royal" week after week. I thought the most recent episode with the houses as the second challenge the bakers were particularly unimpressive.
  8. I Googled him and he has a deaf sister, so it seems highly likely! I'm not familiar with him, so I'll take your word for it!
  9. I'm not that impressed by Thingamajig. He's ok, don't know who he is, but he's probably an athlete and I don't know sports.
  10. Raven was on Hangin with Mr Cooper. Black Widow must be her.
  11. Fox is Wayne Brady, right? Sounds just like him.
  12. I'm almost positive the Tree is Ana Gastyer. She sang a lot on SNL and has a great voice. She was also a brand ambassador for Weight Watchers. Penguin really does sound like she could be Sherri Shepherd.
  13. Re: Darlene's hair, I have always loved it and especially like this shorter cut on her. One of the cardinal rules for curly hair care is NEVER brush or comb when dry. I like Jay Ferguson, but I'm Team David fron way back. I can't explain it, I see all the issues, I just like them together. As the mother of two premature babies, I think this show is really nailing it in Becky's portrayal. She looks exhausted, heartbroken, and depressed. All of those feelings - the guilt, the feeling of being betrayed by your body, feeling of failure, the pumping frustration (I actually cried when she spilled her colostrum), the sadness and fear and worry - I've never seen it done better. Mine were eleven weeks and five weeks early and the former spent eight weeks in the NICU. A cute newborn he was not.
  14. I was watching Blackish, which Raven Symone is on, and who had a cameo but Laila Ali! I think Raven very well could be Black Widow.
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