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  1. JustAlison

    All Episodes Talk: Utopia (US)

    One of the social morays I was hoping would be challenged, were this a better show, was the idea that women would be free to be nude, or not, and men would simply have to look, or not. I can see that it might be frustrating for him, I guess. But it's not Hex or Deedee's problem if Aaron has a hard time seeing boobs when he has none to play with. I think that is the kind of thinking that has led to the whole 'slut shaming' thing we are dealing with in our culture now, and basically is what Aaron is trying to do to Hex et al. In the real world, women are often held accountable for men's sexual transgressions, and I see Aaron's petulant demands that they put something on as an extension of that. Their nudity makes him uncomfortable, but rather than confront his own feelings and question himself, he puts it all on the women, demanding they make changes that will increase his personal comfort level. In my ideal world, women would be free to be any way they wish, and dress or not dress as they saw fit. And men would be completely responsible for their feelings and behaviours, in spite of what the woman was, or wasn't, wearing. This one topic is a perfect example of where this show could have gone, and how it could have challenged all kinds of societal ideals we take on face value. Such a damn shame.
  2. JustAlison

    All Episodes Talk: Utopia (US)

    Couldn't they just sell 'a day in Utopia'? Just charge folks to come in, hang with whoever, walk around, sit in the barn, swim in the lake, etc. If Aaron could get over boobies, Hex and Deedee could do their naked thing, and pretty much ensure a full house? I don't get why they'd have to make anything. Just open the gate and charge.
  3. JustAlison

    S02.E13: We Have Manners. We're Polite.

    I watched this scene a few times. What I see is Fig trying to manipulate Caputo with sex, thereby taking advantage of him. Fig is not a powerless character without choices that Caputo could take advantage of, like the prisoners. She is a character who used her position of authority to promote her own self interests, with no thought or care for those who were placed in her charge. The fact that she tried to weasel out of consequences by slipping to her knees isn't on anyone but her. For me, it's a dangerous road when women aren't held accountable for their actions, sexual or otherwise, because they are women. In no way was Caputo shown to be coercing her, so I take issue with the idea that she is somehow his victim because he has the penis. Blackmailing, manipulating, and taking advantage of the situation, are all ways I would describe Fig, not Caputo. That being said, him accepting the bj was gross, and I concur that it dropped his 'decency meter' a few points, in my book anyway.
  4. I have come late to the party, because everyone and their dog was talking about this show, and that made me not want to watch it, if that makes sense. I am just floored at how good this was. This might be some of the most powerful women's programming I have seen since Maude. Brilliant writing, complex characters, and very real portrayals of how women end up in prison. I am so moved by this show. Really, some of the best television I have seen. There isn't much I didn't like, actually. I found the wrap-up to Vee and Rosa's stories a little on the nose, but supremely satisfying, so I didn't care. I wish I had a fave character...but I don't. I alternately like and hate them all. Again, that speaks to the intelligence of the scriptwriters. I suppose if I had to choose, Boo fascinates me more than many of the others. But there isn't a one of them I don't find compelling in some way. It's a show that challenges on so many levels, and forces me to really confront some of my own prejudices. I rarely feel enriched as a person after tv, quite the opposite usually, but this program really makes me feel like I learned, and changed, from who I was when I started. Thanks to all the posters here who are so prolific in their praise. Were it not for some of you, I might never have bothered with what I thought was an overrated 'women in jail' drama. It was only after reading some posters' thoughts about the show that I decided to give it a try. Now I am off to see what else you guys liked, so I can try that, too.
  5. JustAlison

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    Sigh. No idea how to simply erase my post, so please ignore this empty, useless space.
  6. JustAlison

    S19: Alfonso Ribeiro: The Tap Dance Kid

    I am sad this thread isn't called The Carlton. I know it's obvious, and not really clever. But still---he's CARLTON!!!!
  7. JustAlison

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    I am just going to throw this out there. Bri is 20 years old. She helps in a vet's office with family pets. Nothing in that description suggests she would be interested in spending all her time on a television show taking care of farm animals. Nothing even suggests she could. Bri is the 'vet' like Hex is the 'hunter'. She is also the youngest one there, is she not? I am confused as to why all the blame, and the vitrol, is aimed squarely at Bri. There are plenty of adults there, with much more insight and life experience, who could have stepped up and taken over the reigns if the animal care was lacking. I am not willing to crucify a young woman who likes animals, and I believe her when she says that, because she didn't play a fake farm vet on tv to my satisfaction. Honestly, if the animals are suffering, your issues should be with the show's producers.
  8. JustAlison

    S02.E10: Hot Poop

    We just re-watched this, too, and I am sure I saw a walking cast on Alain, as he walks away from the mat and Jon? I am terrible with the new styles, and perhaps it is one of those ridiculously overpriced hipster boots? But it really looked like a walking cast. I wonder if that contributed to his difficulty running the track?
  9. JustAlison

    S01.E03: Series Premiere (3)

    I think it means having sexual relationships with whoever you want, whenever you want, and pretending it will ever approach the level of intimacy two people can share when they are exclusive. It speaks to a marked immaturity across the board, and a fear of imtimacy. JMO, of course, but I have little patience for that nonsense.
  10. JustAlison

    S19: Speculation!

    None of my kids, or their friends, watch regular cable television. None of them. They watch YouTube. They watch Netflix. But they never watch tv. They all subscribe to different channels on Youtube, and that's what they watch. The idea of watching television, with commercials, is laughable to anyone under 25 that I know. YouTube most definitely produces huge, legitimate stars, with millions of followers. I myself often watch those YouTube productions like Smosh with my youngest, and a lot of it is better than what I see on cable. It's a brave new world, and television is a dying industry. YouTube, Netflix et al are the future of entertainment, and it seems short-sighted to simply write off all youtube sensations as 'not real stars', IMO, I love Carlton so much! A few years ago he did one of those viral flash mob dance things and it was so good, and man, can he move. And he's not too hard on my eyes either. Very excited to see him and 'the Carlton'. Imagine-that's still a thing, and it's like twenty years later. That's pretty impressive.
  11. JustAlison

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    Absolutely, I agree. The issue I have is the references to her as 'huntress', which seems a stretch at the very least. Also, I would think in a new society, a dental assistant would actually have some value to add to the group. The whole concept of needing a 'huntress' at all is silly, anyway, as they order their groceries by phone. I will happily stand corrected when I see Hex hunting. So far, all I have seen is her missing targets on bullseyes, and disappearing from feeds. I am really, really surprised they haven't ordered a television. Perhaps the show has some limits to their indulgences?
  12. JustAlison

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    I think the whole concept would have worked better with people from different societies from the get-go. All these people came from the same country, and while I respect that the U.S. is huge and diverse, the democracy and capitalism are constants and most definitely influenced their ideas about society and government. I imagine this show with people from fifteen different societies, all coming in with ideas not only different from the others, but with ideologies and politics that are in direct contrast with others. That could have been epic, and even served as a bridge to more global programming, with people learning from each other and having to challenge their own ideas about how things should be. Instead, we have chicken tractors. They aren't building anything. They are just decorating a barn, and deciding where to put the fridge.
  13. JustAlison

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    You are right, of course. I just keep clinging to the hope that someday, somewhere, someone with integrity will find their way to production. I am just frustrated with programs that say they are one thing, only to be something else entirely, and not something better. Television continues to pander to the lowest common denominator, and I moved out of that demographic decades ago. Again, you are so right. It's not even like they are trying with this. And where in hell did they find so many adults willing to engage in all this sex with strangers? Have none of them considered the repurcussions, should they actually have to be there for the year? Geez, at this rate, they will have coupled in every way possible within the first month! Not getting milked on time might become the least of Bessie's problems. (joking---don't kill me)
  14. JustAlison

    S01.E03: Series Premiere (3)

    Blech. Just blech. How are we learning anything here? So, the lessons from week one seem to be---that a man who struggled to fit into mainstream society found he was no more successful in this environment? This person has been in prison since he was 17. He has talked about his horrific childhood, and lack of decent parenting, or anyone caring about him at all. He enters this compound angry and sad, but hopeful. The producers fed him a lie: that he would be given a second chance in this new, brave new world, the chance to re-invent himself. But Dave never really had a chance at all. Nothing in his background would indicate to anyone with half a brain that he had any skillset to rely on in order to re-create himself. He needed help. He needed a friend. The producers handed him Red, just to fuck with him. I am not suggesting that people aren't responsible for their choices. I understand that he was scary, and prone to violence. But I also understand that that kid never had a chance, and I am SO SICK of watching the kind of group bullying that I saw on this crapfest tonight. That he would feel the need to thank that group of entitled hipster poseur assholes for forgiveness? When they kick his ass to the curb? Nope. Cannot cosign that. The preacher and Aaron were right. Everyone deserves second, third, and fourth chances. So fuck you, show. You took a young, desperate, gullible and eager to please young man who really needed a chance to change things in his life, and fucked with him for some bullshit ratings. Just...fuck you, show.
  15. JustAlison

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    You, Captain Curmudgeon, are exactly who this trainwreck SHOULD have cast. Shame? Hell, I hope to be half as interesting at your age. A writer, and a teacher? Honestly, it's an honour and a privilege to meet you. Oh so, so good. I have enjoyed many, many of your clever posts, but this one cost me a keyboard. Thanks for the endless wit.