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  1. Shota did cut himself badly and called for a medic. He continued to work with one hand while his other hand was being bandaged behind his back. It was impressive cooking; I think he had only five minutes to go at that point.
  2. Same Astor - John Jacob got around.
  3. I don’t eat seafood so can’t comment on the dishes but I was VERY excited to see Cannon Beach. I just watched the episode after getting back last night from a five day road trip all the way up I5 from San Diego to Seattle and back again. I drove up with my son, and we detoured to Cannon Beach to wishfully see sunset at Haystack Rock. It was misty and foggy, but way better than the weather during the taping! We had dinner in Cannon Beach but not at that resort or restaurant. Then we stayed the night in Astoria but didn’t go to the co op LOL. It was so exciting to see the locations we had
  4. While reading this discussion, I was thinking of Julia Child in The French Chef cooking on an electric stove top and not complaining (well, hardly ever). I read up a little on why she did so and learned that (1) it would have been too difficult to get gas lines into the TV studio and (2) she was cooking for the home chef and they primarily had electric stoves in homes at that time. So if Julia could comfortably cook great food on electric burners while simultaneously explaining to viewers how to do what she was doing, it should have been no big deal for the cheftestants.
  5. I don’t usually watch LCK but did watch this one (on the Bravo website). I wanted to give Richard Blais a shout out. I gather it was his first time there? He seemed polite and helpful and concerned for the chefs.
  6. Last week I walked away saying “I have no idea what’s going on.” Tonight I walked away saying “Consciousness time traveling from a dystopian future with crazy armies fighting each other and potentially helpful yet mysterious aliens and portals and misbehaving spores...” Still no idea what’s going on but at least I have a framework for it! And that’s without being able to understand half of what was being said in the first chapter. I did enjoy how Stripe (the stripe?) wakes up in the asylum and is so fed up and annoyed and tired of trying then just takes over completely.
  7. We make a homemade Mac & Cheese with Campbell's Tomato Bisque soup (thinned with milk) layered with the macaroni and cheeses. But of course that wouldn't be possible in half an hour.
  8. We likely did; shopped there often - it was a small town! Son graduated HC in 2006. We moved away in 2015.
  9. Yes, and I think Blais just meant literally the food looked too white, not White, and not that it didn't represent Black cuisine. He hadn't tasted it yet, and probably realized how others at the table were eyeing it. It was somewhat of a play on words, although apparently up for misinterpretation.
  10. I do admit I've liked most of the Joss Whedon shows so this also appealed. It was intriguing although hard to understand what people were saying. That made it a little harder to work out the characters. Loved the opera dresses! Maladie seemed to be channeling Bellatrix Lestrange! It felt good to be sitting down in front of HBO on a Sunday night. Hopefully future episodes will match the first.
  11. The first time we went to Juniper & Ivy, we had recently moved to San Diego and it was my birthday. I mentioned that to the waitress and that I enjoyed Top Chef. A little while later, Richard Blaise came to our table, wished me happy birthday, and sat next to me for a picture. He was very polite so I’ve felt favorable ever since. I don’t think his hair is any more attention grabbing than Padma’s low cut dresses! Maybe they filmed when the barber shops were closed and he was just trying to deal with long hair LOL. We moved from Chicago with all its great restaurants, so it’s been
  12. Nowhere else to say this (husband would have no idea what I was talking about) but that habit of Diana ducking her head and shyly looking up through her eyelashes has been driving me crazy for three episodes. I knew that gesture so well but from where? Finally got it tonight - Renee Zelleweger as Roxie Hart when being interviewed by the press or on the witness stand. Exactly the same. Been binging this since signing up for Netflix a couple of weeks ago (after binging Bridgerton, or course).
  13. You can afford to go anywhere when you have psychic paper! Boarding pass, paid reservations, Interpol officer credentials, "give the bearer all necessary assistance", whatever you need it to say.
  14. We lived in Hinsdale for 27 years. But now we've been in San Diego for five years.
  15. I have indeed seen Contagion (for the first time a couple of years ago) and have thought of it from the start this year. What’s surreal is that some scenes were filmed in the little town next to where we used to live, along with other parts of Chicago. So there was Matt Damon walking down the same street I’ve walked down. After seeing the movie, I remembered the articles in the local paper about the filming.
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